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Restaurants in Oakland Park Florida: A Culinary Delight

Restaurants in Oakland Park Florida

To get the most out of a vacation experience new tastes in Oakland Park Florida. This city offers more than its fair share of top tier restaurants in Oakland Park Florida and eateries.

Oakland Park is the geographic center of South Florida. This city covers an area of 8.1 square miles of which 7.5 square miles is land and 0.69 square miles is water. With its entire area stipulated with residents who assail from Cuba, Peru, Brazil, Colombia and Haiti makes this city an enticing array of international cuisines.

restaurants in Oakland Park Florida offer great diversity including Japanese, French, Asian American and Ethiopian options. Restaurants in Florida will give you amazing options of appetizing dishes.

Whether it’s a quick breakfast, heavy lunch or a lavish dinner. Oakland Park Florida will surprise you with its savory cuisines.

Top 5 Restaurants in Oakland Park Florida

No matter what you choose to do in Oakland Park Florida you are bound to work up an appetite. Here is a list of Top 5 restaurants in Oakland Park Florida worth visiting.

  • Salimar Ceviche Bar
  • El Guanaco Taqueria Y Antojitos
  • Escargot Bistro
  • La Empanada Loca
  • Da Gianni

Salimar Ceviche Bar

If you are dying to try something unique and tasty then visit Salimar Ceviche Bar. Salimar Ceviche Bar is the story of two Peruvian brothers Daniel Corzo and Antenor Corzo.

Both left their home country to travel around the world and to show their talent in the kitchen. They have worked at many restaurants in Europe, South America and the United States.

Finally they both decided to open their first restaurant in Oakland Park Florida. Salimar Peruvian Fusion is based on the evolution of Peruvian cooking.

Salimar Ceviche Bar in Oakland Park Florida
Salimar Ceviche Bar in Oakland Park Florida

Here you will get the taste of the best dishes of Peru, land and sea with the authenticity that can only come from a native’s cooking.

Their extensive menu features typical dishes of Peru with their chefs’ personal touch. Indulge into their internationally awarded ceviche or their famous “Sudado de Pescado”.

You can enjoy their appetizers such as Tostones Panka and Peruvian classics like Risotto Lomo. They also offer a great selection of sangria, beer and wines including red and white wines for your delight.

El Guanaco Taqueria Y Antojitos

This restaurant is famous for serving the most delicious Mexican, Salvadorian inspired cuisine and Latin American dishes. It is one of the best restaurants in Oakland Park Florida with a family friendly atmosphere.

El Guanaco Taqueria Y Antojitos has been serving authentic Mexican and Salvadorian food to Oakland and its nearby communities since 2009. They feel pride in themselves for providing guests with excellent service, reasonable prices and fresh ingredients.

This restaurant offers a diverse menu for everyone with a promise to satisfy the cravings of even the most cultured palates.

Enjoy some delicious cuisines such as Chuletas de Puerco, Carne Asada, enchiladas, tacos and Rellenos. Be sure to save some room for desserts and try their signature caramel and coconut flans.

Here you will also find vegetarian options and seafood entrees for vegans and piscivores. There’s plenty of food for everybody regardless of their taste and preferences.

Escargot Bistro

Escargot Bistro is famous for serving elusive French cuisine in Oakland Park Florida. This restaurant offers French lunch and dinner staples with an extensive beer and wine selection.

Dining at this restaurant will make you feel like you’ve actually flown to France. Escargot Bistro brings the definitive and cultivated taste of France to Oakland Park and its neighboring communities.

Come to Escargot Bistro for a bougie but laid back dining experience at a quarter of the price you’d usually pay a restaurant in France.

Dine at Escargot Bistro
Dine at Escargot Bistro in Oakland Park Florida

Its affordability doesn’t take away authentic French flavors from it. Escargot Bistro menu features a selection of soups, salads, appetizers, cold sandwiches and desserts.

Their famous delicacies include escargot, savory crepes, Moules Marinière, Steak Tartare. After having a delicious dinner try their special Gâteau au chocolate cake for some sweet treat.

La Empanada Loca

If you wanna try something Puerto Rican then there is no other option then La Empanada Loca. La Empanada Loca offers homestyle Puerto Rican cuisine to locals and visitors alike.

It is a must visit food spot for authentic cuisines with fresh ingredients served by an attentive and courteous staff. Empanadas, sandwiches, deliciously prepared meat dishes, Trifongos, Mofongos, seafood, desserts are so finger licking.

You will love their dishes such as Papa Fritas, Pernil, Bistec Palomilla and Pastelon burger. La Empanada Loca makes everyone go ‘loca’ with their expertly cooked delicious meals. Even visitors from neighboring cities come to Oakland Park Florida just to eat in La Empanada Loca.

Da Gianni

Da Gianni is the top pizza spot in Oakland Park Florida. This restaurant is famous for serving authentic Italian favorites.

It is the most visited restaurant in Oakland by locals and tourists alike. With great pizzas on the menu you can enjoy delicious options like garlic bread, sandwiches, salads, calzones and more.

Their great selection of pizzas include Sicilian Pizza, La Blake Pizza, NY Style Traditional Pizza and La Eva Aka Vegetarian Pizza. Da Gianni menu also offers a great variety of Panzerotti, Strombolis, La Pasta, Desserts and Drinks as well.

Appetizing NY Style Traditional Pizza at Restaurants in Oakland Park Florida
Appetizing NY Style Traditional Pizza at Restaurants in Oakland Park Florida

Bottom line

Restaurants in Oakland Park Florida offer a great variety of international cuisines with equally great dining experience.

Here you will find some unique flavors from all around the globe. From Escargot Bistro serving authentic French cuisines to the Salimar Ceviche Bar with Peruvian Fusion. There’s nothing that you can’t find in Oakland Park Florida food wise.

Da Gianni’s vast variety of authentic Italian Pizza will make you amazed. La Empanada Loca’s Puerto Rican carefully curated cuisines with fresh ingredients will delight your taste buds and make you want to have more and more.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are there any other Restaurants in Oakland Park Florida?

There are also some other great restaurants in Oakland serving up some quality food with upscale dining and reasonable prices. Some of these kinds of restaurants that we didn’t make up in the above list are given here.

  • Cafe Seville
  • 101 Ocean
  • Rosie’s Bar & Grill
  • Thai Spice
  • La Vie Lebanese Restaurant
  • 3711 Beach Side

Are restaurants in Oakland Park Florida family friendly?

Yes most of these restaurants are family friendly and offer best meal deals for guests.

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