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Discover the Best Jacksonville Fall Festivals: From Jazz to Arts, Fun Awaits

Jacksonville Beach Festivals

On the sunny days of Fall you may think that it’s not worth going out in this hot weather. But you probably forget about the amazing city of Jacksonville that gives you amazing Fall Festivals to enjoy. Jacksonville Fall Festivals will give you the perfect reason to go out with friends and family to make … Read more

Explore the Best Jacksonville Beach Attractions: Surfing, Nature Trails, and Music at Blue Jay Listening Room

Jacksonville Beach Attractions

Jacksonville has always been top tourist interest and when it comes to its beautiful beaches, you will be amazed by its beauty. From the 19th century this beautiful calm and relaxing beach has attracted lots of tourists. You will find tons of amazing places in Jacksonville City but there are also a number of attractions … Read more

Best Things to Do Near Jacksonville Beach Florida

things to do near Jacksonville Beach

Jacksonville Beach, a small city along Florida’s northeastern coast, is a pleasant tourist destination. It is a resort city with lodging options like dining establishments and bars with stunning beaches. Despite being only a short drive from Jacksonville, Florida’s largest city, Jacksonville Beach is located far from the bustling metropolis. The beach is a great … Read more

Fun Dates in Jacksonville: Best Spots for Memorable Couple Activities

Are you searching for Fun Dates in Jacksonville? These date selections in Jacksonville are fantastic if you want to spend quality time with your partner. One of Florida’s most romantic cities for couples is Jacksonville. It should come as no surprise that the metropolis has a lot to offer for memorable couples. Jacksonville has it … Read more

Great Jacksonville Resorts in Florida

Jacksonville Resorts

Jacksonville is a beautiful city located in the northeastern part of Florida USA. Known for its stunning beaches, variety of resorts and fantastic weather. Jacksonville has become a popular vacation destination for tourists from all over the world. There are variety of Jacksonville resorts in Florida that offer a range of facilities and apartments for … Read more

Boating in Jacksonville Florida

Boating in Jacksonville

Boating lovers will find that Jacksonville Florida is a fantastic vacation spot. There are amazing boating and fishing places in the area due to its location on the St. Johns River, the Intracoastal Waterway and the Atlantic Ocean. So boating in Jacksonville Florida is fun as well adventurous. Boaters can swim and snorkel at more … Read more

Jacksonville Art Galleries – Artistic Marvels

Jacksonville Art Galleries

Jacksonville is a city of “Creators,” with many art galleries presenting local and international artists. You can buy or simply explore beautiful pieces of art in Jacksonville Florida. Such as the Florida Mining Gallery to the South light Gallery, Cummer Museum and the Jacksonville Florida Makerspace inside the Main Library In Downtown. Jacksonville’s art galleries … Read more