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Uncover Top 5 Nice Restaurants in Orlando Florida

unique places to eat in orlando

Orlando Florida is a home to diverse peoples and its dining scene reflects this diversity. There are a lot of nice restaurants in Orlando that offer a wide range of tasty food options.

The city’s restaurants cover a wide spectrum serving everything including international street food, fresh seafood and Michelin starred cuisine.

Nice Restaurants in Orlando

When you think of Orlando, you might picture theme parks and other beautiful places. Orlando is indeed home to fantastic attractions but its food scene offers much more than that.

Today it is a diverse hub of various cuisines and you just need to know some of the nice restaurants in Orlando to start. In this city you can savor everything including flavorful street tacos, Michelin starred ramen, freshly made pasta and Cuban sandwiches.

So after you’ve had your fill of theme park adventures it is the perfect time to taste the delicious food of the best restaurants in Orlando Florida. You can find multiple excellent dining options within the theme parks.

Visiting the city’s diverse and tasty restaurant scene is undoubtedly one of the top things to do in Orlando Florida.

Top 5 Nice Restaurants in Orlando

These are the top 5 nice restaurants in Orlando you should check out.

  1. Soseki
  2. Otto’s High Dive
  3. Domu
  4. Christner’s Prime Steak & Lobster
  5. Highball & Harvest

1. Soseki

Soseki Nice Restaurants in Orlando
Soseki Nice Restaurants in Orlando

There are other restaurants in Orlando offering excellent omakase menus but Soseki sets itself apart with a relaxed and personal approach. Here the chefs not only prepare exquisite dishes but also share the story behind each of the 18 courses much like they might discuss their own family or talented relatives.

What makes Soseki unique is that they never repeat menu items ensuring each visit is a fresh experience. For example one day you might eat chawanmushi with Cape Canaveral shrimp while on another visit you could enjoy saba with battered kombu.

If you are interested in trying Soseki at a more affordable price point consider their Saturday lunch which offers a condensed tasting menu consisting of six courses along with seasonal Japanese inspired sides.

It is a great way to experience their culinary craftsmanship without the full omakase experience.

2. Otto’s High Dive

When you visit Otto’s you are in for some fantastic drinks. It is a rum bar located in the Milk District. They offer a diverse selection of over 30 cocktails and some favorites. You can try the liquid guava pastelito with mascarpone and an exceptional rum and coke made with homemade soda.

While the drinks are the best you should not miss out on their Cuban food options from their concise menu. Their ropa vieja is a stands out with prominent flavors of cinnamon and ancho pepper.

For dessert try their moist tres leches cake which has a delightful touch of orange zest. If you are lucky you might even witness a pig roasting on the patio.

Which they use for their medianoche sandwich which is a sweeter version of the classic cubano. Otto’s is a place where it is nearly impossible to have a bad time. If you grab a seat at the bar and watch the skilled and lively bartenders do their magic.

3. Domu


Domu has garnered significant attention in Orlando in recent years and is one of the most talked about restaurants in the area. It is one of the nice restaurants in Orlando that offer tasty food options.

This Michelin starred eatery is renowned for its house made noodles. Which are featured in nearly a dozen different dishes along with shareable plates such as Asian buns.

If you are looking for a delightful drink their happy hour offers a standout wasabi and ginger margarita. It is worth braving downtown Orlando’s rush hour traffic to enjoy.

It is important to note that Domu doesn’t take reservations and finding a seat in the small restaurant can be challenging especially during peak times like weekends. To ensure you get a table plan to arrive early and be prepared for a potential wait.

4. Christner’s Prime Steak & Lobster

Christner’s is all about providing upscale dining and you will feel it the moment you step inside. They take pride in aging and cutting their steaks in house making sure each one is fresh and made to order.

Their cold water lobster tails are carefully sourced from Australia and New Zealand and they handpick the finest seafood from local markets. On their menu you can taste premium options like USDA Prime Ribeye and USDA Porterhouse.

There are other tasty side dishes as well such as sautéed mushrooms, lobster macaroni & cheese and potatoes au gratin. If you are a wine enthusiast you will appreciate Christner’s extensive wine list boasting over 4500 bottles.

They also offer locally crafted whiskies, spirits and beer making it a well rounded dining option for all tastes.

5. Highball & Harvest

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Highball & Harvest situated at The Ritz Carlton Orlando pays homage to Orlando’s agricultural heritage. This farm to table restaurant specializes in dishes made from locally sourced ingredients obtained from nearby farms and the resort’s own organic garden.

You can look forward to a delightful selection of craft cocktails, an impressive wine list as well as beer and sparkling wine options. The restaurant’s entire menu is inspired by Southern cuisine so whether you are in the mood for fried chicken or BBQ bison ribs.

You will find everything here made with fresh ingredients. Be sure not to miss their smoked duck breast and crab cake served with fried green tomato.

They also offer homestyle side dishes known as “Fixins.” Highball & Harvest is a must visit to capture the essence of the region’s flavors and history.

Final Thoughts

Orlando has more to offer than just theme park food. There are many different kinds of restaurants here. Some are very fancy like Domu and others are simple and offer local flavors like Highball & Harvest.

No matter if you are visiting the theme parks or exploring the city. You can find delicious food to enjoy at these nice restaurants in Orlando. So if you love food, if you have a family or if you’re just visiting.

Orlando’s nice restaurants have something tasty for everyone. In these nice restaurants you can enjoy delicious food and a good time with family or friends.

These best restaurants offer special cocktails, unique dishes, fresh seafood and tasty desserts. You will find a wide variety of options to satisfy your cravings.

So if you are in Orlando don’t forget to visit these wonderful dining places for a memorable meal.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What types of cuisine can I expect at nice restaurants in Orlando?

Orlando’s nice restaurants offer a wide range of delicious cuisines. You can find American, Japanese, Cuban, Southern and more.

Do I need to make reservations at these nice restaurants in Orland?

It is a good idea to make reservations especially for popular restaurants to ensure you get a table at your preferred time.

Do these restaurants have vegetarian or vegan menu options?

Yes most of Orlando’s nice restaurants offer vegetarian and vegan menus to feed the health conscious people.