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Hanna Park Jacksonville: Ultimate Outdoor Adventure

Hannah Park Jax

If you are in Jacksonville and searching for the best park for outdoor activities, then you should visit Kathryn Abbey Hanna Park. This park is located 500 Wonder wood Drive in Jacksonville providing a number of outdoor activities for their visitors. Back in the old days this park used to be called Manhattan Beach. This was also the first African American beach resort in the state of Florida. This park in Jacksonville has something for everyone. You can go hiking or go for a biking tour at this park. The path that is provided for biking tours is popular among the biking community.

This park covers 450-acre of land which has everything for people of all ages. You can relax your mind while enjoying the great view of the Atlantic Ocean. This park has 1.5 miles of sandy beaches and also features freshwater lakes and campsites. Kathryn Abbey Hanna Park has a 60-acre freshwater lake which makes it the best spot for lots of outdoor beach activities. This is considered best for kayaking, paddle boarding, canoeing and fishing. This park is also a refreshing place for children. Children can enjoy water playgrounds, and these also have fountains and water squirting devices for children to have a complete fun day. The entry fee at this park is $1 per person or $3 per car.

Top 5 Fun Things to do at Kathryn Abbey Hanna Park

If you have planned a tour at Kathryn Abbey Hanna Park and looking for the best things to there then here is the list of the best thing to do at Kathryn Abbey Hanna Park:

Picnic Points

It would be so unfair to talk about the most beautiful park in Jacksonville and not mention Picnic Pavilions. This perfect family park is the best place to have a picnic with your family. This beautiful park has a number of beautiful picnic spots. There are a number of people who visit Hanna Park on a daily basis for the large number of group reservations and specialized pavilions.

Hannah Park Jax
There are lots of food stalls available at this park so if you are hungry, you should visit one of these stalls to vanish your hunger. If you wanna plan any wedding or event, then there is a large ocean front building called Dolphin Plaza that you rent.


Camping is also a pretty popular activity to do at Hanna Park. The park provides 300 campsites to visitors. All of the campsites available at this park are in the beautiful, wooded area of the park and they are easily accessible by paved roads.

The visitor of this beautiful family friendly park can camp in Tents, RV’s or they can also camp at the six cabins provided by the park. They provide a number of facilities and some of them are restrooms, a general store, coin-operated laundry, and electric and water hookups.


This park in Jacksonville provides over 20 miles of bike trails for their visitors. There are different challenges that a ride has to face during their journey. This park provides different difficulty levels of routes for their riders. Like “Long Trail” and “Back 40” are the ones for good riders. At these you the trained riders can show and test their skills. The other ones are “Grunt,” “Tornado Alley” and “Misery”. As you can imagine from the names these ones are for professional riders as the rider will have to face more difficult challenges.

Hannah Park Jax

These trails are so popular among the rider’s community as the difficulty level makes this activity exciting for riders. Every rider would like to test their talent by going to the next level. The fact that this trial has also been awarded as the winner of the “Most Difficult Close to the Sea.” Many of the locals and professional riders come to this park especially for this exciting activity.

Kayak or Canoe

There is a large 60-acre lake in Hannah Park. This lake is available for fishing and Pedal Boats. You can also go for Kayak and Canoe rides in this lake. If you need any kind of guide. Then there is an Adventure Kayak Florida guide that is also available for you. These guides will give you a rental guided tour within the boundary of the park. With your journey in the Kayak and Canoes your river guide will also be there with you showing a variety of birds. You will also have a lot of adventurous stories about this lake and will have a chance to learn about the locals.

The peaceful and beautiful environment of this park makes the Kayaking in Hannah Park memorable. With the slow steady and flat water in the lake, Hannah Park is best for beginners who want to learn Kayak. There is also a soft shaded point in the lake that is near shoreline making it the best place to relax your mind and soul.

Surf’s Up

Hannah Park Jax

If you love surfing and want to have a good surfing experience. Then Hannah Park is the best spot for you. This park is great for surfing and the poles you see at the north end of the beach is the best surfing spot of this area. This surfing area is not so safe and fit for beginners but no need to worry the locals will find the best surfing spots for beginners throughout the year.


To sum up, if you are looking for a perfect park to have a quality time with family then Kathryn Abbey Hanna Park is calling. There are many Picnic Points and Children’s Areas available for you to have fun with family. Apart from family, this park also gives lots of outdoor activities like Kayak and Canoe to explore the park by lake. With amazing biking trails, you can have an absolute biking experience at this park. At Kathryn Abbey Hanna Park camping is also available at this park making it the best and complete park for you to visit.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long is the stay limit in Kathryn Abbey Hanna Park?

Length of stay:

For RV Campers it’s 30 nights in a 45-day period. While for Tent Campers its 14 nights in a 45-day period.

How much does a cabin at Kathryn Abbey Hanna Park cost?

You can rent the cabin at the rate of $34 per night with a limit of 2 days. The door key deposit of the cabins is $50 which will be refunded with your departure.

What is the cost of renting the Dolphin Plaza in Hanna Park?

The Dolphin Plaza rent for a four-hour period is $725. Each extra hour costs $35. One thing you need to remember is that this Plaza closes at 10pm.