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Breakfast in Naples Fl on the Water: Indulge in Waterfront Delights

Starting a day with a perfect breakfast is essential to carry on a perfect day. If you don’t have breakfast or had a good meaningful breakfast then your day wouldn’t go perfectly.

This isn’t rocket science. Why? The answer is basic. A car without oil can’t work and our body goes the same way. We can’t be energetic the whole day if we didn’t have our power which is morning breakfast.

So it is necessary to have a great breakfast in order to spend your day smoothly.

While you are in Naples you would be thinking about healthy breakfast restaurants near me but you don’t need to worry about that. Because we are here to help you out with that.

In this article we are going to talk about best breakfast in naples fl on the water. Even if you are not morning person but reading this article might make you wake up early in the morning to have a delicious breakfast.

Breakfast restaurants in Naples are best for tourists as you can go out to explore city , do adventurous things, have a look at sealing shore and sunset with full energy.

Breakfast in Naples Fl on the Water

Naples is a city of diverse culture and is a well known spot for tourists.

If you are tourist you must have a thought of healthy breakfast restaurants near me and we are here to finish this thought by giving you the best breakfast in naples fl on the water:

Cove Inn Coffee Shoppe

To have a perfect nostalgia of classic american breakfast on the water then you should dine in Cove Inn Coffee Shoppe. This restaurant has been serving delicious breakfast to the community of Naples for over 40 years.

Breakfast Restaurants in Naples Florida

In these 40 years they have made themselves the best restaurant to have breakfast in naples fl on the water by their incredible taste and beautiful dining.

When you enter this restaurant you might think that this is a normal breakfast or coffee point but with the look at their fancy menu you would know why they are famous for their breakfast. The staff here is so friendly and the service is even faster so you don’t need to wait much in the morning.

Menu and Dishes

This restaurant is the biggest green flag to have breakfast in naples fl on the water as prices here are also suitable so don’t you worry about your wallet and have a look at this restaurant.

Some of the best breakfast dishes that you should try in this restaurant are:

  • Pancakes
  • Breakfast burrito
  • Corned beef hash
  • Eggs and bacon

Have a nice breakfast experience at this traditional American restaurant.

EJ’s Bayfront Cafe

With their perfect location in downtown Naples at Bayfront this restaurant is one of the best restaurants to have breakfast in naples.

Both breakfast and lunch is served at this restaurant and with that you will also have number of vegetarian dishes to try.

EJ’s Bayfront Cafe is owned by Eric Becker who has proved himself for serving fresh and quality breakfast.

With open air dining your food will taste even more tasty. There is also a bar in this restaurant where you can just sit and have drinks with your friends.

Menu and Dishes

All the dishes at this restaurant is made from fresh and healthy ingredients which not only food for your health but also gives a perfect flavour to the dishes.

Some of the best breakfast delights that you should try in this restaurants are:

  • bennies
  • biscuits and gravy
  • hash browns
  • skillets
  • scrambles

With great taste they won’t attack your wallet as the prices of their dishes are also affordable. The staff at this restaurant is also friendly and they also have a smile on their faces to make you comfortable.

Blueberry’s Restaurant

There is no place to have better casual breakfast in Naples than Blueberries. Above all you will have breakfast in naples fl on the water so it’s perfect.

This restaurant is located in central Naples near Park Shore which of course gives a beautiful and calming view of shores. So whether you are with friends or family this spot is best for all.

The Blueberries serve delicious dishes throughout the day. And with classic american breakfast this restaurant also serves some of the best Greek dishes for lunch and some great seafood dishes for dinner.

Menu and Dishes

The breakfast selection at this restaurant is wide. You will have number of dishes to try from their menu and with Greek dishes your breakfast cravings will complete.

Some of the best classic american breakfast dishes that you should try from their menu are:

Breakfast Restaurants in Naples Florida

  • Sugared-pecan pancakes
  • Scrambles
  • Redneck eggs Benedict
  • Spinach crepe
  • Potato pancakes

If you are not much interested in breakfast and here for lunch then have a taste of their Waldorf Astoria Salad or tuna melt. These are the most famous for lunch.

For dinner try some of the great seafood dishes and if you can’t decide then order country fried steak or meatloaf.

The Hampton Social

Well we have talked enough about breakfast restaurants in naples on the water but I also want you to have a look at this great breakfast restaurant in naples.

This restaurant is not on the water but is a must try breakfast destination in naples. Have a read to know why I decided to add this in our list.

With number of fresh and delicious breakfast dishes The Hampton Social has named themselves as one of the best breakfast restaurants in Naples.

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With delicious breakfast they also serve their special item and dishes in their sunday brunch.

Talk about interior and environment then we must mention their beautiful modern and sleek decor. This beautiful and comfortable environment will make your dining experience even more enjoyable.

On top of that they also have outside patio seating available from where you can enjoy your breakfast with the morning rays of sunlight.

At last this restaurant not only famous for brilliant breakfast but they are also famous for serving variety of seafood options so if you like breakfast then do have lunch or dinner to treat yourself with the taste of their professional chefs.

Menu and Dishes

You will find number of breakfast items in their menu. Some of the best that you should try here are:

  • Smoked Salmon Tartine
  • Short Rib Benedict
  • Scrambles
  • Sunrise Beach Bowl
  • Grandma Swans Pancakes

All of the dishes in their menu are perfectly made to give you the best taste. So dine in this restaurant to have the best breakfast in Naples.


To sum up, there are number of restaurants to have a perfect breakfast in naples fl on the water. These restaurants not only gives a perfect environment but also serve delightful breakfast dishes to their guests.

All of their dishes are made from fresh ingredients which are best for your health.

Both indoor and outdoor seating are available in these restaurants. With outdoor dining you will have a great scene of rising sun.

And with indoor seating you will have beautiful decor to give you a great noostalia.

Quality of their dishes are supreme and prices are also affordable. This makes these restaurants best to dine with family and friends.

More Breakfast Restaurants in Florida

Frequently Asked Questions

What breakfast is Florida known for?

Florida has a diverse culture with different peoples having different kinds of breakfast. But the kind of breakfast florida is known for includes:

  • key lime pastries
  • pimento cheese croissants
  • wild boar sausage
  • Waffles
  • biscuits and gravy

What are the most popular traditional foods in Naples?

Naples is known for many dishes but some of the best traditional that naples is famous and known for are:

  • Minestrone napoletano
  • Buffalo Mozzarella
  • Pastiera
  • Ragù
  • Mussel Soup
  • Casatiello
  • Frittatina napoletana

What are the best restaurants to have breakfast in naples fl on the water?

These are some of the best restaurants in naples to have breakfast on water.

  • EJ’s Bayfront Cafe
  • Cove Inn Coffee Shoppe
  • Blueberry’s Restaurant
  • Jane’s Cafe on 3rd
  • First Watch
  • The Boathouse on Naples Bay