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Top 10 Restaurants in St. George Island Florida

Enjoy the slower pace of life and try some of the local cuisines at Restaurants in St. George Island Florida. St George Island Florida is known for its quiet beaches, beautiful blue water, historic lighthouse and fantastic fishing. This 22 mile barrier Island in the sunshine is home to unspoiled beaches. Its uncrowded serene beaches and lakes are a popular destination for families and couples seeking a retreat.

St George Island beaches are perfect for family friendly activities including swimming, boating and castle building. This small Island offers a fairly diverse array of restaurants considering the intimate size. All of these restaurants are located close to many popular attractions. After a day of fun in the sun try some of the mouth watering cuisines at these St. George Island, FL, restaurants.

Top 10 Restaurants in St. George Island Florida

If you’re wondering what are the locals favorite Restaurants in St. George Island Florida to eat and drink we’ve got you covered. Check out our comprehensive list of Top 10 Best Restaurants in St. George Island Florida.

  • Paddy’s Raw Bar
  • St. George Cantina
  • Doc Myers’ Island Pub & Sports
  • Blue Parrot Oceanfront Cafe
  • BJ’s Pizza & Subs
  • Beach Pit
  • Sweet Surf
  • Mango Mike’s Sports Bar
  • Aunt Ebby’s Ice Cream Shop
  • Harry A’s

Paddy’s Raw Bar

Located on the bay of beautiful St. George Island this restaurant serves the true taste of the Island. Paddy’s Raw Bar is one the best Restaurants in St. George Island Florida with a very large variety of delicious cuisines. This restaurant embraces their local roots with a casual atmosphere, friendly service and tons of fun for locals and visitors alike. Their dining area features a large open outdoor deck with vibrant tables and umbrellas for coverage.

Restaurants in St. George Island Florida
Try exciting Doc Myers’ shrimp dipped in a special sauce!

It specializes in serving fresh local oysters in nine unique preparations. Its whole meal menu includes appetizers, salads, wraps, sandwiches and fresh seafood selections. Paddy’s Raw Bar also hosts live music, karaoke, team trivia and special events as well.

St. George Cantina

If you are craving for south border fare then St. George Cantina is the perfect choice. This funky local cantina features classic Mexican cuisine and homemade margaritas that are sure to please your taste buds. St. George Cantina is the best restaurant in St George Island Florida and serves perfect Mexican meals in seven unique flavors. By dining at this restaurant you will surely taste some of the distinctive flavors. You can start your meal with guacamole or cheese dip. After that you can indulge in tacos, burritos, bowls, or plates.

Doc Myers’ Island Pub & Sports

Experience the elevated beach dining without the pomp and circumstances of a formal steakhouse. Doc Myers’ Island Pub & Sports offer simple food with fresh flavors in a family friendly environment. This cool restaurant gives the vibes of the clubhouse meets tiki bar. This restaurant offers breakfast, lunch, brunch, dinner and takeout to locals and visitors. Their breakfast favorites include homemade biscuits, gravy, shrimp, grits and Doc’s famous Bloody Mary. You can taste a variety of appetizers, tacos, salads, burgers and baskets.

Restaurants in St. George Island Florida
Try exciting Doc Myers’ shrimp dipped in a special sauce!

Blue Parrot Oceanfront Cafe

This former hot dog stand has grown into one of the best Restaurants in St. George Island Florida. Blue Parrot Oceanfront Cafe has been serving seafood with great beach views. Due to its location on the beach you can rent a jet ski right next door. You can sit and have a beer while the sun sets. Kids can blow off their last bit of steam on the beach. Their extensive menu includes seafood, po’ boys, burgers and steaks. Beverages are also available for adults as well.

BJ’s Pizza & Subs

No vacation is ever complete without a trip to BJ’s Pizza & Subs. Its family friendly atmosphere is ideal for families and groups looking for a great spot at the beach. BJ’s Pizza & Subs serves sandwiches, pizza and sushi.

This strange combo is a match made in heaven for groups that just can’t decide what to choose and for picky eaters. All the pizzas are freshly made in house down to the crust with unique sauces. Their upscale sushi menu features locally sourced fresh seafood. If you are in a hurry you can also place your order to go.

Beach Pit

Beach Pit’s restaurant offers a delicious combination of Texas style barbeque and fresh seafood. This restaurant also boasts a pet friendly screened in loggia perfect for dining with friends. Foodies will love to have their special slow cooked BBQ seasoned with salt and pepper. The Beach Pit menu consists of sausage, turkey, brisket, ribs and slow cooked pork. In addition to fresh seafood this restaurant also offers burgers, sandwiches and steaks. Its unique flavored dishes are sure to please everyone in the family.

