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Audubon Park Orlando: A Guide to Green Living and Community Charm

Audubon Park Orlando

The Audubon Park Orlando Florida has won awards for being a great place for shopping and eating. There are cool shops, bars with craft beer, bakeries, restaurants and stores with unique gifts. It is near Leu Gardens and located at Corrine Drive and East Winter Park Road Orlando Florida 32803.

Orlando Audubon park shows how history, nature and community can come together perfectly. Nestled in the heart of the city this lively neighborhood offers residents and visitors an escape from the busy city life. It is like a peaceful getaway and the best part is that it is only a few minutes away from downtown Orlando.

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Audubon Park Orlando Green Landscapes

Located by the beautiful Lake Rowena, Audubon Park has a peaceful walking trail that goes through groves of big oak trees and colorful plants. This pretty place lets people enjoy nature where birds fly around in the trees, turtles enjoy the sun and fish swim happily in Lake Rowena. In the summer the park has a splash pad where you can cool off and have fun.

Audubon Park’s Beautiful Green Spaces
Audubon Park’s Beautiful Green Spaces

A Glimpse into Audubon Park Orlando Rich History

Dating back to its inception in 1915 Audubon Park has evolved from an exclusive enclave for wealthy families to a historic neighborhood with a distinctive character. Despite periods of change the area has successfully preserved its old fashioned charm while integrating modern amenities. Nowadays Audubon Park is one of the most wanted places to live in Orlando with cute houses and streets with lots of trees.

Audubon Park Today

Presently Audubon Park continues to enchant residents and visitors alike. The neighborhood seamlessly combines its historical allure with contemporary conveniences. Which makes it a beloved spot for those seeking both tranquility and access to vibrant city life. With its proximity to top stores, restaurants and entertainment venues. Audubon Park remains a cherished community within Orlando.

1. Cost of Living

Audubon Park Orlando Florida
Audubon Park Orlando Florida

While housing prices slightly surpass the national average, Audubon Park offers a reasonable cost of living. With a median house value of $206356 and a median rent of $1235 the neighborhood provides affordable options for families. Additionally groceries, utilities and transportation remain reasonably priced. Which makes Audubon Park an excellent choice for those looking to move to the Orlando region.

2. Education, Economy and Employment Opportunities

Audubon Park boasts a robust education system with various schooling options available including public, private, charter and homeschooling choices. The neighborhood’s local economy is diverse and supported by major employers such as Disney World and Universal Studios, providing abundant job opportunities. With a higher than average household income Audubon Park attracts residents seeking a thriving community with ample resources.

Audubon Park School K8 - OCPS
Audubon Park School K8 – OCPS

3. Transportation

Orlando’s efficient transportation system ensures easy access to and from Audubon Park. Public transportation, taxis, cars and bicycles offer residents convenient options for commuting. The city’s well designed infrastructure enhances accessibility allowing residents to explore the city’s numerous attractions seamlessly.

4. Weather All Year Round

Audubon Park benefits from Orlando’s pleasant weather throughout the year. Summers are warm with occasional afternoon thunderstorms while winters remain mild and dry. The spring and fall seasons bring mild temperatures making Audubon Park an ideal destination for year round outdoor activities.

5. Local Attractions and Activities

Orlando’s Audubon park provides a myriad of activities for both outdoor and indoor enthusiasts. From sports and playgrounds in local parks to museums, aquariums and theaters. There is always something to explore. The neighborhood’s cultural sites such as The Charles Hosmer Morse Museum of American Art contribute to the rich tapestry of experiences available to residents.

Entertainment Activities at Orlando’s Audubon park
Entertainment Activities at Orlando’s Audubon park

6. Safety and Quality of Life

Audubon Park’s low crime rate coupled with top quality schools and medical facilities ensures a secure and comfortable living environment. The neighborhood’s commitment to safety coupled with its friendly community makes it an ideal choice for families and individuals seeking peace of mind.

Why Choose Audubon Park Orlando as Your Home?

Audubon Park in Orlando Florida offers a unique blend of history, natural beauty and a thriving community. Whether you are captivated by its rich history, seeking an affordable yet quality lifestyle or drawn to its cultural and recreational offerings. This Park stands as a welcoming haven in the heart of Central Florida. Consider making Audubon Park your home and experience the best that Orlando has to offer a perfect combination of serenity and vibrancy.

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