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Best Parks in Central Florida: Explore Parks, Gardens and More

Orlando is often celebrated for its world-renowned theme parks, parks in central florida and entertainment attractions. However, beyond thrilling rides and magical experiences. Orlando offers diverse and enchanting world of natural beauty. This guide invites you to explore hidden treasures of Orlando. Where lush parks and pristine gardens beckon you to immerse yourself in wonders … Read more

Lake Lorna Doone Park: Orlando’s Hidden Natural Jewel

Lake Lorna Doone Park

Nestled amidst vibrant tapestry of Orlando Florida’s urban life lies hidden gem that promises retreat into nature’s tranquility – Lake Lorna Doone Park. Spanning over 200 acres this park offers respite from bustling city, inviting families, nature lovers and adventure seekers to explore its scenic beauty and myriad recreational opportunities. In this article we will … Read more

State Parks Near Orlando Florida: Nature’s Wonders

State Parks Near Orlando Florida

Orlando is blessed with an abundance of national parks and beautiful gardens thanks to its sunny tropical climate. There are plenty of state parks near Orlando Florida that offer amazing outdoor activities. State Parks Near Orlando Florida You can find seven state parks within a 50 mile radius of downtown Orlando. These Florida state parks … Read more

Dr Phillips Community Park: History, Attractions and Activities

Dr Phillips Community Park

Located in heart of Central Florida Dr. Phillips community park stands as testament to vision of its founder Dr. Phillips himself. Over century ago this pioneer recognized potential of this area. In 1910 he laid foundation for what would become one of Orlando’s most sought after neighborhoods. Dr. Phillips’ legacy lives on and today this … Read more