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Naples Florida Restaurant Guide: Exquisite Dining

Naples Florida Restaurant

If you are a foodie and looking to try something new and different in this beautiful city then naples florida restaurants are best for you. We are here to talk about the best restaurants in naples. Naples has a diverse culture and all kinds of cuisines are available in this city.

There are lot to be served in naples restaurant and i am sure you will find something unique of your taste. This city is made for foodie. Whether you are looking to have some seafood or want to try something classic this city has each and everything for you.

The city is connected to water so its so obvious that you are going to have some of the best and fresh seafood in your life. All the ingredients they use are freshly taken from market everyday. None of the less every cuisine served in these restaurants has something unique in its own.

You can also visit number of places in Naples and do things like fishing, sight dolphins or something more exciting that you explore the city on your own. While you explore the city do have a look at the beautiful sunset view from Gulf of Mexico.

Best Naples Florida Restaurant

Naples is the perfect place for foodie. Food scene here is so diverse that you will get to try something new in every corner. All kinds of cuisines are available in this city but we are going to talk about some of the best Naples Florida Restaurant where you will have a complete dining experience.

Cove Inn Coffee Shoppe

Going to talk about naples florida restaurant so why not start with best Breakfast restaurant in Naples. Cove Inn Coffee Shoppe has been serving delicious breakfast to the community of naples for over 40 years. If you are looking for a place to have a best start of your day then this place is meant for you.

Breakfast Restaurants in Naples Florida

It’s more than just a regular coffee shop its a classic american breakfast restaurant that will give old people a great nostalgia. Not just classic you will also have a great modern american breakfast dishes in their calm and peaceful environment. The staff at Cove Inn Coffee Shoppe is friendly and food is suitable.

Menu and Dishes

If you are looking to have best classic breakfast then you must visit Cove Inn Coffee Shoppe. They have all the classic dishes in their menu which they serve with delicate manner. Some of the best breakfast dishes from this family owned restaurant are:

  • barge breakfast burrito
  • delicious pancakes
  • landlubber’s omelets
  • fishermen’s folly

Le Indya Naples

Le Indya Naples is an indian restaurant in naples which is famous among indian and asian community. They served authentic indian food in their traditional environment.

Their professional chefs has a great taste on traditional indian dishes plus they also come up with new idea to have something new for their customers. From vegetarian, non vegetarian, spicy to non spicy Le Indya Naples has all ready for their customers.

Menu and Dishes

Their menu is distributed equally with vegan and non vegan dishes to have their customers full variety on both ends. They use desi and unique maslas to give you the best taste.

All of their dishes, sides and drinks have some traditional taste in it. Although they have have everything but they still have added kids meal in their menu so they don’t left out. Some of the best dishes available Le Indya Naples are:

  • Biriyani
  • Kerala Chicken Curry
  • Kashmiri Lamb Chops
  • Prawn Manchurian


With their dishes they serve special nan to fill your creaving. And when we talk about desserts they also have number of great dishes in dessert like rasmalai, gulab jamun, gajar halwa, kulfi and more. In drinks they serve Soda and lassi.

Golden Leaf Restaurant

Golden Leaf Restaurant serve one of the best chinese cuisine in naples. Not only they serve chinese but they also have number of japanese dishes in their diverse menu. Above all the prices of dishes at this restaurant is suitable.

The taste of their asian dishes speaks for itself. They provide beautiful and calming environment with family friendly environment. The interior and decor of this restaurant is so mesmerizing that you will surely going to admire it a lot. This is one of the best Naples Florida Restaurant to visit with family.

Menu and Dishes

With a great interior and decor Golden Leaf Restaurant also serve delicious food to their precious customers. From nicely cooked BBQ to fried prawns and crab rangoon all kinds of chinese dishes are available in this restaurant.

One of the most unique and famous dish from this restaurant that is famous among locals and tourists is their special Biscuits. All of chinese dishes are fresh and are healthy for your body. Some of the best chinese dishes served at Golden Leaf:

  • tempura
  • chow mein
  • teriyaki
  • rice noodles
  • tofu and vegetables

They also have a great collections of wines that fits with their dishes.


To sum up, Naples Florida Restaurants has variety of food options available. From korean, italian, chinese to indian you will have all kinds of cuisines in this city. Whether you are looking for vegan or non vegan naples restaurants will provide you all.

All their dishes are made with fresh ingredients to give best taste and take best care of your health. With authentic traditional recipes these restaurants give the best flavor to their dishes.

The interior of these restaurants are beautiful and most of traditional restaurants are themed according to their cultures. These restaurants have friendly staff and fast service so its never too late to visit these restaurants with friends and family.

Frequently Asked Questions

What food is Naples Florida known for?

There should be no surprise to say that the most famous dishes in naples are seafood. The city is closer to ocean and so they provide fresh seafood to their customers. Apart from seafood this city is also known for italian cuisine.

What are some of the best dishes to eat in Naples?

Naples has number of dishes serving in different restaurants but some of the best dishes that you should eat in naples are:

  • Salmon
  • Steak
  • Florida Clams
  • Classic Crispy Fish Tacos

What are the best Naples Florida Restaurants?

These are some of the top rated and best Naples Florida Restaurant:

  • Panda Pavillion Chinese Restaurant
  • Chinatown Restaurant
  • Szechuan Chinese Restaurant & Lounge
  • Golden Leaf Restaurant
  • Hunan Chinese Restaurant

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