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Enjoy the Sun in Juno Beach, Florida

Enjoy the Sun in Juno Beach, Florida

You’ve been spending far too much time inside lately and the white glare coming off your computer screen isn’t quite giving you the “glow” you’re looking for. You need some good old-fashioned sunshine. Juno Beach, Florida is an excellent place to spend some time outside. Located just a little over an hour north of Ft. … Read more

Plan Your Visit to a Destin Florida Beach

Visit to a Destin Florida Beach

Destin Florida is a popular destination for Florida vacationers — and for good reason! There’s not much that beats a Destin Florida Beach, from crystal clear waters to white sands and tropical sunshine. But despite hearing so many great things about the area, you still haven’t been able to make the trip out there. You’re … Read more

Plan Your Visit to Pompano Beach Florida

Visit to Pompano Beach

So far, your beach trips in Florida have all taken place on the panhandle or the Gulf, so you’re ready to spice things up a bit by heading down south to Pompano Beach Florida. You’ve heard great things about fishing (and even surfing!) in the area and can’t wait to experience those activities for yourself. … Read more

Plan a Vacation to Rosemary Beach Florida

Vacation to Rosemary Beach

The prospect of escaping your everyday life to spend quality time with family and friends is always a welcome thought. Everyone needs to take a break from work and home responsibilities to refresh their perspectives. And there’s just about no better place to do that than Rosemary Beach Florida. Located in Walton County, Rosemary Beach … Read more

What is the Best Beach in Florida?

Best Beach in Florida

It’s time to head to the beach. But before you can plan your trip to the Sunshine State, you’re trying to narrow down exactly where you want to visit. This leads you to the question: what’s the best beach in Florida? Well, we have answers. Because there are so many great beaches — and everyone … Read more

Apalachicola National Forest

Apalachicola National Forest is the largest national forest in Florida and is spread over a wide area of 632,890 acres. It is the only forest located in the Florida panhandle. Apalachicola is also the most beautiful part of the liberty country and is the real natural beauty away from the modern world. It is just … Read more

Bloomingdale’s Aventura

Bloomingdale's Aventura

Bloomingdale’s Aventura, also known as Bloomie’s, is the United States’ only nationwide department store. It is a full-line and upscale departmental store in America. Bloomingdale’s Aventura is worldwide famous for its quality, and unique creativity and carries all of your favorite brands and accessories. It is located at The Aventura Mall, 19555 Biscayne Blvd, Aventura, … Read more

Explore The City Of Romance & Fun: Miami, A Place That Gives Endless Opportunities Of Joy

Miami is one of the best metropolitan glamour and breathtaking landscapes in the world. This city has a lot to offer to couples who always seek romantic places and activities to strengthen their bond with their partner or to experience the best they deserve. Luckily, there are several romantic things that you can do in … Read more

Oranges in season in Florida?

oranges in season in Florida

Introduction: Florida is known for a lot of things but Oranges have to be near the top! Have you ever wondered when are oranges in season in Florida? When I grew up getting a box of fresh Florida Oranges brought back home from my relatives was always a treat. The orange is an essential part … Read more