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Discover the Best Restaurants in Jacksonville Florida

Best Restaurants in Jacksonville

Jacksonville is a city of diverse cultures and it has lots of different cultural restaurants. In other cities, you will find a specific food street or a famous restaurant district but in Jacksonville, you will find lots of famous and delightful restaurants throughout the city. Restaurants in Jacksonville provide a wide range of dining options, you can have elegant dining and casual brunches with a number of different wines and drinks.

It is hard to decide which restaurant to choose when you are in a big city like Jacksonville giving lots of choices but you should not worry about that! We are here to help you. Restaurants in Jacksonville are famous for their seafood and dishes with French, Mediterranean, and Brazilian influences. Locally fresh grown ingredients and special recipes made a perfect dish.

Whether you are looking for the best traditional dishes or for the modern dishes restaurants in Jacksonville give you both of them in a delicate manner. You will find all kinds of restaurants in Jacksonville like Japanese, Korean, Italian, French, Mexican and Indian. In this article, I will help you have a look at some of the best restaurants in Jacksonville.

Top 5 Best Restaurants in Jacksonville

To have the best dining of your life have a look at these Best Restaurants in Jacksonville:

Eleven South

Eleven South is considered one of the best restaurants in Jacksonville. This restaurant has an award winning wine collection to lighten the mood of their guests. With their delicate wine, they serve beautifully cooked American cuisine. You will have a great time here while having a sip of wine with a beautiful environment. The calm and peaceful environments make this place the best spot for dates and romantic dinners.

Eleven South Best Restaurants in Jacksonville

They give a different variety of stakes to their guests like Black Angus steaks and all of these stakes are cooked to perfection to make sure they give the best to their guests.

For those people who don’t like fish or seafood, there is also a menu for them. Make sure you have your pre reservations as this popular restaurant is always filled with guests. They give a number of dessert buffets like Creme Brulee, Salted Caramel Chocolate Torte and Georgia Peach Cobbler. They do have a great variety of beverages.

Restaurant Orsay

During your visit to Jacksonville you will hear about this restaurant from lots of foodie which will make you wonder what is special about this place. Well it’s time to find out why this restaurant is so famous among foodies and tourists and why it’s one of the Best Restaurants in Jacksonville.

Restaurant Orsay is a French restaurant serving delicious dishes from the fresh ingredients to their guests. You will be impressed by the traditional style dishes of this restaurant. Their delightful French Restaurant food will surely make your taste buds feel like heaven.

One of the most popular and ordered dishes at this restaurant is Scallop Crudo. The scallop’s typically mushy, creamy texture is given a delightful crunch by the radish is also available at this restaurant. Duck, trout, and hearty meatloaf favorites like pate, escargots, and foie gras will enhance the beauty of your appetite. You can also enjoy at the raw bar that offers chic handcrafted cocktails.

Don’t forget to treat yourself with Vanilla Bean Creme Brulee or a vibrant Macaron. They are created from scratch and brimming with magical flavor by Orsay’s Pastry Chef. Orsay is the perfect spot for every occasion and gathering as it has a diverse outside seating, trendy lounge, bar, dining room, and a luxury private dining area.

Restaurant Orsay is one of the Best Restaurants in Jacksonville for a perfect and peaceful dining, their staff and environment is friendly and relaxed. So there is no doubt left that you should make reservations at Restaurant Orsay.

Salt Life Food Shack

At Beach seafood is needed. Salt Life Food Shack restaurant in Jacksonville is a place that provides a variety of seafood; their menu also includes burgers, sushi and tacos. During your visit at this restaurant there is one thing that you must try is their shrimps. The location of the restaurant is perfect. You will have a beautiful view of the ocean while having your meal. T With quality food this will surely lift your spirit to the sky.

Salt Life Food Shack Best Restaurants in Jacksonville

They also have Hawaiian wings, avocado fries, and New England clam chowder as their side dishes and the fact that people love them the most. For people who want to enjoy raw food, this pleasant restaurant also provides sushi rolls. This restaurant is not so expansive and it is also only 2 blocks away from the beautiful Jacksonville beach. According to your choice they will provide you Asian, Spanish or Season if that you want.

Black Sheep

Black Sheep is an Modern American eatery Restaurant in Jacksonville offering delightful dishes according to seasonal and local ingredients. The majority of the dishes served at this restaurant are made by using meat, fish and dairy products. These are supplied from farms and suppliers all around Florida and neighboring Georgia. Some of the popular dishes that Black Sheep serves are Short rib, salmon and chicken ballotine.

At Black Sheep restaurant rooftop bar you can have special drinks or a craft beer while taking in the stunning views of Jacksonville’s various neighborhoods like Riverside, City Center and the St. John’s River. You can visit Black Sheep Restaurant for a delightful brunch during the day or later for dinner and drinks. With beautiful scenery it’s in the Best Restaurants in Jacksonville for dining.

Matthew’s Restaurant

Matthew’s Restaurant is located in the center of the San Marco and also its just a few minutes drive from the City center of Jacksonville. This restaurant serves delicious French and Mediterranean dishes cooked from fresh ingredients and the best chefs.

Matthew's Restaurant

With a beautiful peaceful environment Matthew’s Restaurant is a perfect place to have a family and friends dinner. Their peaceful environment is also a perfect place for a business discussion. You can come into this restaurant in casual dress.

Matthew’s Restaurant gives you a variety of creatively prepared dishes like Grove Farm Lamb Loin, Air-Dried Duck Breast and Maine Diver Scallops. Your taste buds will be delighted with these delicious dishes. They all are made from combining fresh and aromatic ingredients.

Their menu is diverse with a lot of American, Asian and French dishes. It doesn’t matter if you are visiting this restaurant for the first time or if you are a regular customer, Matthew’s restaurant’s taste and serving will never disappoint you.

They also have a beautiful collection of wine that they serve with their wide menu. Your visit will be empty without their amazing dessert options, so don’t leave the place without enjoying their delightful desert from one of the Best Restaurants in Jacksonville..

Bottom Line

To sum up, if you are looking for perfect dining or a romantic date point then these Best Restaurants in Jacksonville are calling you! This city has a lot of famous cultural restaurants in every neighborhood. You can enjoy delicious French, Italian, Japanese, Modern American cuisine in these Best Restaurants in Jacksonville. The best thing about these restaurants is that with the beautiful view of the ocean and restaurant interior you will have a peace of mind. This beautiful environment makes these restaurants the best place for Couple Dates.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which restaurant in Jacksonville is most popular?

The most famous and the Best Restaurants in Jacksonville is none other than Restaurant Orsay. During your visit to Jacksonville you will hear about this restaurant from lots of foodie which will make you wonder what is special about this place. This restaurant has a diverse menu and the most popular and ordered dishes at this restaurant is Scallop Crudo.

What food is Jacksonville famous for?

In Jacksonville, the most famous food is Gullah Geechee/Lowcountry. Don’t worry, not just garlic crabs, there are also other Gullah Geechee cuisine Served in Jacksonville. In Jacksonville, you can find Salmon patties, Hoppin’ John, shrimp and grits, seafood boil, various rice dishes, she-crab soup and barbecue.

How much is the price of food in Jacksonville Florida?

The residents of Jacksonville on average spend $77 per day on food but the meal prices vary greatly. According to recent tourists’ spending an average restaurant meal in Jacksonville cost $31 per person.