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Fun Spot America Theme Parks Orlando: Top Rides, Tickets

fun spot america theme parks orlando

Located amidst exciting backdrop of Orlando’s entertainment scene Fun Spot America Theme Parks Orlando stands as beacon of thrilling excitement and family fun. Its heart pounding roller coasters to soaring SkyCoasters this Central Florida gem offers an exhilarating adventure for visitors of all ages. In this comprehensive guide we invite you to journey through top five rides that will leave you breathless and yearning for more.

Fun Spot America Theme Parks Orlando is not your typical theme park. It’s place where unforgettable memories are crafted and laughter resonates in air. With an impressive array of attractions and best value in town it’s no wonder this theme park has earned its reputation as must visit destination for tourists and locals alike.

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Fun Spot America Theme Parks Orlando

Orlando is heaven of theme parks and it became hard to find best spot where you can enjoy most. But in this article we will give you some of best fun spot america theme parks Orlando:

1. White Lightning Roller Coaster

Nestled in heart of Fun Spot America Orlando is White Lightning Roller Coaster true gem for roller coaster enthusiasts. What sets it apart? It’s Orlando’s only wooden coaster offering unique and thrilling experience. As you climb aboard get ready for smooth yet heart-pounding ride reaching speeds of up to 48 mph. What’s more you’ll enjoy breathtaking views of other major park attractions as you twist and turn through course.

Orlando’s only Wooden Coaster

2. SkyCoaster

For those who crave extreme thrills and unforgettable moments Fun Spot America in Orlando is home to one of tallest SkyCoasters globally standing tall at an astonishing 250 feet. This jaw-dropping attraction allows you to strap in and experience sensation of freefalling from sky all while enjoying breathtaking views of Orlando.

3. Freedom Flyer Roller Coaster

The Freedom Flyer Roller Coaster is an absolute must-try for families and thrill-seekers alike. This steel suspended and inverted coaster provides unique experience where you’ll feel almost weightless as your legs dangle in mid-air. With speeds of up to 34 mph this coaster offers thrilling adventure that’s perfect for riders of all ages.

4. Mine Blower Roller Coaster

If you’re planning to visit Kissimmee location of Fun Spot America be sure to experience Mine Blower Roller Coaster. This exhilarating ride drops you 80 feet into an inversion with ongoing twists and turns delivering heavy G-forces for an intense thrill. It’s roller coaster enthusiast’s dream come true at these fun spot america theme parks orlando.

Roller Coaster ride drops you 80 feet into an inversion
Roller Coaster ride drops you 80 feet into an inversion

5. Hurricane

Kissimmee’s Fun Spot America boasts Hurricane ride towering attraction that takes you five stories above ground. With over 1,300 feet of tracks and triple out-and-back design this ride promises unforgettable moments. It’s must-try for those seeking thrilling adventure in Kissimmee.

Getting Your Fun Spot America Theme Parks Orlando Tickets

Admission to Fun Spot America Orlando is free if you’re not planning to enjoy rides. However, if you’re eager to experience thrill you’ll need to purchase ticket. For just $57 per person (ages 2 and up) you get full-day, unlimited access to go-kart tracks, roller coasters, thrill rides, Kid Spot attractions and even Gator Spot.

Pro Tip: Online Ticket Convenience

When you buy your tickets online you receive voucher that gets emailed to you. On your visit day simply show your smartphone voucher at ticket window and you’ll receive wristband granting access to all rides. This wristband also allows you to leave and re-enter park on same day.

Discounts for Special Guests

While Fun Spot America Orlando doesn’t offer discounts for kids they do have reductions for older people Florida residents and first responders. Florida residents can enjoy $5 discount on Single Day Pass with valid Florida photo ID. Older people also receive $5 discount with proper identification.

First responders including Law Enforcement Officers Firefighters and registered EMTs can save $11 on Single Day Pass. Keep in mind that these discounts are available only at gates. For smoother experience consider purchasing your Fun Spot America Orlando tickets online.

Plan Your Visit and Enjoy the Thrills

Fun Spot America Orlando opens at 10 am and closes at midnight on peak days, while non-peak days see park open at 2 pm and close at midnight. Be sure to check park’s hours online when booking your tickets to avoid any last-minute surprises.

Fun Spot America Venders
Fun Spot America Venders

Easy Access to Fun Spot America Orlando

Located just off International Drive Fun Spot America Theme Park Orlando is easily accessible from Kirkman Road or Sandlake Rd I-4 exits. This park’s address is 5700 Fun Spot Way Orlando FL 32819 and there’s nearby bus stop (1A – Fun Spot America) for those using public transportation. Parking is free and available on first-come first-served basis.

Best Time to Enjoy Fun Spot America

For the best experience visit Fun Spot America Orlando right when they open at 10 am to enjoy shorter lines at the rides and less crowded restaurants. Weekdays particularly Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday are ideal for avoiding the crowds. Aim to steer clear of school holidays for more relaxed visit.

Ride for kids
Ride for kids

How Long Should You Plan to Stay?

Fun Spot America Orlando boasts 27 rides and attractions typically taking visitors around three to four hours to explore them all. However you can customize your visit based on your preferences. If you take lunch break plan for at least five hours at theme park to fully enjoy all it has to offer.

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Fun Spot America Theme parks Orlando comes to close we hope you’ve been inspired to have unforgettable journey. Wooden wonder of White Lightning Roller Coaster to sky high excitement of SkyCoaster Fun Spot America Orlando offers an adrenaline pumping experience like no other.

With convenient online ticketing discounts for special guests and wealth of insider tips you’re now ready to visit this park. Whether you’re daredevil seeking heart-stopping thrills or family looking to create cherished memories. Fun Spot America Orlando promises an exceptional and affordable experience.

So have your friends and family head to heart of Orlando and let Fun Spot America Theme parks Orlando. This park take you on roller coaster ride of excitement, laughter and unforgettable moments. It’s more than theme park; it’s place where dreams and adrenaline collide. Here fun never ends and where memories are etched in hearts of all who visit. Fun Spot America Orlando awaits your arrival, ready to deliver thrills, smiles and lasting memories


What are operating hours of Fun Spot America Orlando?

Fun Spot America Orlando opens at 10 am on peak days and 2 pm on non-peak days. Closing time is midnight.

How much does admission cost for Fun Spot America Orlando?

Admission is free for those not going on rides. Full-day unlimited ride tickets are $57 for ages 2 and up.

Are there discounts for Florida residents and first responders?

Yes, Florida residents get $5 off with a valid Florida photo ID and first responders receive an $11 discount at gate.

How long should I plan to spend at Fun Spot America Orlando?

Visitors typically spend 3-4 hours exploring park. But plan for at least 5 hours to enjoy all rides and attractions fully.