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Orlo Vista Park: A Nature Lover’s Paradise in Orlando

Welcome to Orlo Vista Park peaceful haven located in heart of Orlando Florida. This hidden gem offers escape from daily hustle and bustle. Inviting visitors to immerse themselves in beauty of nature.

Orlo Vista Park stands as testament to sweet sounding coexistence of urban life and natural serenity. With its pristine lakes, diverse wildlife and an array of recreational amenities it’s no wonder this park has become cherished destination for families, nature enthusiasts and adventure seekers alike.

Join us as we embark on journey through captivating landscapes and offerings place where moments of tranquility and unforgettable memories await.

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Orlo Vista Park

Situated on shores of Lake Conway Orlo Vista Park enjoys prime location with easy access to downtown Orlando and nearby theme parks. This park provides boat launch and ramp allowing campers to indulge in water sports like fishing, boating and sightseeing on Lake Conway.

young woman cyclist riding on forest trail
young woman cyclist riding on forest trail

Nature lovers can explore numerous trails for biking or hiking immersing themselves in park’s lush surroundings. Beyond its convenient location Lake Conway is one of Florida’s most picturesque lakes. Its clear waters are home to various species of fish, making it popular spot for fishing lovers.

Park Facilities

Orlo Vista Park is known for its well appointed facilities ensuring comfortable camping experience.

  • Picnic tables, grills, restrooms and showers are readily available.
  • Children can have blast at playgrounds and there’s ample open space for various outdoor games and activities.
  • Picnic areas are equipped with shaded pavilions making them ideal for gatherings and enjoying meals with friends and family.
  • The restrooms and showers are well maintained to ensure pleasant camping experience for all.


As night falls Orlo Vista Park transforms into an excellent spot for stargazing. With clear skies and minimal light pollution campers can marvel at beauty of night sky.

On particularly clear nights you might even catch glimpse of Milky Way and other celestial wonders with naked eye. Orlo Vista Park truly offers an all encompassing outdoor experience.

Wildlife Viewing

Nature lovers will be delighted by park’s abundant wildlife. Orlo Vista Park is birdwatcher’s paradise with sightings of herons, ducks, ospreys, eagles and more. The park’s diverse flora and fauna also offer glimpses of squirrels, rabbits and even deer.

Side view of young woman feeding ducks

Keep your eyes peeled for these beautiful creatures during your visit. Orlo Vista Park’s commitment to preserving its natural environment is evident in thriving wildlife population.

Birdwatchers will find endless opportunities to observe both migratory and resident species throughout year. The presence of deer adds to park’s enchanting charm which makes it must visit for wildlife lovers.

Why Orlo Vista Park Is a Must Visit

It stands out as ideal camping destination for those seeking natural retreat in Orlando. The crystal-clear waters of Lake Conway provide opportunities for fishing, swimming and boating.

Campers can choose from various camping spots equipped with amenities allowing them to tailor their stay to their preferences. This beautiful park’s versatility is one of its standout features.

Whether you’re an avid angler looking to reel in big catch family seeking peaceful picnic spot or an adventurer yearning for stargazing nights this park has you covered. With added attraction of cost free access it’s destination that offers both tranquility and adventure.

Location and Amenities

Spanning 28 acres this park offers an array of activities for whole family. Picnic pavilions and playgrounds provide ideal spots for gatherings and family outings.

Basketball and tennis courts to sand volleyball and skateboarding facilities there’s no shortage of things to do. For those with love for sand sports beach volleyball courts cater to both adults and children ensuring fun filled day in sun.

This Park’s recreational offerings are as diverse as its natural beauty. This park’s basketball and tennis courts are perfect for friendly matches or tournaments and well lit facilities extend playing hours into evening.

Scenic Beauty

Orlo Vista Park is an oasis amidst city’s hustle and bustle surrounded by lush greenery and peaceful water bodies. Lake Orlo, with its majestic cypress trees and abundant wildlife serves as park’s centerpiece.

Visitors can rent kayaks or paddleboats for relaxing day on lake and there’s even fishing dock for angling lovers. Lake Orlo’s serene beauty offers haven for those seeking solace in nature.

This park’s numerous walking trails nestled amid tall trees and grasses provide shaded paths for leisurely strolls. For avid birdwatchers park’s native species offer captivating spectacle while fishing dock promises moments of peace as you cast your line into sparkling waters.

Plan Your Visit

Before watching on your camping trip to it’s essential to familiarize yourself with park rules and guidelines. Make reservations for campsites in advance and ensure you have all necessary documents. Additionally consider amenities you’ll need during your stay from RV hookups to shower facilities.

To ensure seamless visit it’s advisable to review park’s rules and regulations in advance. This includes understanding check in and check out times for campgrounds, guidelines for firewood collection and pet policies.

A Haven for Pets

Pet owners can rejoice in pet friendly atmosphere of Orlo Vista Park. The park provides ample open spaces and leash free areas for dogs to roam and play. Trails and exercise stations offer opportunities for both pets and their owners to stay active.

pet-friendly atmosphere of Orlo Vista Park
pet-friendly atmosphere of Orlo Vista Park

Embracing Nature

While enjoying park, be mindful of your surroundings to ensure safe and enjoyable experience. Keep food away from local wildlife, be cautious of insects and snakes and follow fire safety guidelines when campfires are allowed.

Family Friendly Fun

Orlo Vista Park caters to visitors of all ages. With its playgrounds, walking trails and picnic areas, it’s an excellent destination for family friendly outings. Children can explore playgrounds while parents relax amidst park’s natural beauty.

What People Are Saying

Visitors have showered Orlo Vista Park with praise:

  • Orlo Vista Park is great place to take kids. There is playground splash pad and plenty of green space to run around. Their staff is always ready to help.

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In heart of Orlando, Orlo Vista Park remains testament to enduring beauty of nature. From shores of Lake Conway to vibrant foliage that graces its landscape this park invites all to find solace, adventure and wonder. Whether you’re casting line into clear waters, marveling at night sky, or simply relishing picnic with loved ones this hidden gem offers respite from everyday.

With no entrance fees it’s place where memories come free of charge and every visit leaves you with lasting sense of peace. Orlo Vista Park where city meets serenity of nature welcomes all to discover beauty that lies just beyond urban horizon.


What wildlife can I expect to see at Orlo Vista Park?

Keep an eye out for herons, ducks and occasional deer making this park a haven for wildlife lovers.

Is there an entrance fee to visit Orlo Vista Park?

No, entrance and parking are entirely free making it a budget friendly destination for outdoor adventures.

Can I bring my furry friend to Orlo Vista Park?

Yes, it is pet friendly featuring leash free areas and scenic trails where your four legged companion can roam.