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Taste Best Restaurants in Lake Mary Florida

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Lake Mary is a city in Florida which is located in Orlando metropolitan area in Seminole. By the 2010 census the population of this city is not much, only just 13822. Even with small population the people of this region are much of a foodies. You will find many restaurants in this small city.

Throughout the city you will have plenty of food to try. With wide range of cuisine options, restaurants in Lake Mary Florida also provide a beautiful and elegant environment. The food ingredients and fish used for meals are taken from local fishermen’s.

With casual dining and branches these restaurants also have a great variety of wines and drinks. The taste of their food is so premium that you will want to have it again. With modern dishes restaurants in Lake Mary Florida also serve many traditional dishes.

All kinds of restaurants can be found in Lake City but we are here to give you the best one. Like other Florida cities, seafood is also popular at Lake Mary. With the peaceful and joyful environment you will have a great time dining in these restaurants.

Top 5 Restaurants in Lake Mary Florida

To have great time with your friends and family you should dine in these restaurants in Lake Mary Florida:

1. FishBones

The famous seafood restaurant in Lake Mary, FishBones has been serving delicious seafood and other dishes to the city for a long time. Menu at FishBones is unique and the environment of the restaurant is even far more better. From their wide menu the most favorite of their customers is seafood as all of their fish come directly from ocean to kitchen.

They serve fresh and healthy seafood dishes in this restaurant. Have dinner with your friend or partner in the beautiful and comfortable environment of FishBones. Apart from dishes they also have great wines that look perfect with their seafood.

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FishBones also serves aged steaks and prime ribs in the demand of their loyal customers. But the locals favorite in this beautiful restaurant is oysters and cut edge sushi. Searching for best flavor, they made their dishes in the traditional way to have best taste and flavor.

The food they cook is made by pit and oak wood burning fire at 1200º. Talking about FishBones we cannot forget the things they have achieved.  They have been on the list of America’s Top Ten Seafood Restaurants.

Not just this amazing restaurant has also been crowned as best Outdoor dining, best restaurant, best place for cocktails and a best seafood by none other than Orlando Magazine.

2. Dexter’s of Lake Mary

Dexter’s of Lake Mary was founded in 1984 to give a sense of quality to the residents of Lake City. This restaurant is pretty popular for their contemporary American Fare, a perfect place to have entertaining dining. With your delicious food you will also be given a taste of live entertainment to light your mood.

Their master chef Rich Kutza specializes in preparing delicious dishes made from local ingredients. From kids menu, sides, handhelds or from the garden you will have a great dining experience in these restaurants in Lake Mary Florida.

Dexter's of Lake Mary

Dexter also has an award winning Sunday and Saturday brunch. They serve a unique collection of wines with their dishes. From their full bar you can either order a glass of wine, crafted cocktails or full bottle.

Here you can build your own sandwich with whatever you like to add and all the ingredients used in the sandwich are fresh. From main or cafe menu you will have quality food with delicious taste and fast service. Visit the wine lists of the cafe menu as it changes often so you will have a greater chance to try something new.

3. 347 Grille by Coach Shula

347 Grille is a casual restaurant in Lake Mary which is famous for their combination of classic American cuisine. The environment that this restaurant provides makes your mood to fall into the taste of food.

They have Coach Shula record for undefeated career wins by their flavor of their classic and delicious American dishes. From their quotes, memorabilia and images you can have a look at the past stories of this restaurant.

By the environment and dishes this is the best restaurant in Lake Mary Florida to have a drink with your friend or a casual meal.

grilled assorted seafood

The warm environment of this restaurant makes it perfect for tourists but the taste is the one everyone will remember. Cooked by fresh ingredients, the first bite of the culinary dishes will make you happier than ever.

Some of the dishes from their menu are Crispy Pork Belly, Tuna Poke, Rhode Island Calamari, Wild Mushroom Flatbread and more. They serve both dinner and lunch with their collection of cocktails and wines.

If you love American cuisine and want to try it in a unique way then this restaurant is best for you.

4. Stonewood Grill & Tavern

To make your ordinary dining experience a memorable one you should try you should visit Stonewood Grill & Tavern. With both eyes and palate, they offer a complete dining in the beautiful environment for their guests.

Dining scenes at this restaurant are so romantic that it makes this restaurant the best place to have a dinner date. They serve seafood and steaks in their unique way to enhance its flavor. From appetizers to Soups, Salads and desert you will have a great dining experience at this restaurant.

From appetizers to salad, soups, crafted bowels to dessert Stonewood Grill & Tavern has everything to complete your craving.

Made by Stonewood gourmet chefs, the seafood served at this restaurant has its own unique flavor. Some of dishes from their menu are Buffalo Shrimp, House Smoked Salmon, Tavern Wings and more.

They also have a fine collection of wines which is perfect for any occasion. In their happy hours from opening timing to 7pm you will have wine cocktails and bottles at great prices.

5. Bahama Breeze

Bahama Breeze is a Caribbean restaurant in Lake Mary Florida. You will have a lot from this restaurant from Caribbean cuisine, Seafood you have a great variety of food served in this restaurant. You can also have an easy online ordering service with their to go menu.

Their menu has something for everyone, you can have seafood, burgers, salads, chicken and more. You can also have a great taste of island with plantains, chicken pasta and plantains.

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As a Caribbean restaurant you will also have Latin and Caribbean dishes all made from the special recipes to serve delicious flavor to their guests. You will have burgers, salads and seafood from this restaurant.

Apart from these some of the best dishes at this restaurant are Grilled Cheeseburger, Blackened Mahi Tacos, Cuban Sandwich, Baby Back Ribs and more. They are always willing to make you comfortable and talk about Latin American and Caribbean cuisine.

They have live music performances to make you feel energetic. Songs played here are selected carefully and they schedule live performances on daily basis.

At their happy hour you can have a great discount on different dishes. With their beautiful lounge you can grab a drink and spend some good time talking to your friend.

The peaceful and lively environment is best for casual dining. Live music, amazing food and warm location of Reinhart Road and Garnett Lane makes this restaurant best for dinner dates.

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Bottom Line

To sum up, restaurants in Lake Mary Florida serve variety of food. Even though the population of this city is not much. But still you will have restaurants that have also been crowned as the best restaurants by none other than Orlando Magazine. Some restaurants provide live music performances with a beautiful and peaceful environment.

These restaurants serve variety of dishes and the most popular ones are seafood. With food dishes they also serve variety of cocktails and wines. So whether you are looking to have casual dinner or want to have dinner with friends these restaurants in Lake Mary Florida are best.

Frequently Asked Question

Which restaurant is most popular in Lake Mary?

FishBones is the most popular restaurant in Lake City. They serve high quality seafood taken from local fishermen’s. The food they cook is made by pit and oak wood burning fire at 1200º. This restaurant has also been crowned as best outdoor dining by Orlando Magazine.

What are the best delivery restaurants in Lake Mary?

Dexter’s of Lake Mary was founded in 1984 is the best restaurant in Lake City that delivers. They are pretty popular with locals for their contemporary American Fare made by their Chef Rich Kutza.

What are the best restaurants in Lake Mary Florida?

You will find all kind of restaurants in Lake City and some of the best restaurants in Lake City are:

  • FishBones
  • Dexter’s of Lake Mary
  • Stonewood Grill & Tavern
  • Bahama Breeze