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Discover Best Restaurants in Venice Florida: A Culinary Delight

Restaurant in Venice-Florida

Venice is known for its offshore coral reef and Caspersen Beach where visitors can often find shark teeths. Centennial Park with its attractive fountain and Monty Andrews Arboretum at West Blalock Park with green spaces are perfect places to visit. If you feel tired after visiting Oscar Scherer State Park then dine at some of the Best Restaurants in Venice Florida. This Shark Tooth Capital of the World features a wide range of dining options.

Venice has large numbers of quality restaurants which suit your preferred taste, mood and location. From locally produced fresh ingredients to traditional ethnic cuisines from all over the world to these restaurants offer quality food with a nice atmosphere and reasonable pricing. Whether you are looking for international cuisine or comfort food including pasta, burgers, steaks and beer. You will find the answer here to all of your cravings.

Top 3 Best Restaurants in Venice Florida

If you are looking for restaurants in Venice Florida to eat and drink then you are in luck. We have organized a list of Top 3 Best Restaurants in Venice Florida.

Tikka Indian Cuisine

Tikka Indian Cuisine is one of the Best Restaurants in Venice Florida with fresh ingredients and bold flavors. This clean, modern, spacious and beautifully decorated restaurant was first opened to the public in 2018. It is a family owned restaurant located in Bird Bay Plaza.

This traditional restaurant with authentic Indian flavor serves curries and clay oven meats. Try some of the famous Indian snacks like pakoras and samosas stuffed with potatoes, peas, special herbs and spices.

Best Fried Chicken in Jacksonville Florida

You can Indulge yourself into classic Indian flavors such as chicken tikka masala, butter chicken, tandoori, naan, biryani with various magical flavors of chutney Tikka Indian Cuisine tempting seekh kebabs made with ground chicken or lamb will delight your taste buds. Their excellent desserts include date cake, rice pudding and halwas.

Bodrum Restaurant

If you are Craving for Eastern Mediterranean cuisine, then head towards Bodrum Restaurant. This famous Turkish restaurant is located in downtown Venice’s Burgundy Square Breezeway.

It is a tempting fusion of Turkish, Greek and Middle Eastern flavors. Bodrum Restaurant featured fresh fish, vegetables and handpicked meats. This place has a chic, modern, blue accent and bright decorations that’s appealing for eyes.

Grilled beef steak

It is one of the Best Restaurants in Venice Florida where the food matches its colorful interior. Start your day with a sip of amazing Turkish coffee in a family friendly atmosphere.

Indulge yourself with some of their famous appetizers such as falafel and hummus. Bodrum Kofte kebab with its char grilled beef patties mixed with Turkish spices is a must try item. Their exclusive menu includes dishes like grilled lamb, gyros, lamb chops, pita wraps, fish and steaks.

You can also try their unique dishes like Tavuk Shish, yellow lentil soup and carrot tarator made up of shredded carrot mixed with walnut, yogurt and secret spices. If you want a sweet treat to finish off your meal try some halva, truffle fries, rice pudding and famous baklava.

La Petit Jardin Cafe

Located at Galleria on Venice Avenue this famous French restaurant is open for 7 days a week for breakfast and lunch. La Petit Jardin Cafe has been serving Venice diners a taste of Europe.

This welcoming cafe features charming indoor and outdoor dining areas. Its interior embodies old world feel with modern amenities which makes it one of the Best Restaurants in Venice Florida. Their exclusive European influenced menu will give you a pleasurable dining experience. 

Club-sandwich with french fries

French style breakfast includes famous items like croissants, tost, bacon, egg and crepes filled with custard and berries.

You can enjoy lunch with a variety of dishes such as sandwiches, crepes, salads, fresh smoked ham, croissant basket and Eiffel tower bread topped with swiss cheese, tomato asparagus and champagne mustard sauce. La Petit Jardin Cafe also serves tea, wine and cocktails from 2 to 4 pm on every Friday and Saturday.


Venice is a perfect tourist destination with its offshore coral reef and Caspersen Beach. It is home to some of the amazing restaurants and beautiful parks. There are multiple Best Restaurants in Venice Florida serving some of the authentic local and international cuisines. Whether you’re craving for authentic Indian cuisine or classic french croissant this place has everything to suit your preferred taste.

From famous Turkish kofte kebab to Indian chicken tikka masala with secret herbs and spices. From classic burgers to juicy steaks you will love eating here. These restaurants with ideal locations and fascinating interior will give you a pleasant dining experience.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the famous restaurants in Venice Florida?

There are many famous restaurants in Venice Florida offering a wide range of local and international cuisines. Some of them are written below:

  • Gold Rush BBQ
  • Bodrum Restaurant
  • Dockside Waterfront Grill
  • BrewBurgers Back Porch
  • Cassariano Italian Eatery

Is Venice Florida a great place to live, eat and drink?

Venice is a great place to live, eat and drink with warm climate, beautiful beaches and amazing restaurants offering a wide variety of traditional cuisines and seafood.