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Indian Restaurants in Naples Florida: Flavors & Ambience

Indian restaurants in Naples Florida

Indian restaurants in Naples Florida are best to have dinner with desi family or friends. All the food available in these restaurants are made from fresh materials and special traditional spices called “masalas.” Taken by authorized dealers these masalas gives best traditional taste to dishes being served.

The interior of these restaurants has traditional indian themes. From old class being held on ceilings to art on walls they will give you authentic indian environment in their premises. Their staff are super friendly and always try to help you in any situation. From traditional Greek to indian all kind s of cultural restaurants are available in this beautiful city.

You can have a great meal in these after visiting attraction points like Naples Pier, Naples Zoo at Caribbean Gardens, Naples Botanical Garden and more. This city has lot to give you can have private charter tour or electric trike tour to explore this city.

But this city has number of indian restaurants and you cant dine in all at once so we are here to talk about the best indian restaurants in this city.

Top 3 Indian Restaurants in Naples Florida

Best thing you can have with your indian friends is dining with desi friends or family in indian restaurants. These restaurants will make them remember their days in their homeland. To gather some great memories here is the best Indian Restaurants in Naples Florida:

I Love Curry

I Love Curry is one of the most popular indian restaurants in naples florida which is known for its great taste in their traditional dishes. They have made their name in restaurant industry by serving authentic indian food to their customers. For their incredible taste they have also been voted in Gulfshore Magazine “2022 Best Kept Secret Restaurant in Collier County.”

Indian maslas

The environment in this restaurant is calm and friendly, place is clean and friendly to people of all ages making it one of the best restaurant to visit with your family.

Menu and Dishes

They have two menu one is food truck menu and other one is carting menu. Both of their menus are filled with number of traditional indian dishes. In starters you’ll going to have samosa and then you will be served with main dishes. Some of the best main dishes in this indian restaurant are:

  • Chicken, Shrimp or Lamb Korma
  • Mom’s Lamb Curry
  • Homemade Beef Meatball Curry with whatever sauce you choose
  • Chicken, Shrimp, Lamb Tikka Masala

All of their main dishes serve in this restaurant come with Basmati Rice and Naan Bread. You can also have a lot of vegeterian dishes from their menu and they also have desserts like, Gulab Jamun, Rasmalai, Mango Lassi and more in their menu.

Le Indya Naples

Le Indya Naples is a place in naples where you will have authentic indian food in traditional environment. Their professional chefs prepare traditional indian and time to time come up with new idea to have something new. From vegetarian to non vegetarian and spicy to non spicy all kinds of indian food is available in this restaurant.

Menu and Dishes

You will find number of vegan and non vegan dishes in Le Indya Naples’s menu. And all of the dishes available will have a unique and flavorful taste. Both vegan and non vegan starters are served according to customers demand. There is also a special kids menu available so your kids can have meal with you without any objection. Some of the best dishes Le Indya Naples are:

  • Kashmiri Lamb Chops
  • Kerala Chicken Curry
  • Biriyani
  • Prawn Manchurian

They also have variety of naan and seafood specialities available in their menu. In dessert they have rasmalai,
carrot halwa, gulab jamun, kulfi ice cream and more. They also have lassi, soda and more in drinks.

Aroma Indian Cuisine

Founded in 2021 Aroma Indian Cuisine has been making its name with their motto to create something fascinating with the help of their professional chefs. The enthusiasm and commitment in the staff and chefs of this indian restaurant will show you why they grew big in such a short period of time.

With picking your favorite recipes and combining with the touch of art this restaurants has made amazing leisure food. The atmosphere of this restaurant is brilliant and both outdoor and indoor seating available. The staff and environment is friendly and taste of dishes making it one of the best Indian restaurants in Naples Florida.

Menu and Dishes

Their menu is diverse and the dishes are also delicious just like the place. This restaurant serve both vegan or non vegan appatizers and you can have soups and salads in their indian menu. They also have different kinds of naan, rice and sides available in this restaurants. Some of the most famous and delicious dishes in Aroma Indian Cuisine’s menu are:

indian traditional food

  • Chicken kadai
  • Fish curry
  • Lamb Seekh Kebab
  • Vegetable chettinad
  • Hakka noodles chicken

In dessert you will have mango cupcake, mango kulfi, gajar ka halva, rice pudding and more. Aroma Indian Cuisine also gives place for events where you can reserve tables to any kind of gathering.


To sum up, Indian restaurants in Naples Florida have a lot to give to its community. From classic indian dishes to dining in traditional environment you will have all in these indian restaurants. Whether r you are vegan or noon vegan youu can dine in these restaurants as they serve both vegan and non vegan food. From baryani to Chicken kadai and Kashmiri Lamb Chops these restaurants serve all kinds of indian food.

Indian restaurants in Naples Florida

The atmosphere at these restaurants are also traditional where you would have strong nostalgia. The staff at these restaurants are friendly and service is also fast. The professional chefs at these restaurants make dishes from special masalas and fresh ingredients to give the best taste. Overall, these indian restaurants in naples are best to have a dinner with family.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does Naples Florida has good Indian Restaurants?

Naples Florida is known for its diverse culture and amazing traditional restaurants and sure it also has number of best Indian restaurants. From baryani to Chicken kadai and Kashmiri Lamb Chops these restaurants serve all kinds of indian food. Whether you are vegan or noon vegan you can dine in these restaurants as they serve both vegan and non vegan food.

What are the best Indian Restaurants in Naples Florida?

These are some of the best Indian restaurants in Naples Florida who are known for their authentic taste and traditional environment:

  • Le Indya Naples
  • I Love Curry
  • Aroma Indian Cuisine
  • 21 Spices by Chef Asif
  • Passage to India Naples