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Restaurants in Downtown Sarasota Florida: Delicious Dining

Restaurants in Downtown Sarasota Florida

Sarasota is a beachfront city full of beautiful views, culture and amazing restaurants offering delicious cuisines. This spirited city with numerous eateries, antique stores, boutiques, coffee shops and galleries is a real treat for visitors. You will have real fun by walking along the main street. This city will never disappoint you when it comes to food. Restaurants in Downtown Sarasota Florida are perfect for individuals who are seeking Sunday brunch, bar hopping and lunch with family or friends.

From Vietnamese to French there’s something extraordinary for every palate in downtown Sarasota. Here you will find authentic Italian eateries, atmospheric local spots with absolutely every type of cuisine you can imagine. From smoky southern barbecue to fresh seafood and oysters on the half shell. Restaurants in Sarasota Florida serve many different cuisines and experiences.

Top 5 Restaurants in Downtown Sarasota Florida

If you are looking for top notch restaurant to dine in Downtown Sarasota Florida then hold on to this page. We organized a list of Top 5 Best Restaurants in Downtown Sarasota Florida.

  • Selva Downtown Sarasota
  • Owens Fish Camp
  • Lila
  • Boca Sarasota
  • The Overton

Selva Downtown Sarasota

Selva Downtown Sarasota specializes in Peruvian food and is a hit spot for dinner and drinks. This restaurant is a perfect place for a suave evening out. It features a dim dining room pulsing with vivid lights and a rich lounge with one of the best happy hour menus. If you are looking for a true downtown Sarasota scene with immense energy, then this restaurant is ideal. Its extensive ceviche menu and cavalcade of small plates are quintessential for splitting with friends.

Selva Downtown Sarasota is also a rarity in that it offers a late night menu as well. From classic dirty martinis to skirt steak that oozes in South American flavor. Selva does it right time and time again with satisfying bites. This restaurant boasts one of the area’s coolest environments with flavors.

Owens Fish Camp

This restaurant is located in downtown Sarasota’s artsy Burns Court area. Owens Fish Camp is known for its more laid back atmosphere and best seafood served in a rowdy Old Florida shack. Dine at a true fish camp with paper menus and wood garbed walls. It is one of the best Restaurants in Downtown Sarasota Florida where food speaks for itself. There are no frills at Owens and food is done to perfection. Here boisterous conversation is soundtracked by a live band in the backyard.

You will love their “Naked Fish” menu dressed with either the brown butter Hollandaise or lemon caper butter. Complement your food with sides such as collard greens and the succotash. Opt for a woodfired grill and a la carte menu items on the weekends. If you are lucky enough you may even catch a swinging bluegrass performance. Don’t forget to take a pic on the tire swing out back.


If you are looking for a vegan option in Downtown Sarasota then head toward Lila. In recent years this restaurant has changed the face of Sarasota dining. Downtown Sarasota had been home to a few vegan, vegetarian and even raw restaurants. Opened in 2016 Lila pushed vegetables to the vanguard of Sarasota menus. It focuses on a healthy, organic vegetable essential menu.

Restaurants in Downtown Sarasota Florida

Lila’s zingy Burmese bowl will leave you guzzling up the residue of its curry coconut broth. Their vegetarian friendly menu includes Korean rice bowl, sweet potato curry bowl, med bowl and mushroom spider roll. Lila proved that Sarasota was finally ready to embrace meat free delicious cuisine.

Boca Sarasota

Boca Sarasota is known for serving traditional American cuisine. It is a very lively and attractive spot in Downtown Sarasota Florida. This restaurant is renowned for their craft cocktails and delicious dishes. On any particular day you can seize a seat at the bar for cheerful conversation with beer. You can also enjoy a glass of crafted cocktail outside overlooking Lemon Avenue.

Their menu features locally sourced fresh farm to table ingredients. Dine in for brunch menu on the weekends or simply enjoy their lunch and dinner on any particular day of the week. This eatery creatively includes seasonal veggies into their specials for an exciting take on authentic American cuisine. Their menu includes zucchini fries, market fish, grilled gulf oysters and spiced chicken.

The Overton

This eatery at Rosemary Square is a casual, open air restaurant that personifies the spirit of the neighborhood. The Overton has one of Sarasota’s best build outs. It is all exposed concrete with counter service in an open air setting. Its courtyard is dotted with metal and wood tables, hanging plants, dangling lights and palm trees. This restaurant is always buzzing with young entrepreneurs and businessmen who work remotely.

Here you’ll connect with Sarasota’s younger crowd over cappuccinos and healthy nosh. This lively indoor/outdoor eatery is popular for its trendy bites, light lunches, craft cocktails and beer. They serve one of Sarasota’s greatest burgers, fried chicken sandwiches and much more.

Bottom Line

Restaurants in Downtown Sarasota Florida offer casual and fine dining options with entertainment. In Downtown Sarasota Florida you will find dining locales to budget friendly and laid back restaurants. Although most of the cuisine available at these restaurants is seafood but it is prepared in a variety of ways to give you nice flavors. Besides seafood you’ll also find classic American, Mexican and authentic Italian cuisines as well. There are several restaurants serving vegan and vegetarian options to Sarasota’s residents. From steakhouses to fresh seafood and salads these restaurants are blessed with amazing flavors and fantastic dining options.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do any of these restaurants in Downtown Sarasota Florida require reservation?

Reservation usually depends on the type of restaurant and time of the year. Some of the most famous restaurants may require reservation. It mostly happens during their peak season. So it’s always better to call a head and check.

Do these restaurants in Downtown Sarasota Florida also serve vegan options?

Yes, most of these restaurants also serve vegetarian food as well. If you are more cognizant about your diet then must check their for specifics.

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