Sweet Surf

This restaurant is located along East Gulf Beach Drive and right next to Dali’s Seafood. If you are craving for a wonderful sweet treat then this restaurant is best to consider. As the name suggests Sweet Surf is the best Islands seller of sugary things. Their small but mighty colorful snack shack is hard to resist. Sweet Surf serves evocative beach classics. These classics include soft serve ice cream and antiquated Italian Ice. If you are here don’t forget to try their classic key lime pie.

Mango Mike’s Sports Bar

It is a family friendly full service restaurant and sports bar located on St. George Island. This island hot spot is perfect for having frozen drinks during hot weather. Mango Mike’s Sports Bar vibrant tiki inspired decor pleases the eyes of everyone. It has a beautiful outdoor dining area and sports bar. There are games like corn hole in the grassy courtyard for children as well. Its diverse menu favors fresh seafood items like fish, shrimp, lobster and oysters. It would be fun to have a cocktail with friends under the tiki style bar.

Aunt Ebby’s Ice Cream Shop

Aunt Ebby’s Ice Cream Shop is an answer to all your sweet cravings. It is located on the second floor of the pink and blue building. This restaurant features great classic music, picnic tables on the deck and inside tables in hot summers when AC is a must option. When you climb the stairs to the entrance you will meet with a sign that says “You Have Just Climbed off 1 Scoop Worth of Calories.”

Enjoy ice cream at Aunt Ebby’s Shop in a hot summry day
Enjoy ice cream at Aunt Ebby’s Shop in a hot summary day.

After finishing dinner you will definitely need dessert. Reward your kids with the rotating flavors of huge scoops of this amazing treat. There is nothing better than having a cold scoop of ice cream in the warm weather of summer. Flavors of the ice cream may vary according to the season but there’s always tasty options.

Harry A’s

It is one of the best restaurants in St George Island to visit if you and your family are looking for something unique and equally delicious. Harry A’s is loved by locals and visitors alike for their thorough unique seafood menu. Take the family here to have their unique appetizers, salads, burgers and steaks. This restaurant also hosts regular scheduled events. They also have live music to entertain guests.


Restaurants in St. George Island Florida offer a wide variety of delicious cuisines. From fresh seafood to salads and soups you can have everything in need. Their sweet desserts will enlighten your senses and will urge you to have it more and more. These restaurants’ perfect ambiance will make you feel like a home. You can enjoy a hand crafted cocktail at the beach bar while overlooking the beautiful sunset view. Listening to live music while having a special dinner with your loved ones is the best you can have at these restaurants.

Frequently Asked Questions

Write the names of five famous restaurants on St. George Island?

This small St. George Island is home to several famous restaurants with the best interior and quality food. Some of these famous restaurants are given below:

  • Lynn’s Quality Oysters
  • Sweet Surf
  • Red Pirate
  • Pesky Pelican
  • Harry A’s
  • El Jalisco Mexican Restaurant

What is St. George Island Florida known for?

St. George Island, Florida, is a hidden gem cherished for its pristine white sandy beaches and untouched natural beauty. It’s like a paradise getaway where dolphins frolic in the waves, sea turtles nest on the shore, and breathtaking sunsets paint the sky in mesmerizing hues. Known for its tranquil atmosphere, it’s the place to unwind, connect with nature, and savor the simple joys of life.

What is the best time to visit St. George Island Florida?

Picture this: warm sun on your skin, gentle sea breeze in your hair, and the sweet melody of waves lapping the shore. That’s St. George Island at its finest! The best time to visit is during the spring or fall. Spring brings mild temperatures and blooming flora, while fall offers a peaceful escape with fewer tourists. If you’re a fan of warm weather, summer is also delightful, but be prepared for a bit more humidity and some afternoon rain showers.

What is the closest airport to St. George Island Florida?

Heads up, travelers! To reach this little slice of heaven, you’ll want to fly into Tallahassee International Airport (TLH). From there, it’s about a scenic 1.5 to 2-hour drive to St. George Island. Trust us, the journey is part of the adventure, and the anticipation will only add to your excitement!

Is St. George Island worth visiting?

Absolutely! Imagine a place where time slows down, worries fade away, and nature takes center stage. St. George Island is a tranquil haven, far away from the hustle and bustle of city life. If you adore unspoiled beaches, exploring coastal ecosystems, and indulging in water activities, it’s a dream come true. Whether you’re seeking a romantic escape, a family vacation, or a solo retreat to recharge your soul, this hidden gem is worth every moment you spend there. So pack your bags, grab your sunscreen, and get ready for an unforgettable adventure!