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Top 3 BEST Restaurants: Places to Eat in Dunedin 2023

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Dunedin is a beautiful small city in Florida which is famous for its sandy beaches and pine trees. By the 2021 census Dunedin city has only 35,949 population. Even with this population you will find many Restaurants in Dunedin Florida. From modern to classic Dunedin has everything. Not like other cities where there is one food street where you will have many restaurants, Dunedin has restaurants throughout the city. American cuisine in this city tastes like no other city. With beautiful environment you will have a great time dining in these restaurants.

Restaurants in Dunedin Florida have a wide variety of cuisine in their menus. From breakfast, lunch to dinner, the food scene in Dunedin is wide. This city has everything for foodie from seafood to other cuisine you will have a lot to try. Food in Dunedin restaurants is made from fresh ingredients and fish is taken from local fishermens. They never compromise on their quality of food as it’s their most important asset. Restaurants located near its beautiful beaches give a beautiful environment to guests. For now there are many restaurants in Dunedin but we are here to give you information about the best restaurants in Dunedin Florida.

Top 3 Restaurants in Dunedin Florida

To have fun with your friends and family in the beautiful environment of beaches you should visit these restaurants in Dunedin Florida:

Lucky Lobster Co

Lucky Lobster Co is the highest rated and most popular in Dunedin Florida. They are known for their premium taste and elegant dining environment. It is a Seafood restaurant providing great taste to the community. Irish immigrant Morans have always had a dream to achieve something big and luck was also on their side. With fresh ingredients and creative mind, Morans developed many dishes with their passion. They first opened in New York City. in the year of 1957 but they decided to bring their delicious taste to Dunedin. The day they landed in Dunedin they have made a reputation of serving the best. They have named themselves in top restaurants in Dunedin Florida.

Lucky Lobster Co Restaurants in Dunedin Florida

With the beauty and hospitality of Dunedin locals they felt like they had found their new home. Their love for city is reflected in their delicious dishes. You will have New England style dining in this restaurant. The staff here is friendly and always try to suggest you best. They serve all brunch, lunch and dinners to their guests. Some of the most favorite dishes at this restaurant are Lobster Tacos, Calamari, Lobster Cobb and more. Do have some drinks with your friends in their Clam Bar. This restaurant is the best place to have the best seafood dishes with your friends and family.

Island Way Grill

Seafood is quite famous in Florida and so do in its cities. Island Way Grill is a famous seafood restaurant in Dunedin Florida. They know everything about fish, from best fish to catch to serve they have mastered in everything. This restaurant has their own fishing boats. They regularly go to the middle grounds to catch the best fishes like mahi, snapper, tuna and others to their guests. All other ingredients are also fresh. You won’t have to wait much as they provide fast service to their guests. Their fast service also makes this restaurant famous among locals.

They serve quality grilled dishes to customers. All of their cooking techniques are based on giving taste and flavor. To have that delicious taste they cook with oak and citrus fired open pits at high temperature. This makes their meals delicious and also leaves the taste of smoke in dishes. With fresh ingredients they also use high quality seasonal herbs. Food and sauces available at Island Way Grill are also hand prepared. You also have a wide selection of oysters served in their peaceful environment. Their professional chefs also add varied assortment of daily specials to make customers interested in their menu.

Ocean Hai

Dine in Ocean Hai to have the best experience of Asian-fusion cuisine in Dunedin Florida. Each dish prepared in this restaurant shows the passion of their chefs. Their taste will awaken your taste buds to experience something delicious. Ocean Hai dishes with asian techniques and serves dishes made from seafood, beef and chef crafted sushi. At their fresh raw bar you can have a drink with your friends. Every dish served in this restaurant has its own style and flavor.

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The speciality of this restaurant is to make Asian dishes from classic American techniques to give the best flavor to their guests. They also serve a delicious chef’s tasting menu to their customers. Each dish at Ocean Hai is made from fresh ingredients. Ocean Hai manu is made by Executive Sous Chef Nana Darkwah. So each dish has its own value and flavor. Some of their famous dishes are Gulf Grouper, Fried Brussel Sprouts and Crab Rangoon. They also serve beer, cocktails or a bottle of wine with their dishes to have a complete meal experience.


To sum up, you will find lots of restaurants in Dunedin Florida. From american, seafood to other cuisine you will have all kinds of food in these restaurants. Seafood is popular in Dunedin just like the other cities of Florida. From Lobster Tacos, Calamari, Gulf Grouper to Fried Brussel Sprouts and Crab Rangoon you will have a lot to try in this city. They also serve variety of beer, cocktails or a bottle of wine with their menu.

These restaurants give a beautiful environment to their customers. The restaurants closer to their beaches make the environment so beautiful that you will wish to visit the restaurant again. The staff in these restaurants are highly friendly and they always try to provide you best. With number of seafood and other dishes, beer and an elegant environment restaurants in Dunedin are best to visit with family.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does Dunedin have good restaurants?

Dunedin doesn’t have as large a population as other Florida cities but they have variety of cuisine served in their restaurants. Dunedin is a home of seafood restaurants and apart from seafood these restaurants also serve other cuisine with beer and wines.

What is special about Dunedin Florida?

Dunedin is a beautiful city and known for its beautiful sandy beaches, seafood dishes and natural parks. There is also a lot to do in its charming and active downtown. You can discover and learn about history, visit beaches and do a lot of stuff in this small city.

What are the best restaurants in Dunedin Florida?

You will find number of restaurants in this small city ut some of the best are:

  • Lucky Lobster Co
  • Ocean Hai
  • Island Way Grill