Must See Destinations

Winter Park FL Shopping

Winter Park

Winter Park FL Shopping is one of a kind… Not only is Winter Park home to designer brands, but it also has some excellent shops you need to check out! There is also a trendy shopping center, which hosts a whopping 49 shops. And these are some of the most upscale stores in Winter Park, … Read more

Big Pine Key Florida

Big Pine Key Florida

Do you want to escape the hustle and bustle of everyday life? Then head over to Big Pine Key Florida for breathtaking views, fun activities, and delicious food. You can’t beat it – in our opinion! But don’t just pack your bags and set off without making plans. There’s a lot to see when visiting … Read more

Plan Your Trip to Lake Placid, Florida

Trip to Lake Placid

When you think about taking a trip to Florida, you’ve likely considered visiting somewhere along the coast. And while you can no doubt find a bounty of beaches and bustling metro areas by the sea, paying a visit inland is well worth it, especially if you’re considering Lake Placid, Florida. Not only is this area … Read more

What to Expect from Palm Beach, Florida Weather

Palm Beach

Your vacation is fast approaching and you need to pack clothes that will keep you comfortable in Palm Beach, Florida weather. After all, nothing says “ruined vacation” like forgetting your bathing suit when it’s warm enough to swim or leaving your rainjacket packed away when it’s supposed to do nothing but pour rain. Fortunately, the … Read more

Enjoy Some R&R at Inlet Beach, Florida

R&R at Inlet Beach

While we can’t bottle that feeling up for you, we can tell you that a trip to Inlet Beach, Florida is a surefire way to capture the essence of it. Don’t you wish you could bottle up the carefree feeling that comes along with being at the beach? There’s nothing more relaxing than feeling like … Read more

Pink Sand Clearwater Beach Florida: Debunked

Pink Sand Clearwater Beach

We hate to break it to you… but unfortunately, there isn’t a Pink Sand Beach in Florida. We know: we’re just as bummed as you are. When people Google “Pink Sand Clearwater Beach Florida” they might actually be thinking of Pink Sands Beach, which is located in the Bahamas. But while this beach isn’t located … Read more

Pay a Visit to Turtle Beach, Florida

Visit to Turtle Beach

Feeling a bit out of sorts lately and looking for somewhere to escape to? Well, we know just the place: Turtle Beach, Florida. This barrier island provides a beach oasis where you can get away from it all and feel connected with the world around you. And there’s no shortage of fun at Turtle Beach. … Read more