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Top 5 Jacksonville Beach Festivals: Music & Fun

Jacksonville Beach Festivals

Jacksonville is a beautiful city located on the Atlantic seashore of Northeastern Florida. Jacksonville is the most populous state of Florida. It is also the second largest city by land. This populous city has always been the top tourist attraction. There are many festivals in Jacksonville city but there is no shortage of Jacksonville Beach Festivals.

No doubt Jacksonville city is a top tourist attraction but Jacksonville Beach also organizes lots of festivals. These festivals attracted lots of tourists.
Number of people come to these Jacksonville Beach Festivals with family and friends to enjoy the weekend. There are a number of amazing Jacksonville Beach Festivals waiting for your visit. Music festivals are the most popular here. So, if you are a music lover you must join Jacksonville Beach Festivals.

Top 5 Jacksonville Beach Festivals

To have fun and make your visit memorable these are the top Jacksonville Beach Festivals:

Springing the Blues Festival

Springing the Blues Festival is one of the major festivals on Jacksonville Beach. This three day free music festival gathers a big crowd on the beach. These festivals feature many emerging artist performances that provide these small artists to inspire the crowd by their lyrics and performances. There are also a number of legendary Blue artists performing at this festival. The artist’s performances include rock, hip-hop, swing, funk, soul and other genres.

Jacksonville Beach Festivals

This Festival goes on for three days. In 2023 from Friday, March 31st to April 2nd. The Downbeat Magazine has added this festival “top 50 music festivals in the USA.” The Southeast Tourism Society has also added this festival in the list of “top 20 destination events in the country.” There are lots of things to do in this festival, they offers:

A food court with a number of delicious cuisines
Family friendly kids activities
A market that offers art, furniture, clothing and jewelry.

Although the festival is free, still if you want VIP services you can purchase VIP tickets. Three day VIP package is from $159. On Friday it’s $50 and on Saturday it’s $85 and on Sunday it’s $70.

Great Atlantic Seafood And Music Festival

This festival is special as by the name two most important things Food and Music are here together. It is the best festival to gather music and food lovers. Great Atlantic Seafood and Music Festival is the festival that starts the festival seasons at the start of March. This festival is getting more popular year by year as the crowd is getting higher each year.

At this festival you will find a number of foods to try. To put your taste buds into immense pleasure you will have seafood like crawfish, mahi-mahi, grouper, octopus, shrimp, and calamari. What is next waiting for you is Music and DJ’s. You will have a chance to participate in Dance Parties with live music performances from the best Dj and musician. If you love both music and food this festival is for you.

CSI Companies Country Music Fest

CSI Companies Country Music Festival is one of the biggest music festivals that happened in the city of Jacksonville Beach. Surely this one is not as big and popular as Great Atlantic but this doesn’t mean that it’s not worth your time. You should take your parents to this music festival. They will love it. This festival shows the passion of music and tradition of Jacksonville Beaches. Fresh seafood dishes are also available in this festival. His amazing music festival is also free.

Jacksonville Beach Festivals

This festival gathers some of the famous people of the city like Ryan Hurd and Tucker Beathard. It is a six hours long music festival so even if you are a little late because of traffic or other problems there is still a lot of time to enjoy this festival with family and friends. You will have delicious food from the vendors. So don’t think much and prepare your mind to have a memorable time in this music festival in June.

Community First Seawalk Festival

Annual Community First Seawalk Music Festival is a free music festival in Jacksonville Beach to have fun with family and friends. This is a two-day festival which happens on the weekend 25 and 26 February. This festival gives a platform to the emerging musical talented artists to perform and show their passion to the public. You will have some of the unbelievable performances from the finest bands in this festival.

You will also have a look at the amazing visual arts and have a chance to taste food by the unique creators. There is also a ferris wheel available in this festival so you can have a quality classical american festival time with your family. This festival is loved by the locals. This family friendly festival provides an entertainment zone for childrens so they can enjoy the festival in their modern ways.

There is also a VIP wristband available at this festival for $30 that will give you services like private restroom, unique beverage service, front stage sitting and the most important one the backstage VIP hospitality.

Beachella Music & Arts Fair

Jacksonville Beach Festivals

Beachella Music & Arts Fair is a new festival in Jacksonville Beach. It is a family friendly music festival. There are also lots of other things you can do at this festival. You can eat at different vendors and can do shopping too. The line up at this music festival is full of Alternative Rock bands. This is a one day festival that happens on June 11. The timing of this festival is 1:00 pm – 10:00 pm.


To sum up, there are lots of Jacksonville Beach Festivals that are waiting for you. As the city is close to the Beach you will have a lot of different seafood dishes in Jacksonville Beach Festivals, Music is what keeps this beach alive. You will find lots of music festivals in Jacksonville Beach. Most of the festivals at this beach are free so you don’t need to worry about money. All you need to do is to go out and enjoy these amazing festivals.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best Music Festival in Jacksonville Beach?

Downbeat Magazine and The Southeast Tourism Society Springing the Blues Festival is the best music festival not even in Jacksonville but overall the best in the country. This three day free music festival gathers a big crowd on the beach giving opportunity to emerging artists to perform and inspire the crowd by their lyrics and music.

What are the best Music Festivals in Jacksonville?

There are many Music Festival happen on Jacksonville Beach everyday but some of the best one are :

  • Springing the Blues Festival
  • CSI Companies Country Music Fest
  • Community First Seawalk Festival
  • Great Atlantic Seafood And Music Festival