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Top Seafood Restaurants in Saint Augustine, Florida

Seafood Restaurants in Saint Augustine Florida

As we all know Saint Augustine is a city in Florida and it is connected to ocean. So no surprise this pleasant city in Florida also has many seafood restaurants and serves different seafood dishes. This city has a great influence of European and African American. Influence can be found in the city attractions and culture. You will also find many seafood restaurants in Saint Augustine Florida. Apart from other cuisine available in the city there is no denial that they serve one of the best seafood dishes in Florida.

The major catch of their seafood dishes is the ocean that is connected to the city. All of the restaurants collect fresh fish and seafood from local fishermen. The master chefs of seafood restaurants in Saint Augustine Florida. Some restaurants located near the ocean give a beautiful view of ocean while you dine. These are especially best to have a romantic date with your partner who loves seafood.

Ocean is not the only place where you’ll have the best seafood. In Saint Augustine you will find seafood restaurants throughout the city. These seafood restaurants give a luxurious and peaceful environment. Not only are they famous for their seafood dishes, but they are also famous for their wine collection. It wouldn’t be wrong to say that dining in these restaurants will be worth your money. It’s hard to find the hidden seafood treasure in Saint Augustine but we will provide you with some best.

Top 4 Seafood Restaurants in Saint Augustine Florida

To make your wish come true by having the best seafood dining. Then you should visit one of these top 5 seafood restaurants in Saint Augustine Florida:

Collage Restaurant

Collage is one of the most luxurious and popular seafood restaurants in Saint Augustine Florida. Have a step inside this restaurant and you will have a world class staff waiting for you. Get ready to delight your taste buds with their first-class dishes. Your experience will be the proof why this is an award-winning restaurant. The owners of Collage Mike Hyatt and Cindy Standby focus on providing fresh seafood in beautiful style and luxurious environment.

best steakhouses in Miami

The Collage serves seafood, lamb, steaks all mixed with international flavor under guidance of their professional chefs.

Dinner service at Collage starts from 5:00 p.m. Some of their best seafood are Homemade Lobster Ravioli, Fresh Corvina, Shrimp and Scallops and Florida Flounder. Unfortunately, the seating arrangement at this restaurant is not big, they have a small seating arrangement of 15 tables.

Another thing is that they do not accept 5+ parties on online reservations. They do not accept Credit Cards and Gift Cards so do take cash with you.

Michael’s St. Augustine

Michael’s St. Augustine is popular for their contemporary steakhouse and seafood. They put all of their passion into their dishes and serve world class seafood dishes to their guests.

For their incredible taste and service, they have also received many honors. Chef Michael is one of the most popular chefs in St. Augustine. He has also been recognized by several of the city’s publications then Saint Augustine.

grilled assorted seafood

With their diverse starter they go to full meal. Their starters include Kaluga Caviar, Caesar Salad, Spanish Mushrooms, Chilled Poached Shrimp and more.

In seafood they have sea scallops, Scottish salmon, tamarind short ribs and more. The waiters and staff in this restaurant are friendly and would like to help you in any way. During Florida’s 500th anniversary it is featured in The Food Network with Chef Emeril Lagasse because of their incredible taste and environment.

Blackfly The Restaurant

For people who are looking for the best seafood restaurants in Saint Augustine Florida must visit Blackfly. This is a fly-fishing themed restaurant which is popular among the locals of Saint Augustine.

They are famous for serving fresh seafood using fresh locally caught fish. Blackfly has “Scratch Kitchen” and you can say that you have seafood straight from sea to your mouth. They have beautiful collection of Vaughn Cochran’s artwork displayed on their walls.

As they are known to have “Scratch Kitchen”, so their menu is seasonal. Some of their best dishes are Abaco Bahamas, fish, shrimp and more.

Apart from their great seafood they also have a great collection of wine. They have a great idea about their wines as you will have full complement of reds and white wines.

Their menu is a combination of dishes that comes from the experience of their professional chefs. They have a motto to bring the best on the table, so you are not going to be disappointed by the service and flavor.

Red Lobster

Red Lobster is a seafood restaurant in Saint Augustine. One of the things that attracts many customers is that they offer PRIORITY SEATING, meaning you don’t have to wait much for your food in this restaurant. Being the world largest and loved seafood restaurant company they are responsible for serving best to their guests.

They serve freshly prepared high-quality seafood to their guests. Environment at this restaurant makes it even special to have casual dining.

freshly cooked lobster

The menu at Red Lobster is diverse and they serve lunch and dinner. Some of the dishes in their menu include Garlic Shrimp, Ultimate Feast, Lobsterfest and more.

Crab fest, Scampi and Parrot Isle Jumbo Coconut Shrimp are also available in their diverse seafood menu. While you are there you should not miss their cheesy Cheddar Bay Biscuits. Even though your order will arrive in no time, you can still try their tasting plate while you wait.


To sum up, you will have number of seafood restaurants in Saint Augustine Florida. These restaurants serve variety of seafood all made from fresh ingredients.

Some restaurants collect fish directly from fishermen and cook it for you. From shrimps, Scampi, Crab fest to lobsters you will have a wide range of wines. The peaceful environment of these restaurants makes your dining memorable. The question of not having meals on time doesn’t exist at Blackfly.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is St Augustine a foodie town?

Saint Augustine is No. 1 foodie town in Southern Florida. You will find all kinds of cuisine available in this town. Seafood is one of most popular of all. From shrimps, Scampi, Crab fest to lobsters you will have a wide range of wines.

Does Florida have good seafood?

It should not be surprising that Florida is known for their seafood. Connected to the sea, this city makes all of its seafood freshly taken from the ocean. 84% of America’s pink shrimp, crab are produced in Florida.

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