Dive into History and Art: Discovering the Best Museums in Florida


Florida is the one of the most busiest southeastern states and it gives lots of attractions to enjoy on vacations or on a daily basis. In this palace there are no less attractions to visit. State of Florida is famous around the world for its sandy beaches, Everglades, nightlight, parks, amazing museums and more. So … Read more

Museums in Miami Florida – Indulge in the Art, and History of Miami’s Museums


Miami is one of the most art-friendly cities, showcasing everything from art to science. These museums showcase the city’s varied cultural heritage, from modern works to historical relics. These best museums in Miami Florida are a must-visit for everyone in discovering Miami’s world-class collections and exhibits. So, get your bags packed and make your trip … Read more

Museums in Naples Florida

A man in museums seeing paintings

Naples has a rich cultural heritage and history, and its museums are dedicated to preserving and displaying different aspects of this heritage. These museums are dedicated to preserving and showing historical, artistic, and cultural artifacts from various periods and disciplines, such as ancient Greek and Roman artifacts, Renaissance and Baroque art, contemporary art, and more. … Read more

The Ringling Museum

The Ringling Museum

Built in 1924, The Ringling Museum was owned by John Ringling; a successful entrepreneur and one of the richest men in America. …his wife was also a big part of the Ringling Museum. John passed away in December 1936, 7 years after his wife Mable. Nowadays, their 66-acre estate is open to the public. This … Read more