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Best Italian Restaurants in Naples Florida: Authentic Italian Dining

Naples is a city to explore and it doesn’t matter if you are tourist or resident. This beautiful city has something for everyone all you need to do is to walk out and look at all the amazing places around the city.

And if we are to talk food and restaurants then you will have all kinds of cuisines. Not like other cities you will find restaurants in every corner of this city.

All of food served here are made of natural and fresh ingredients. So you don’t need to worry about your health and eat openly.

If we are here for italian restaurants in naples florida then we got you. Here in this article we will provide you some of the best italian restaurants for best dining experience.

Italian Restaurants in Naples Florida

To have authentic food then you must visit these italian restaurants in naples florida. They serve authentic food in their friendly environment.


Campiello has made their name to the community of naples by their authentic taste and flavors. They serve some of the best rustic and contemporary Italian food all made by their professional chefs.

Italian Restaurants in Naples Florida

The reason it is famous is not only their traditional taste but also because of their beautiful and luxury environment. Campiello is best to celebrate special occasions like romantic dates.

Menu and Dishes

Talk about their menu then you sure have some great options for your dining. Their dishes are also easy on your budget so must dine in best Italian Restaurants in Naples Florida.

Some of the best dishes that you should try in this restaurant are:

  • Balsamic Glazed Short Ribs
  • Wood-fired pizzas
  • Spaghetti Alla Chitarra
  • Balsamic-glazed Beef

Their menu changes from time to time which open diverse choices for their customers. At the end of your meal do try their special cocktail or glass of wine.

Alberto’s on Fifth

Alberto’s on Fifth serves some of the best local dishes that you would normally find in streets of Italy.

So if you are someone who has been in Italy and wants to try some of the best local dishes then this restaurant is waiting for you.

The interior of restaurant is also decorated beautifully which makes this restaurant.

Menu and Dishes

The chef at Alberto’s on Fifth himself came from Torino and bring taste of many traditional dishes with itself. His dishes is a great reflection of Piedmont as it taste almost exactly like it.

Italian Restaurants in Naples Florida

Some of the dishes that you should try in this italian restaurantsin naples florida:

  • Taglierini ai Funghi con Salsiccia
  • Ravioli ricotta e spinaci
  • Risotto, allo Zafferano con Ossobuco Brasato
  • Raviolini di Vitello ai Funghi Porcini e Olio al Tartufo

The dishes here are all known to be cooked in traditional style so do have a loook at this restaurant

Osteria Tulia

Osteria Tulia is made from restored Italian farmhouse and it is one of the few Italian restaurants in Naples Florida that serve food all made from authentic traditional recipes.

The interior of this restaurant also gives pleasant vibes to their customers as it is made from the guidance of chef Vincenzo to show the informal village vibes.

Menu and Dishes

With italian american dishes are also served in this restaurant. The quality of their dishes will tell you why this restaurant is one of the best Italian Restaurants in Naples Florida.

All of the dishes are made from fresh and healthy ingredients. Some of the best dishes here are:

  • Homemade ricotta
  • Bucatini Cacio e Pepe
  • Pan Roasted Game Hen
  • Roasted Fingerling Potatoes

Sunday brunch is also available in this restaurant and their crafted cocktails is quite famous among visitors so do try it.

La Trattoria

We have talked enough about other dishes now it time to talk about pizzas. Italian pizza is famous all over the world but there are only some rare places from where you will have authentic taste of italian pizzas.

Well La Trattoria is here in naples to give you the taste of Neapolitan kind of pizzas. The taste of their pizzas and environment is so good that it is considered as “Travelers Best Everyday Dining “ nationally.

Menu and Dishes

As we already said this restaurant is famous for its authentic italian style pizzas. But this is not it. They also serve variety of other italian dishes.

Somme of the best dishes at La Trattoria are:

  • cannellont ricotta
  • margerita pizza
  • baccalla fritto
  • ai funghi
  • pollo marsala

Their pizzas are made of pillowy wood-charred crust and dough which gives perfect taste so don’t you miss out this from your dining option.

MOLTO trattoria

If you are done with fancy dining and want to try something casual and it has to be italian then MOLTO trattoria is best option for you.

Italian Restaurants in Naples Florida

It is one of the best Italian Restaurants in Naples Florida to have casual dining with family. The environment at this restaurant is quite and peaceful where people of all ages can have dining.

Menu and Dishes

MOLTO trattoria is known for its delicious italian dishes which are all made from fresh ingredients. You will never get bored form trying their different dishes.

Some of the best dishes to try in this italian restaurant are:

  • homemade tajarin
  • spaghetti carbonara
  • pasta shape with a squared edge
  • gnocchi alla Sorrentina


To sum up, Italian Restaurants in Naples Florida have great traditional taste. They serve authentic italian dishes all made from fresh ingredients.

Their chefs always come up with new recipes or give authentic taste of traditional to their dishes. Dining in these restaurants will give you experience like you are having meals in Italy.

The environment their is also suitable for everyone and the prices are also suitable which makes them even more popular.

All kinds of italian dishes like pasta, pizzas and ricotta are served at these restaurants so do have a look at these with family to make some memories.

Frequently Asked Questions

What food is famous in Naples?

Many dishes and food items are famous in Naples. But some of the most famous food and dishes in this cultural city are:

  • Neapolitan pizza
  • Spaghetti alle vongole
  • Pasta e fagioli
  • Pesce crudo
  • Sfogliatella and more.

What is Naples Florida best known for?

Naples is a city of diverse culture and you can see it in the streets of this city. You will find everything in this city but some of the most famous things naples is known for are its luxury shopping, arts and culture. You will also find beautiful dining options in this city with number of wildlife to explore.

What are top Italian Restaurants in Naples Florida?

Here are the most famous and top italian restaurants where you should dine:

  • Campiello
  • La Trattoria
  • Alberto’s on Fifth
  • Osteria Tulia
  • MOLTO trattoria

For More Italian Food in Florida: