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Discover Audubon Park: Nature and History

Audubon Park

Welcome to world of Audubon Parks where beauty of nature, history and recreational fun converge in two distinct locations: Orlando, Florida and New Orleans, Louisiana. While geographically separated these parks share name “Audubon” and offer unique experiences to visitors.

Audubon Park in Orlando is lush urban oasis with serene walking trails picturesque landscapes and host of recreational activities, including birdwatching and outdoor events. In New Orleans it boasts rich history dating back to late 19th century, with scenic beauty family-friendly attractions and plenty of space for gatherings.

Join us as we explore these two remarkable and discover allure they hold for nature enthusiasts and history buffs alike. Also have fun in beautiful city of orlando with Airboat Tour, Safari park, Helicopter Tour, Night Tour Over Orlando’s Theme Parks and more.

Audubon Park Orlando FL

History and Location

Audubon Park in Orlando is lush oasis located in heart of city. Established in 20th century it boasts fascinating history. Nestled among magnificent oak trees and showey plants park provides an idyllic escape from urban life just minutes from downtown Orlando. It’s situated along Lake Rowena offering scenic views and accessibility for both tourists and locals.

Audubon Skatespot at Lake Druid Park, Orlando
Audubon Skatespot

Recreation and Events

The park features peaceful strolling trail, perfect for birdwatching and leisurely walks. In summer visitors can cool off at splash pad and enjoy water. Throughout year special events like bird walks and nature photography workshops are held making it an ideal spot for day in sunshine whether you seek tranquility or adventure.

Things to Do

Audubon Park Orlando offers range of activities. Visitors can engage in sports such as

  • hockey
  • tennis
  • basketball
  • picnicking
  • walking

The park also hosts indoor activities including

  • museum
  • aquarium with diverse collection of reptiles, fish and amphibians.

Scenic Beauty and Recreation

The park features picturesque oak trees, lagoons and expansive green space. It’s popular destination for picnics, relaxation and outdoor activities like walking, running and cycling. Several covered shelters provide ideal spaces for family gatherings and special events. Audubon Park is also favored spot for outdoor weddings with charming locations throughout park.

Key Attractions at Audubon Park New Orleans

Within Audubon Park in New Orleans you can find Audubon Trail Golf Course and Audubon Zoo making it hub for both recreational and educational experiences.

Bird Island Bird

Island sits in center of Audubon Park Lagoon. Species of birds found on Bird Island including

  • Great Egrets
  • Snowy Egrets
  • Cattle Egrets
  • Little Blue Heron
  • Tri-colored heron
  • Black-crowned Night Heron
  • Yellow-crowned Night Heron
  • Double-crested Cormorant
  • Anhinga

Jogging Path

The park features 1.8-mile paved jogging path that offers serene setting for outdoor enthusiasts. Visitors are welcome to enjoy walking, running, rollerblading and cycling during Park’s operating hours.


Audubon Park offers three playgrounds for outdoor play: Exposition Boulevard Playground, Walnut Street Playground and Riverview Playground providing entertainment for all.

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Riding Stables

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Special Attractions

Within Audubon Park in New Orleans you can find Audubon Trail Golf Course and Audubon Zoo making it hub for both recreational and educational experiences. Bird Island situated in park’s lagoon is home to various bird specie adding to park’s natural beauty.


In the world of Audubon Parks allure of nature history and outdoor recreation is palpable. Whether you’re strolling along picturesque paths of Orlando’s Park taking in vibrant flora and fauna or relishing historical charm and family-friendly attractions of New Orleans’ Park both destinations share a commitment to providing unforgettable outdoor experiences.

These parks while miles apart are bound by their namesake and an unwavering dedication to creating memories and fostering appreciation for natural world and history. No matter where you find yourself Audubon Park invites you to explore, relax and immerse yourself in its distinctive charm.

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What is the history of Audubon Park Orlando?

This park dates back to the early 20th century, known for its lush beauty and serene trails.

What special events can I attend at Audubon Park in New Orleans?

New Orleans’ Audubon Park hosts outdoor weddings, picnics, and family gatherings in its scenic spaces.

Can I bring my dog to these parks?

Yes, dogs are welcome, but ensure they are leashed during your visit to both Parks.

What are some popular activities at Audubon Park Orlando and New Orleans?

Activities include jogging, birdwatching, visiting playgrounds, and exploring historical sites in both parks.