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Top 3 Restaurants in Treasure Island Florida | A Culinary Journey

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Treasure Island is a small city in Florida that is located on the barrier island of Mexican Gulf. By 2020 census the population of this small island was just 6,584. Even with this population the food scene in this small island is diverse. You will find many dishes and different cuisine options in Treasure Island Florida. Don’t worry about classics, this island provides both classic and modern seafood dishes. Residing close to the ocean you can have a great view while dining in these restaurants.

You will find number of things to do and visit in Treasure Island like Treasure Island Beach, Alligator & Wildlife Discovery Center, Hubbard’s Marina and more. Close to beach and ocean the restaurants in this city provide fresh and delicious seafood to their guests.With seafood locals and tourists can also have other dishes in restaurants in Treasure Island Florida.

Apart from that, restaurants in Treasure Island Florida have a lot on their menus. Ingredients are fresh and environment in these restaurants are lively making them best to dine with family. Seafood dishes are the asset of Treasure Island and they always try their best to provide high quality seafood dishes. There are number of restaurants located in Treasure island who are serving delicious food. But we are going to talk about some of the best in business.

Top 3 Restaurants in Treasure Island Florida

To make some memories with family and friend and have great seafood then you should visit these Top 3 restaurants in Treasure Island Florida:

Shrimpys Blue Bistro

Shrimpys Blue Bistro is a popular dining point in Treasure. They serve brunch, lunch and dinner with a number of beer options. Ingredients used in this restaurant are all fresh and taken from the Gulf, oceans and water of Florida.

With your food you can also enjoy the environment of this island you have from this restaurant. You can have both indoor and outdoor dining but we recommend dining outside to have a great view of the Island. The sunset from this restaurant looks so beautiful and mesmerizing.

Shrimpys Blue Bistro Restaurants in Treasure Island Florida

Food scene at this restaurant is also great, just like the view from this restaurant. You can have quality seafood all made from their professional chefs. Some of the best dishes of this restaurant are Coconut Shrimp, Scallops Rockefeller, Fried Green Tomatoes and more. They also serve different kinds of soups, salads and sandwiches. Their captain’s platter is pretty popular among locals. In the desert they have key lime pie . There are 2 Full Bars located in this restaurant that have 26 kinds of craft beer!

In their happy hours Monday to Friday from 3pm – 5pm you have “buy 1 get 1 free” offer on all alcoholic drinks but drinks must be of same kind. There is a big screen fitted in this restaurant from where you can watch your favorite games. Watching games with fellas makes the environment so exciting and enjoyable. Like I said , there are lots of things happening in this restaurant and one of the most exciting is live music performances from local entertainers.

BRGR Kitchen & Bar

BRGR Kitchen & Bar is a contemporary style restaurant and serves their food with a beautiful view of the Gulf on Treasure Island Florida. Once you dine in this restaurant, you’ll understand why this place is so popular and well recognized by locals. From their oversized window you will have a great view of ocean water and gulf.

The staff at this restaurant are friendly and ready to guide you with their menu. Their dishes come with retro details to make it more mesmerizing with taste. The splendid coastal setting of this restaurant makes this restaurant one of the restaurants in Treasure Island Florida.

Delicious fresh homemade burgers dark

Their menu has a lot to give, you can have their delicious and crispy burgers and unique toppings. The sauces they serve are all house-made which give taste to their dishes. Other dishes from their menu are Fish Monger, Florida grouper sandwich, smoked fish dip and more. In special gatherings you can have edamame pods, island shrimp, crispy salt & pepper calamari and more.

Salads and tacos available also give good taste. They also have a wide variety of beverages like handcrafted cocktails, martinis & specialty drinks, american premium, crisp & sparkling wine and more.

VIP Mexican American Cuisine T.I.

VIP Mexican American Cuisine T.I. has its name in community since 1970’s. Their customers are their motivation and they always try their best to give the best service and food to their guests. They serve delicious Mexican and American cuisine with an affordable budget. The service at this restaurant is casual and the environment is so peaceful. You will also have Tex-Mex style dishes, Traditional American Favorites dishes from VIP Mexican American Cuisine T.I.

Delicious mushroom pizza with cheese olives

You can have a number of Mexican dishes from this restaurant and they have a variety of Mexican pizzas. Some of the dishes in their menu are steak fajitas, quesadillas, chicken fajitas, mini wet burrito, nachos supreme and mexican pizza.

All of their staff work together to work as a team and to make you feel like home. With their minds their menu keeps evolving. If you are tired and not in mood to cook then they also give take out service. They are also famous for organizing events so if you are having any kind of event then they are the choice in Treasure Island.


To sum up, there are number of restaurants in Treasure Island Florida serving delicious cuisine to their customers. From seafood to burgers and Mexican food, this small city has it all. From coconut Shrimp, scallops rockefeller to soups, salads and sandwiches you will have all in these restaurants.

They also provide a beautiful environment to their customers and sunset views from these restaurants are so mesmerizing. With food they also serve drinks and there are also live performances from local artists happening in these restaurants.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does Treasure Island have good restaurants?

Treasure Island’s population is not large but you will have a number of restaurants serving delicious cuisine. Seafood is quite famous in this area. With meals they also serve number of wines and drinks plus live performances from local artists happening in these restaurants.

What is special about Treasure Island?

Dunedin is a beautiful and small city located on the barrier island of Mexican Gulf with population of 6,584 people. This city is known for its beautiful sandy beaches, family friendly restaurants, clear water and welcoming hotels.

What are the best restaurants in Treasure Island Florida?

There are number of restaurants in this small city and some of the best are:

  • Shrimpys Blue Bistro
  • VIP Mexican American Cuisine T.I.
  • BRGR Kitchen & Bar