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Finest Restaurants in Eastpoint, Florida for Unforgettable Dining Experiences

Restaurants in Eastpoint Florida one of the best places to have dinner with your friends and family. Eastpoint is a small census-designated place which is located in Florida’s Franklin County. This small but beautiful area is known for its clear water and refreshing air and peaceful environment.

Food is also popular in Eastpoint, from modern to classic all kinds of food are available at Eastpoint restaurants. Eastpoint is not like other cities where you have a specific street or district for food here you will have delicious serving restaurants all over the city.

Food at Eastpoint restaurants is fresh and healthy. You can try different cuisine options in these restaurants. Their peaceful and refreshing environment is best to have dine with the family.

There are lots of things to do and visit in Eastpoint Florida like Apalachicola National Forest, Oyster City Brewing Company Apalachicola, Gibson Inn and more. From American, Caribbean to French all kinds of cuisines are available but to have best experience you should visit restaurants we are going to discuss.

Top 3 Best Restaurants in Eastpoint Florida

To have memorable dining experience with friends and family then you should dine in these top 3 best restaurants in Eastpoint Florida:

Owl Café

Owl Café is the most popular restaurant in Eastpoint Florida because of its classic food and premium environment. This restaurant is located in downtown Apalachicola with two floor beautiful building.

You can have a beautiful view of water from their 2nd floor. This kind of view and environment is best to dine on special occasions. An environment like this is best to have casual dinners with family and also for romantic dates.


Menu and Dishes

Starting from their delicious sensational appetizers you will have a course of complete entrees and meals in this restaurant. Their menu is wide and you will find number of things to try. From brunches, lunch, dinner and dessert they have everything for their customers.

Food served on their tables is made from fresh material and seafood is locally caught. Owl Café is one of the best restaurants in Eastpoint Florida to have best seafood.

fried Gulf Shrimp

The wine collection at this restaurant is also amazing and has full of Apalachicola characters. You will have a friendly staff at Owl Café plus they also serve their customer’s perfect complement with their meal.

Their chefs always try their best to provide best flavor on your table. The dessert selection here is also great. Some of the best dishes from Owl Café menu are:

  • fried Gulf Shrimp
  • fried Oysters
  • stecca Bread with Bruschetta
  • penne Pomodoro
  • meatballs

Lynn’s Quality Oysters

Lynn’s Quality Oysters is a top and well known restaurant in the community of Eastpoint. This is a family own restaurant that has been serving delicious Apalachicola seafood for over 40 years.

They are well known for their seafood dishes and provide fresh seafood directly from the sea to your table. This is another reason why taste o their seafood dishes is so delicious. You will have some of the best Apalachicola oysters and other popular seafood dishes.

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Menu and Dishes

There is a whole new seafood menu waiting for you in this restaurant you will have fresh shrimp, crabs, shrimp and more. Lynn’s Quality Oysters has oldest licensed packinghouses in Florida which made them best in business for providing best and fresh seafood. Their food is full of high quality and fresh ingredients that are also best for your health.

Do have a visit to their raw bar Of all of the seafood available in their restaurant Apalachicola Oysters is most famous and it is also known as Heaven on a Half Shell in this area.

Full of protein it is served directly from sea to your table. Its taste is so delicious that you would like to have it again and again. Some of the dishes from their extraordinary seafood menu are:

  • Scallops
  • Shrimp
  • Crab Cakes
  • Flounder
  • Mullet, Whole or Smoked

Red Pirate Family Grill & Oyster Bar

The Red Pirate Family Grill and Oyster Bar is the best restaurant on Eastside to dine with your family. They have a lot to give to their precious customers. In this restaurant, great American dishes are served in a unique style.

While you enjoy your meal you will also have live music performances to make you feel alive. They have a mini-golf course under their heads that will keep you busy and make you have fun with your family or friends.


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Menu and Dishes

Red Pirate Family Grill & Oyster Bar is fairly famous for their American and seafood dishes. In seafood they are famous for serving raw, baked or “pirate’s pearls” oysters.

You can also have chicken & seafood baskets in this restaurant. If you are with kids then they also provide a kid’s menu, sandwiches and salads. They have Outdoor Seats available where you can have a friendly dining experience. o enjoy their steaks and have a drink in their bar.


To sum up, restaurants in Eastpoint Florida are the must see restaurants if you are looking to have a great seafood experience. With great food, they also give a mesmerizing environment to their customer with their outdoor dishes. The environment they have are perfect to have special meetings.

There are different kinds of cuisine available in these restaurants but seafood are most famous. From scallops to shrimp, crab cakes and flounder you will have number of seafood options.

With delicious food, restaurants in Eastpoint Florida also give a peaceful and calming environment to their customers. These restaurants have mini golf courses where you can have fun with your friends. Live music is also big played in these restaurants to make you feel alive. Overall these restaurants are best to visit with family.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does Eastpoint Florida have good restaurants?

Eastpoint Florida has a small population but there is no lack of food on this small coast. You will find many restaurants in this area that are serving delicious freshly caught seafood to their customers. With delicious they also have live music playing to keep you entertained. The environment there is peaceful and best to have seafood dining with family.

What is special about Eastpoint Florida?

Eastpooint is quite popular for its wildlife and historic fishing lodge. Many curious kiddos and nature lovers are driven towards this area to see its eternal and natural beauty.

They are also popular for RV parks and have a number of delicious seafood restaurants.

What are the best restaurants in Eastpoint Florida?

You will find a number of restaurants on this small golf course but these are the best restaurants in Eastpoint Florida to dine with family and friends.

  • Owl Café
  • Lynn’s Quality Oysters
  • Red Pirate Family Grill & Oyster Bar
  • Apalachicola Chocolate & Coffee Company