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Best Chinese Buffet in Jacksonville Florida: A Foodie’s Haven

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Jacksonville, Florida, is a city known for its vibrant multiculturalism. It exudes a rich blend of cultures, evident in its lively streets, diverse architecture, and, of course, its remarkable culinary scene. While some cities boast specific food streets or districts showcasing a range of cuisines, Jacksonville offers a unique experience. Here, you can find an abundance of restaurants representing various cultures, including the renowned Chinese Buffet Jacksonville Florida.

You will find a lot of seafood restaurants in Jacksonville but that doesn’t mean that you won’t have other cuisine. In this sunshine city you will have all kinds of food. Many of these restaurants serve Buffet in their wide halls. You will find many Chinese Buffet Jacksonville Florida. You will have a lot of Chinese dishes in this buffet. All the dishes cooked from specialized chefs will make you wanna visit the restaurant again.

Best Chinese Buffet Jacksonville Florida

If you are foodie and looking to try different chinese dishes then you should have these best chinese buffet Jacksonville Florida:

Chinese Buffet

People looking to have Chinese buffet must visit Chinese Buffet. Since 2010 this daily friendly restaurant has been serving their menu food to the people of Jacksonville. With more than 200 food items you will have a lot to choose from. Whether you are looking for Chinese, Japanese, Hibachi or American cuisine they will provide you all of it under the same roof. Open all week you can have an authentic dining experience with their delicious buffet. Reviewed as “Best Chinese Restaurant” this restaurant is best to have a treat with your family.

Chinese Buffet Jacksonville Florida

People who have tasted Asian food will have a whole new experience with their incredible flavors. So there are lots of things on the menu where to start. Well creating your own salad by mixing different things you like would be the best start. Do try their hot homemade soup and if you are craving for sushi then you are in heaven. They have a wide variety of sushi available, all of them created with fresh and local ingredients. Apart from that one should also try their Mongolian grill and Hibachi Grill to complete their meal.

Sakura Buffet

First thing you will notice with the first step to Sakura Buffet is its clean environment and huge place for buffets. There are more than 75-100 tables available at this restaurant. And more than 70 hot food options are available for their guests. The taste of their food is also delicious. Your money will be worth at Sakura Buffet with their hibachi buffet, noodles, rice, veggies to egg and meat is available in this buffet. The price range of lunch and dinners are also suitable with the quality of food they provide on table.

Pasta box

From basic Chinese, beef, chicken to seafood you will have variety of food options in this buffet. Hot and cold catfish are also available for their guests. And we can’t forget to talk about sushi or sashimi as along with their seaweed salad they have more than 20 types of sushi. With a suitable price you will rarely find these kinds of sushi rolls with various sauces. From garlic, teriyaki, spicy pepper to soy you will have a number of sauce options. If you are thinking about dessert then they also have ice cream, jello options and pastry type desserts.

Fushimi Grill&Modern Buffet

Fushimi Grill&Modern Buffet has created an environment in Jacksonville where people can have all different kinds of Asian dishes. From Chinese, Korean bbq and Japanese sushi you will have a wide variety of asian cuisine in their buffet. Their buffet includes seafoods like shrimp, oyster, crab, crawfish and more. In meat they have mini sausage, lamb, beef, steak ribs and more. Talk about vegetables, you will have dry tofu, pumpkin, mushroom, taro, corn and other vegetables. In noodle you will have rice noodles, ramen and more. Not just this, they have a lot of other delicious dishes in their buffet.

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The restaurant is designed in a way that all of the tables will have pot and grill stations. So their guests can cook whatever they like on their own and enjoy it with friends. They recommend cooking protein like seafood and meat. On their broth you can cook Korean Bbq or boil your proteins until it’s perfectly cooked. You can choose your sauce or can create your own by combining vinegar, garlic, sesame oil, chili oil, soy sauce and more. Have delicious sushi or salmon, tuna, eel, shrimp from their sushi bar available in the buffet. To have the best Chinese Buffet Jacksonville Florida with family then you should come to this restaurant.


To sum up, you will have a variety of food in Chinese Buffet Jacksonville Florida. If you are craving for Chinese cuisine and want to taste different types of Chinese cuisine then these buffet restaurants are best for you. They have more than 200 chinese food items for you. From sushi, homemade soup, salads to Hibachi Grill you will have a complete chinese dining experience. Apart from Chinese, these restaurants also serve Korean, Nepali and Japanese cuisines. You can cook your Korean style meat in the grill stations available on the tables. These buffets are nonetheless the best to enjoy with your Chinese friends.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much is the China buffet in Jacksonville?

Prices for buffets vary from one restaurant to another. But the average price of Chinese Buffet Jacksonville Florida is $11.99.

What is the best Chinese Buffet in Jacksonville Florida?

Located on 9400 Atlantic Blvd #60, the Chinese Buffet is the best buffet in Jacksonville. They serve more than 200 different Chinese dishes to their guests. From sushi, homemade soup, salads to Hibachi Grill you will have a complete Chinese dining experience in their buffet.