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Seafood Restaurants in Naples Florida: Indulge in Oceanic Delights

Welcome to Naples Florida where a world of seafood is waiting for you. Naples is not just only a perfect vacation destination but it is also a heaven for seafood lovers with a variety of seafood restaurants in Naples Florida.

When you enter this lively city you will find a lot of seafood restaurants serving the freshest catch of the day. These Naples Florida seafood restaurants offer tender crab, soft shrimp, flavorful fish and juicy oysters. Every bite is filled with unique flavors from scallops to the buttery lobsters and rich salmon.

These few mentions are just an icing on a cake. Get ready to dive in the world of freshest catches from the ocean because this city has even more to offer for seafood lovers and will leave you craving for more. We will explore the casual and fancy restaurants in Naples because it is more than just its beautiful beaches and amazing sunsets.

No matter if you are a seafood expert or wishing to explore new tastes. These restaurants in Naples have something extraordinary to offer for everyone. In this article we will discuss their location, interior and menus featuring a lot of delicious items. So join us on a journey of this seafood heaven and discover new tastes and cultures.

Top 5 Seafood Restaurants in Naples Florida

Here is a list of top 5 seafood restaurants in Naples Florida which are famous for serving some of the high class meals.

  1. Mr. Big Fish
  2. Sails Restaurant
  3. Uss Nemo
  4. Truluck’s Ocean’s Finest Seafood and Crab
  5. The Bay House Restaurant

Mr. Big Fish

This seafood restaurant is situated near the Neapolitan Way Shopping Center in the Park Shore neighborhood of Naples. In this restaurant you will not only get delicious seafood but also the best dining experience. It is a must visit option with families for its pretty setting and nautical decorations covering the walls.

Mr. Big Fish is popular among the locals for serving high quality fresh seafood cooked in a unique way. You will find here some of the freshest Florida’s seafood like Mahi Mahi, Gulf Snapper, Chilean Sea Bass and Pacific coast Salmon.

Their prices of food are not even very reasonable but they also offer a good happy hour menu. During happy hour you can have $1 off on oysters grouper “wings” and $2 off on your drinks. Mr. Big Fish has a wide range of dinner, drink and menu.

Its dinner menu offers a vast selection of starters, soups, fresh catch, steaks, favorites, salads and sides. Must try shrimp cargot appetizer, seafood clam chowder soup and favorites crusted trout. The drink menu has a large collection of craft beer, light beer, full flavor beer, white wine and house drinks.

Their famous drinks include raspberry beach martini, lychee martini and ocean mojito.

Truluck’s Ocean’s Finest Seafood and Crab

As the name suggests this restaurant in Naples Florida is famous for serving some of the high quality seafood and crabs. Truluck’s Ocean’s Finest Seafood and Crab is a Texas based chain restaurant serving some of the best seafood prepared in a unique way.

This upscale restaurant serves fish, shellfish, crabs and steaks. The atmosphere in Truluck’s is casual and their staff is super welcoming. Truluck’s Ocean’s Finest Seafood and Crab is very serious about the quality of its stone crab and they actually own a team of professional crabbers to make sure that everything should be perfect. They serve dinner , wine list, happy hour, after dinner drinks and a gluten free menu.

Truluck’s menu features a wide range of appetizers, seafood classics, add surf to your turf and prime seafood. Must try their prime king crab, Florida snapper, chilean sea bass and Crab fried rice. This finest restaurant also offers nightly live entertainment and is famous for its happy hour specials like salmon crudo and shrimp cocktail.

Sails Restaurant

If you are looking for a special seafood experience in Naples Florida then Sails restaurant is a must visit. With its location near the end of 5th Avenue this restaurant offers a pleasant atmosphere and flavorful dishes. It is a place where every single bite gives the flavor of the sea.

When you enter this restaurant you will notice shiny brown leather seats, graceful white tablecloths and a sail style candle right in the center of the table. Situated between the floor to ceiling walls of wine their private dining room is a heaven with seating up to 12 guests. Sails can also accommodate large groups of up to 40 guests for a seated luncheon or dinner.

Sails Restaurant serves plenty of menu options to choose from. Their menu is divided into different parts and features some of the most delicious dishes and drinks. It is a mix of sunset menu, champagne brunch, vegan menu, kids and tasting menu. Some of the popular dishes in the sunset menu are tuna tartare, lobster ravioli and squash soup.

For brunch you can have salmon gravlax, oysters and mussels. Sails also provide vegan/Vegetarian options such as eggplant caponata, tomato salad and tagliatelle.

Kids can also feast on their favorite items like truffle risotto, linguini and organic chicken. Besides these mentions this restaurant has plenty of other flavorful dishes which are a must try when you visit this wonderful restaurant.

Uss Nemo

When it comes to amazing seafood restaurants in Naples there’s one place that always tops the list. It is located off of Tamiami Trail North inside the Parkshore Center shopping mall. Nemo is the south Floridian’s popular destination for outstanding seafood cuisine and voted a top restaurant in Naples year after year.

This restaurant is a five time member of the Trip Advisor Hall of Fame and also a worth visiting spot described by New York Times. Its beautiful submarine decor and tasty food attracts visitors from all over the world. In Uss Nemo the food is always fresh and the flavors are just unbelievably amazing.

They serve lunch, dinner, dessert, beer and wine list. Nemo’s famous seafood dishes are grilled grouper & shrimp milos, ginger steamed fish, volcano snapper and crispy octopus bowl. Flavorful fresh ingredients and calm atmosphere makes Uss Nemo one of the prime spots to eat in Naples Florida.

The Bay House

The last stop of our seafood journey through Naples Florida is The Bay House restaurant. This amazing restaurant is located on the Cocohatchee River in North Naples and offers pleasant waterfront dining and stunning views of the wildlife.

Most tables in the dining room are covered with white tablecloths and there are wooden boats hanging from the ceiling making this place ideal for dinner. The Bay House serves bistro style seafood dishes with so many options to choose.

They offer dinner, dessert, wine and childrens menu to the residents of Naples Florida. Their menu includes chilled seafood, seafood towers, salads, starters and desserts. The Main Entree menu features dishes like seafood pan roast, seared king scallops and BBQ shrimp & grits. At the end of the dinner don’t forget to try their classic dessert “crescent city beignets.”

Final Thoughts

Seafood restaurants in Naples Florida offer a variety of seafood options to taste. Here you will find fresh fish, crabs, lobsters and shrimps cooked with fresh ingredients and delivering some of the tastiest flavors. These restaurants with freshest seafood also offer the best dining experience with excellent service that you can’t get anywhere else. So don’t waste any time and visit seafood restaurants in Naples Florida with a family friendly atmosphere and amazing views.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the specialty of seafood restaurants in Naples Florida?

Restaurants in Naples Florida offer some of the highest quality freshest seafood prepared in unique ways with best ingredients.

Do seafood restaurants in Naples Florida offer vegetarian or vegan options?

Yes some of the seafood restaurants in Naples do offer vegetarian or vegan options just like Sails restaurant.