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Seafood Restaurants in Jacksonville Florida

seafood dishes

Are you looking for fresh Seafood Restaurants in Jacksonville Florida? You are at the right door. Jacksonville is known for its unique flavors, including local seafood and tourism. This is the best place where you can enjoy delicious seafood with your loved ones.

You can discover something to your liking at these restaurants because they all have their special food, cuisine, and the best atmosphere. Jacksonville has something for everyone, from fine restaurants to casual shacks, when it comes to seafood restaurants.

List of Best Seafood Restaurants

For your upcoming adventure in the world of food, we have provided you with a selection of the fine dining that Jacksonville, FL has to offer. You can find the best seafood restaurants in Jacksonville Florida that will fulfill your seafood cravings, whether you want fresh fish or delectable crab.

Julington Creek Fish Camp

Ben and Liza have built an impressive network of “fish-camp” restaurants in Jacksonville, Florida, the newest of which is Julington Creek Fish Camp. In a friendly and beautiful atmosphere, visitors may relax and interact. Outdoor dining at Julington Creek Fish Camp is highly recommended because it offers beautiful views River.

There is a wide variety of seafood dishes, including the day’s fresh catch, the chef’s steak, spicy linguine, and a seafood platter. Fresh fish from Florida can be cooked in a way that reflects the culture and flavor of the South.

grilled assorted seafood
Seafood platter

The Juicy Crab

Juicy Crab is one of the finest seafood restaurants in Jacksonville. Here fresh and finest seafood is available. It is famous for its delicious crab meals. The restaurant’s popularity comes from its excellent seafood and welcoming service.

Fresh, locally-sourced ingredients and spices give each meal a unique taste. It serves shrimp, lobster, and other seafood. Have a tasty dinner at The Juicy Crab.

freshly cooked lobster

Bonefish Grill

It is a popular Jacksonville seafood restaurant and offers a wide selection of food and drinks, and it also offers the best delivery services. Fish, scallops, shrimp, and crab are just some of the seafood dishes available here. The restaurant also serves non-seafood dishes like steak, chicken, and pasta. It’s often busy at peak times, so you must book first before coming.

pasta plate

Marker 32

Jacksonville, FL is home to the seafood restaurant Marker 32. It is one of the top-rated seafood restaurants in Jacksonville. The restaurant’s location on the Intracoastal Waterway ensures that visitors may enjoy pleasant views of the water while dining.

Blackened fish, grilled shrimp, fried oysters, and seared scallops are just a few of the local seafood dishes that can be found at Marker 32. You can order chicken, steak, or even a vegetarian meal here.

salmon steak

The Blue Fish

Jacksonville’s Blue Fish Restaurant serves delicious seafood. Classic decorations make the restaurant pleasant and welcoming. It offers fresh seafood dishes for everyone. Sashimi, sushi, nigiri, bento boxes, grilled salmon, and fish tacos, are just some of the many seafood options at this restaurant.

steak salmon grilled
Grilled salmon

It is an excellent choice for a casual lunch, a romantic dinner, or a comfortable night out with friends.


All in all, it is a city whose seafood is renowned, here you may enjoy the different flavors while enjoying a warm southern welcome and seeing outstanding creativity. You can find a wide variety of seafood restaurants in Jacksonville Florida which is perfect for any occasion.

Seafood restaurant
Seafood restaurant

It offers a high-quality dining experience at a reasonable price. If you are a seafood lover, make it a point to visit one of Jacksonville’s many restaurants that specialize in seafood; you won’t be let down.


Is seafood well-known in Jacksonville?

Yes, its seafood is well-known. You must try the city’s finest meals while you’re here.

Is it costly to live in Jacksonville?

Jacksonville’s cost of living is 6% cheaper than the national average, with housing 8% lower and utilities 4% higher. Jacksonville rent-free is 27.4% cheaper than Seattle. Jacksonville is often affordable.

Which seafood is the most well-liked?

Shrimp, clams, and tuna are the most well-liked seafood in United State.

Can bookings be made at Julington Creek Fish Camp?

Yes, it is possible to make a reservation by selecting a date, time, and the number of people in your group.