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Top Restaurants in Downtown Melbourne Florida | Dining Guide

Restaurants in Downtown Melbourne Florida

Restaurants in downtown Melbourne Florida serve supreme quality of food in their calm and luxurious environment. All kind of food variety is available in these restaurants. Their chefs always come up with new dishes ideas to give their regular customers something new. Whether you are looking for modern or classic dishes downtown Melbourne got you.

The atmosphere at these restaurants is suitable for people of all ages, their peaceful environment might fall asleep. Food they served at these restaurants is fresh and made from nutritious ingredients which is also good for your health. There will find number of things to do in downtown Melbourne Florida to have fun with family and friends.

You can visit exciting attractions like wickham park, park and garden, sebastian inlet state park and more. Or can make your mood to eat something good after having fun in these places in Melbourne Florida. There are number of restaurants in downtown Melbourne Florida but we are going to give you information some of the best restaurants to kill your hunger completely.

Top 3 Restaurants in Downtown Melbourne Florida

Downtown Melbourne Florida is a great place to dine and have fun with family and friends. To have best dining experience you should visit one of these restaurants in downtown Melbourne Florida:

Meg O’Malley’s Restaurant & Irish Pub

Meg O’Malley’s Restaurant & Irish Pub one of the most famous place in Melbourne Florida to have drinks with family and friends. This Irish pub catch the eye of customers by their bright red exterior, you can see their building from long distance.

Restaurants in Downtown Melbourne Florida

For over 23 years they have been serving delicious food and drinks in their incredible and peaceful environment. There are number of things you can enjoy with your friends in this place like enjoy a pint and pretzel, catch a game or have night out with your group.

Menu and Dishes

This place is known for their traditional Irish pub and its beautiful sitting facility of red backed booths and wooden tables. They have sunday brunches and a full english style breakfast for their guests.

They have different menus for different times like late night menu, sammy of the week, M.O.M lunch special and more. Some of the best dishes from Meg O’Malley’s Restaurant & Irish Pub are:

  • potato balls
  • shepherd’s pie
  • ploughman’s board
  • beef & guinness pie
  • shaved prime rib sliders

Live music is also played at this restaurant which makes it one of the best restaurants in downtown Melbourne Florida. They do have a great taste of bread pudding and other dessert dishes.

Crush XI

Located in the heart of downtown Melbourne Crush XI is famous for its contemporary eateries in their relaxing environment. Have brunch and dinner in their peaceful environment to gather some happy moments with your family.

Their tables has beautiful fresh flowers places that makes romantic environment for customers. You will also see beautiful plant related wall artwork on the walls of this restaurant. The lighting fixtures also hangs beautifully to make environment even more luxurious and peaceful.

Menu and Dishes

This restaurant not only just give luxurious environment but also serves delicious dishes. You will find many delicious dishes in Crush XI’s menu. Some of best dishes that you should try in their luxurious are:

  • smoked duck fettucini
  • crab cake benedict
  • french fry salad
  • peanut bomb chicken

Their chefs always try to have delicious flavor by mixing classic and modern recipes. Their service at Crush XI is also fast and friendly that makes it best for people for all ages.

La Crepe de France

La Crepe de France is a local family owned restaurant in downtown Melbourne Florida which is known to community for their delicious crepes. Open in 2016 this restaurant is serving quality breakfast, brunch and lunch to the community of this city.

If you are looking have quality breakfast in cozy environment then this restaurant is calling you. Like traditional french restaurants this restaurant also give outdoor seating with southern farm decor to have authentic french dining.

Menu and Dishes

With dishes and sweet made from fresh ingredients you will have best breakfast in this french restaurant. From coffee to salads and and full meal you will have all in La Crepe de France. You can have bacon harvati and cheese sandwich and classic french roll from these restaurants. Some of the most famous and liked dishes from their menu are:

  • sweet and savory crepes
  • galettes
  • sausage tomato
  • salada

In addition, they have wine or beer while you have a lively talk with friends. Coffee and espresso at La Crepe de France also taste delicious. From all restaurants in downtown Melbourne Florida this one is best to have delicious breakfast.


To sum up, restaurants in downtown Melbourne Florida has number of restaurants where you can delicious meals. From brunch, breakfast to lunch and dinner these restaurants Melbourne has all for you in their comfortable environment.

These restaurants serve quality food all made from fresh ingredients and their professional chefs. From french fry salad, beef & guinness pie, potato balls to delicious french breakfast they have all ready for you.

The environment at these restaurant is also memorable, you will have a great time dining in the most romantic and traditional environment. With comfortable and family friendly environment these restaurants in Melbourne Florida are best dine with family.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the best restaurants in downtown Melbourne Florida?

There are number of restaurants in downtown Melbourne Florida but some of the best are:

  • Meg O’Malley’s Restaurant & Irish Pub
  • Crush XI
  • La Crepe de France
  • Ichabod’s Bar & Grill
  • Ember & Oak

Does Melbourne Florida have a downtown area?

Yes Melbourne Florida have a downtown area which is full of exciting attractions and diverse shopping scenes. Some of the most unique stores like Indian River Soap, The Flop Shop, Downtown Divas and more are located at downtown. After shopping you will also have great restaurants to dine with friends and family.