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Discover the Beauty of Public Parks in Orlando, Florida

public parks in orlando

Orlando is city known for its magical attractions but it’s also home to some enchanting public parks in Orlando that often go overlooked. In this comprehensive guide, we’ll unveil beauty of Orlando’s best public parks. From iconic Lake Eola Park with its breathtaking skyline views to Dr. P. Phillips Community Park’s family-friendly amenities and nature lovers paradise at Barnett Park re’s something for everyone to enjoy. We’ll provide all essential details you need for your perfect park visit.

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Top 3 Public Parks in Orlando

Have great time with family at several public parks in Orlando:

Lake Eola Park

One of crown jewels of public parks in Orlando is Lake Eola Park offering 23 acres of lush parkland in heart of city. This exceptional park stands as versatile destination for wide array of events from lively concerts and vibrant festivals to fundraising walks and even weddings.

Lake Eola Park is an ideal choice for gatherings of all types whether it’s corporate meeting, bridal shower, small conference, baby shower, board meeting or simple get-together with friends.

  • Address: 512 East Washington Street, Orlando, FL 32801
  • Phone: (407) 246-4484
  • Working Hours: Monday to Sunday: 6 am – 12 am
Lake Eola Park

Visitors to Lake Eola Park can take in moments of relaxation amidst enchanting flower beds while enjoying breathtaking panoramic views of Orlando’s iconic skyline.

This park also features separate playgrounds where children can engage in joyful play, ensuring that it caters to visitors of all ages. Lake Eola Park is truly remarkable gem around Lake Eola offering opportunity to observe graceful swans gliding across lake partake in paddle boat rides and witness stunning sunsets that leave lasting impressions.

Dr. P. Phillips Community Park

For those seeking more spacious lakeside park experience, Dr. P. Phillips Community Park is must-visit destination. Spanning generous 43 acres of parkland, this park is tailored for sports lovers of all ages. It offers diverse range of recreational opportunities including pickleball, tennis, badminton and table tennis.

This park also provides outdoor recreational facilities, picnic pavilion and designated event spaces enhancing its appeal as gathering place for community.

  • Address: 8249 Buenavista Woods Boulevard, Orlando, FL 32836
  • Phone: (407) 254-9038
  • Working Hours: Monday to Sunday: 8 am – 6 pm

Dr Phillips Community Park

Families can delight in presence of children’s playground, stage, open lawns and creative nature play area, providing endless possibilities for fun and exploration. Dr. P. Phillips Community Park welcomes all visitors with open arms offering free entry to enjoy its amenities and scenic surroundings.

With addition of softball games adds to lively atmosphere, making it an excellent place for both leisure and physical activity. Strategically placed benches throughout park allow individuals to sit relax and savor ir free time amidst serene environment at one of best public parks in orlando.

Barnett Park

Barnett Park is yet another hidden gem in Orlando’s array of public parks. This expansive park spans an impressive 159 acres, providing myriad of attractions and amenities for visitors of all ages. Nature enthusiasts will find delight in presence of scenic trails, engaging playgrounds, invigorating fitness classes, disc golf courses and courts for basketball and volleyball.

  • Address: 4801 West Colonial Drive, Orlando, FL 32808
  • Phone: (407) 836-6248
  • Working Hours: Monday to Sunday: 8 am – 8 pm

public parks in orlando

This park also boasts fishing pier and opportunity to observe various bird species throughout park making it an excellent destination for birdwatchers. Barnett Park features multi-playground, drinking fountains and outdoor gym equipment, ensuring that visitors of all ages have access to recreational facilities. Moreover park prioritizes accessibility, providing wheelchair access for everyone to enjoy its offerings.

With its serene atmosphere and ample space for children to play. Explore Barnett Park fosters relaxing environment that encourages individuals to unwind and appreciate nature’s beauty. Visitors can engage in various activities such as sports practice, leisurely walks, fishing and fitness exercises within park’s expansive grounds of best public parks in orlando.

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Orlando’s public parks in Orlando offer refreshing escape from hustle and bustle of city. Where you seek serene moments by lake, engaging sports activities or family-friendly adventures, se parks have it all. With contact details, working hours and additional specialties provided, you can now plan your visit with ease.

So, step outside these public parks in Orlando and explore natural beauty Orlando has to offer. It’s time to embrace great outdoors and make lasting memories in heart of Florida.


What are primary attractions at Lake Eola Park?

Lake Eola Park features stunning skyline views, paddleboat rides and iconic swans.

Can I host events at Dr. P. Phillips Community Park?

Yes, park offers event spaces for gatherings and recreational activities.

Are pets allowed at Barnett Park?

Yes, Barnett Park is pet-friendly, making it great place for family outings.

Do these parks offer restrooms and picnic areas?

Yes, all three parks provide restrooms, picnic areas and recreational amenities.