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Best Restaurants in Starke Florida: A Culinary Delight

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Restaurants in Starke Florida have a lot to give to their customers by their elegant environment and friendly service. Starke is a small city in Florida that is located in the seat of Bradford County. By the 2020 census the population of Stark was only 5,796. Despite this small population this city has a lot to give to community. Whether you are looking for classic or for modern restaurants in Starke will provide all to you.

With small population, restaurants in Starke Florida have many dishes to serve to their guests. All of the ingredients are fresh and taken from local markets. The environment of these restaurants is calm and peaceful where old people would like to dine in. Number of restaurants are available in Starke but we are going to talk about best, so you have best experience in your first time.

You can also do many things in Starke like visiting Florida twin theater and the shoppes at Thompson street. Visiting and exploring this small city is exciting when you are full. From Mexican to Thai and American you will find many different cuisines in these restaurants. If you are here in April then you must have a look at Strawberry Festival where you will find sweetest strawberries in America.

Top 3 Restaurants in Starke Florida

Whether you are here to visit your relatives or here to visit and explore you must need a place to have a perfect meal. To have a memorable meal with your friends and family here is the list of Top 3 Restaurants in Starke:

Tony and Al’s Deli

Tony and Al’s Deli is an Italian restaurant in Starke which have made their name in community by serving traditional Italian dishes to their customers.

Their chefs are specialized in serving best homemade pasta and Italian pizza. Not only Italian, but they also have some traditional American bites in their menu.

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Steak served in Tony and Al’s Deli is also famous in the city. With a beautiful dining environment, you will have great time with your family.

Menu and Dishes

If you are looking to have an authentic Italian meal in Starke then you should have Tony and Al’s Deli casual pizza for lunch. The Crusts of their pizza are soft and on the top you will have different toppings with lots of Italian cheese.

The fragrance of their pizza will make you feel like you are having a meal in Italy. Their subs are also popular with flavors like Meatball Parmigiana Sub which comes with marinara, well steamed meatballs and mozzarella.

You should also try their delicious pasta which is famous among locals and made by the passion of their chef. The best one to try is Ravioli Carbonara pasta that comes with parmigiana, bacon, garlic and peas with delicious Alfredo sauce.

Do try their soups, salads, and burgers available in their menu. From price of food to service, everything in this restaurant is best, making it hidden gem of Starke.

Sonny’s BBQ

Sonny’s BBQ is a one of the famous restaurants in Starke Florida which is part of a barbecue restaurant chain running since 1968. They are famous for their premium quality smoked meat, salad and side dishes.

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Sonny’s BBQ is best if you are a BBQ lover and looking for best restaurants to eat in Starke. Since the opening they have been serving best bbq which is loved by this small community.

Menu and Dishes

Explore the menu of Sonny’s BBQ and order something other than bbq. Their menu has a lot for you to decide. The best way to start your meal is by having a taste of their appetizers like bbq pork egg rolls, loaded tots, wings, corn nuggets and fried okra.

In signature bbq you will have st. Louis ribs, pulled or sliced pork, pulled chicken, baby back ribs and more. To have a full course lunch with your family you should try Redneck Egg Rolls which comes with coleslaw, barbecue and dipping sauces.

There are family meals, BBQ sandwiches, deserts and sidekicks available for customers. With pitmaster plates you’ll have a full meal with 4 different proteins to enjoy with your family. They also serve some beverages in Sonny’s BBQ.

Call Street Cafe

Since its opening in 2015 Call Street Cafe has been serving delicious meals to the community. Run by Chef James Jackson and his wife, this restaurant has made a good reputation with their quality service and delicious taste.

Reason behind why this restaurant is best in Starke is because of their made-from-scratch comfort food. To serve best quality food they have all ingredients locally.

Menu and Dishes

The menu of Call Street Cafe is focused on providing classic dishes with modern touch by chefs. To have best place to kill your hunger then this restaurant is for you. Call Street Cafe offers breakfast, brunch and lunch all in their comfortable environment.

Some of the best dishes to try for breakfast are garlic mayo, Panini with two eggs and bacon. For lunch they have their special Jerk Chicken Wrap which is filled with tasty veggies.

Restaurants in Starke Florida


To sum up, Restaurants in Starke Florida have a lot to give to its community. With small population they don’t lack food options. From Italian to American you will have many cuisine options to try on. You will have breakfast, brunch and lunch all in their comfortable environment. From bbq, steaks, casual breakfast to Italian pizzas, pasta and salads you will have a lot to try in these restaurants.

With delicious food these restaurants also give a comfortable environment to their guests. All of these restaurants are family friendly and their staff always take care of their customers.

Meals are made from local fresh ingredients, these restaurants are best to have a complete dining experience with family.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does Starke Florida have good restaurants?

With small population Starke Florida has a variety of premium restaurants serving delicious dishes to their guests. From BBQ, steaks, casual breakfast to Italian pizzas, pasta and salads you can have all in Starke Florida.

What is special about Starke Florida?

Starke Florida is a small city but it is particularly famous for its strawberry festival. You will have some of the sweetest strawberries in the strawberry festival in Starke Florida.

What are the best restaurants in Starke Florida?

There are number of restaurants in Starke Florida but some of the best are:

  • Tony and Al’s Deli
  • Sonny’s BBQ
  • Call Street Cafe