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Best Bars Key West

Best Bars Key West

Alongside excellent beaches and fun activities, Key West is also known for its nightlife.  If you’re in town… …you would be crazy to not check it out! This article breaks down the best bars in Key West. Each bar is different; that’s why we have broken this article into multiple sections. Here is the breakdown: … Read more

Plan a Visit to the Best Lighthouses in Florida

Best Lighthouses in Florida

Does anything say “trip to the seaside” better than happening upon a lighthouse perched along the coast? And there’s just about no better place to enjoy a good lighthouse than in Florida (sorry, Maine!). Between the warm sea breeze, white sands, and toasty sun, we think it’s high time you plan a visit to some … Read more

The Ringling Museum

The Ringling Museum

Built in 1924, The Ringling Museum was owned by John Ringling; a successful entrepreneur and one of the richest men in America. …his wife was also a big part of the Ringling Museum. John passed away in December 1936, 7 years after his wife Mable. Nowadays, their 66-acre estate is open to the public. This … Read more

St Armands Circle

st armands circle restaurants on the water

“Why do people visit St Armands Circle?” The answer is simple. …for the best shopping experience of their lives! St Armands Circle is an ‘island’ located in Sarasota Bay.  But there is more to St Armands Circle than just shopping. You can think of this article as your blueprint. You will learn about the best … Read more

Fireflies In Florida: The Only Guide You Will Ever need

Are you ready to be blown away by the fireflies in Florida? That’s good! Because this article is the only firefly blueprint you will ever need when visiting sunny Florida. Not only will you learn about the most popular questions like… ‘Does Florida have fireflies?’ But you will also learn about the best locations to … Read more