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Park Lake Highland: Prime Living in Orlando’s lively Community

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Park Lake Highland is situated at the intersection of Park Avenue and Highland Street in Orlando Florida. It is a captivating neighborhood that seamlessly blends history, modern amenities and a lively community spirit. Park Lake Highland is considered the best place to live in the Orlando area.

It is well known for Little Saigon’s Vietnamese restaurants and businesses along with streets lined with trees for a scenic view. Recently it was chosen as the top place to live in the Orlando metro area.

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Park Lake Highland’s Ideal Location:

Park Lake Highland Orlando Florida is easily accessible from major roads including I-4, SR 408 and US 441. It is close to famous places like Universal Studios, International Drive and Disney World. The main street Mills 50 District has the best restaurants, bars and stores in Orlando.

Park Lake Highland History:

Established in the late 1800s this Park stands as one of Central Florida’s first suburbs. Renowned for its tree lined streets and charming bungalows. The neighborhood has evolved into a sought after destination for families seeking an urban suburban lifestyle.

Park Lake Highland Today:

Embracing diverse architectural styles including Craftsman design bungalows and contemporary mid century structures this park is a haven for residents. The area offers a range of parks including Lake Highland Park and Little Lake Fairview Park providing ample opportunities for recreational activities.

Cost of Living:

With a median home price of $322000 and affordable living costs. Park Lake Highland provides an attractive living environment. Housing options, transportation and general goods and services are budget friendly. Which makes it an ideal place to live.

Local Economy:

The colorful local economy supported by major companies like Google and Microsoft offers plentiful job opportunities. The median household income of $53427 reflects economic prosperity with ongoing investments and projects enhancing infrastructure and public services.

Transportation Options:

Park Lake Highland’s extensive public transportation system including buses, taxis, bicycles and cars ensures convenient commuting. The central location of I-4 and 408 provides easy access to different parts of the city.

Average Annual Weather:

With an average annual rainfall of 56 inches and temperatures ranging from 40°F in winter to 95°F in summer Park Lake Highland enjoys a mild climate. Residents can partake in outdoor activities though it is essential to stay informed during hurricane season (August-October).

Education System:

The neighborhood offers a high quality education system with options such as public, private schools and homeschooling. The Orange County School District caters to the educational needs of children providing diverse learning opportunities.

Lake Highland Preparatory School Arts
Lake Highland Preparatory School Arts

Local Government And Infrastructure:

Managed by the city’s local government the Park offers a secure environment with dedicated police and fire departments. The neighborhood also features public amenities, libraries, parks and medical services.

Why Should I Live Here?

Park Lake Highland stands as a dynamic, diverse and secure neighborhood. It offers a perfect blend of history, modern amenities, excellent education and a strong sense of community.

Things To Do:

Park Lake Highland offers plenty of indoor and outdoor activities including strolls in scenic parks like Park Lake and Lake Highland. Our neighborhood also offers cultural events, gaming centers, bowling alleys and movie theaters.

Lake Highland Park

It is a peaceful place with a lake, walking trails, open spaces and fishing areas. You can find it at 1132 Lake Highland Drive Orlando Florida 32803. You should come and explore the popular trails in the park. This park is right along the Orlando Urban Trail and is a nice spot to relax and enjoy views of downtown Orlando. You can also go fishing from the shore or bring your kayak for a pleasant time on the water.

It’s a dog friendly place. During certain times of the year pelicans and other birds stop at this lake during migration. You can easily walk to many good places to eat and drink from the park. The main trail goes from Lake Highland through Loch Haven Park to Mead Garden in Winter Park. It connects to six lakes, Orlando Cultural Park and the Gaston Edwards Trail.

Lake Highland Park
Lake Highland Park


You can have tasty food at restaurants such as Santiago’s Bodega, Russell’s on Lake Ivanhoe and Tori Tori. They have different menus and lively atmospheres. In the Mills 50 district there are many restaurants on North Mills Avenue and Virginia Drive offering a variety of cuisines like barbecue, tapas and pan Asian dishes.

Tako Cheena, Pig Floyd’s Urban Barbakoa, Hawkers Asian Street Food, King Cajun Crawfish and Royal Tea are popular places to eat. Royal Tea is a great spot for coffee and tea lovers with small snacks and light meals. The lively nightlife includes brewpubs, craft cocktail spots and dive bars with live indie music.

Safety and Community:

With a low crime rate, well lit streets and a strong community spirit. Park Lake Highland ensures a secure and comfortable living experience.

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