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The Ringling Museum

The Ringling Museum

Built in 1924, The Ringling Museum was owned by John Ringling; a successful entrepreneur and one of the richest men in America.

…his wife was also a big part of the Ringling Museum.

John passed away in December 1936, 7 years after his wife Mable.

Nowadays, their 66-acre estate is open to the public.

This article is your blueprint for the Ringling Museum. You will learn about popular activities like wine tasting, guided tours, jazz events, and more.

We also answer your frequently asked questions.

Let’s waste no more time…

What is the Ringling museum known for?


John and Mable had a big appreciation for art and spent many years as collectors while traveling through Europe.

…John’s collection consisted of over 70,000 pieces of art, including books, paintings, sculptures, and more.

Nowadays, the Ringling Art Museum is held in high regard by Aesthetes around the World.

Things To Do At The Ringling Mansion

The Ringling Mansion


The Art Museum is just one part of John and Mable’s estate.

…there is more to see.

Below are some of the popular activities you can participate in.

Guided Tours

Guided Tours
Guided Tours

If you want to learn the history of John and Mable’s estate, then a guided tour is your best option.

You can choose to visit the Art Museum…

…or multiple parts of the mansion.

Here are the popular packages:

If you want the full experience, we recommend signing up for the Museum entry and first floor of Ca’ d’Zan.

You will see the Museum of Art, Bayfront Gardens, Circus Museum, and the first floor of Ca’ d’Zan.

And If you sign up for a Museum admission by itself, the Bayfront Gardens tour is also included.

Keep in mind these tours run at specific times.

The Ringling Museum hours are 10 am – 5pm. However, the Museum of Art tours are only available from Tuesday to Sunday at 2 pm and 3 pm.

*You can find pricing for these packages below*

Enjoy Some Wine Tasting

Enjoy Some Vine Tasting
Enjoy Some Vine Tasting

If art doesn’t get you jumping up and down with excitement, wine tasting is also an option.

…or maybe you enjoy both.

The Ringling Museum Of Art holds wine-tasting events.

However, they are few and far between. We recommend checking on the events page to see any upcoming events.

One of the most highly regarded wine-tasting events at Ringling Museum is called ‘Forks & Corks’.

The next Forks & Corks event is planned for April 2023.

Here’s what you can expect…

  • The kick-off party
  • Wine dinners
  • University master classes
  • The grand tasting

Tickets become available in early 2023.

Enjoy Some Jazz Music

Jazz Music In Ringling Museum

Something that’s more regular at The Ringling Mansion is live jazz music.

You can find numerous Jazz events held throughout the months.

Some of these events only run for a few months. One of the most famous jazz events is called ‘Ballroom Florida’.

It’s on 7 days a week and runs throughout the whole of 2022.

Take Your Kids On An Adventure

The Ringling Museum
Kids At Ringling Museum


Taking your kids to the Ringling Museum can be stressful.

…unless you enjoy moody kids.

After all, most children are not interested in art. They just want to have fun right!?

Well, don’t cancel your plans just yet. The Bolger Playspace is a small park with structures for kids to play on.

It’s located in the Ringling Mansion; next to the Banyan Cafe.

…but that’s not all.

Head over to the Ringling Estate gardens to see fish, turtles, birds, and more. This is the perfect location to keep your children entertained for a while.

Have A Ringling Museum Wedding

Ringling Museum Wedding
Ringling Museum Wedding


Are you looking for a wedding location that will blow your friends and family away!?

…Ringling Museum offers just that!

There are 3 weddings locations at the Ringling Mansion:

  • Museum of Art Courtyard
  • Ca’ d’Zan Terrace and Bayfront
  • Ca’ d’Zan Belvedere Tower

The Museum of Art Courtyard is a favorite among couples. Its large open space surrounded by ancient Greek Replicas and lush green grass provides an air of romance.

Next up is Ca’ d’Zan Terrace and Bayfront.

The perfect location for engaged couples to watch the sunset while getting married. It’s located in front of a large bay, providing breathtaking views and little light pollution.

…so you can see the stars at night.

Doesn’t get any more romantic than that, huh!?

The Belvedere Tower is another excellent wedding location. After climbing the staircase, you are greeted by ocean views and beautiful ancient architecture. Similar to Ca’ d’Zan Terrace and Bayfront, you also have breathtaking views of the bay.


How long does it take to walk through the Ringling museum?

If you want to get the full experience, it’s important to take your time when walking through Ringling Museum. Most people say to allow 4 hours; however, we always recommend 5-6 hours.

How much does it cost to go to the Ringling museum?

It depends on which package you choose. The Museum Tours package (which includes multiple parts of the Ringling Mansion) is the most popular and costs $25 per adult.

Discounts are available for seniors and children.

…and it’s free for members.

The next package is the Museum Admission and 1st Floor of Ca’ d’Zan. This costs $35 per adult. $25 for the Museum entry, and $10 for the 1st Floor of Ca’ d’Zan.

If you’re only interested in visiting the Bayfront Gardens, it only costs $5 for adults and seniors. Children under 17 can enter for free, provided they have an ID to prove their age.

Can you take pictures at the Ringling museum?

Taking pictures in the Ringling Museum is permitted in some rooms. However, using the flash on your phone or camera is not allowed. We recommend talking to your tour guide to see where photography is permitted.

The Ringling Museum also offers photoshoot permits.

These permits mean you can carry out a photoshoot on the Ringling property. You will still need to hire your own photographer.

Most people use a photoshoot permit for weddings at the Ringling Museum.

…It costs $300

The photographer will need to book your permit a week beforehand. This can be done online.