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Fiddlers Creek Naples FL – A Great Place to Live

Fiddlers Creek Naples FL

Fiddler’s Creek sits between Naples and Marco Island just off Collier Boulevard. It is a special place known for its golf and has won awards for being the best community in Southwest Florida. Fiddlers Creek Naples FL is around 4000 acres and plans to have about 6000 homes.

Only a small part of the land less than a third will have houses. Rest will be nature spots like parks, lakes and golf courses where people can relax and have fun. They have a big clubhouse called the Club & Spa. Where you can exercise, swim in different pools, play tennis and a game called pickleball.

They even have a special area just for little kids to play. Plus there are different restaurants where you can eat fancy or just grab something quick. People who live here can also join the golf club and play on the Creek Course. Which is known as one of the best in the country.

And if you like the beach and boats. There is a club for that too. They give you access to a nice beach and a marina where you can have fun on the water and join in on social events.

Housing Options in Fiddler’s Creek

Fiddlers Creek has 14 villages with different kinds of homes. You can choose from houses like single family villas, coach homes and more. Right now there are 2600 doors in the community which means different types of homes.

Each home type has its own monthly fees that you need to pay to the homeowners association (HOA). There are extra fees too. Like an $18000 yearly fee for the spa and club and a $792 fee every three months for communication services.

Beautiful house in Fiddler's Creek
Beautiful house in Fiddler’s Creek

If you want a home that is not yet built. You can choose a pre construction home that is more customized. Homes in this community are made with good quality by Gulf Bay Homes. Here prices for homes vary a lot. They start from $700,000 and can go up to $2 million or even more.

Fiddlers Creek Naples FL Lifestyles

Below I have created a list of luxurious lifestyle and modern facilities available at Fiddlers Creek Naples FL.

Fiddlers Creek Golf Club

With its natural scenery and warm weather golf is the main attraction at Fiddler’s Creek. There is an awesome 18 hole Championship Golf Course designed by Arthur Hills for beginners. It is a really great place to play golf and has won many awards. They are planning to add up to 72 holes in the future.

Now about the fees you might need to pay. There is a refundable Golf Initiation Fee of $50,000 and annual golf dues of $17,000. Also if you want to join the social membership. There is a fee of $15,000 to start.

Golf Club at Fiddlers Creek
Golf Club at Fiddlers Creek

Then you can choose the Annual Blue Invitation Membership for $4,000 each year. Plus, there are the Tarpon Club Membership Dues of $3,300.

The Creek measures 7,157 yards and has seven tee locations to accommodate golfers of all skill levels. A second highly anticipated course “The Preserve” is currently in the works.

Tarpon Private Beach Club

One of the coolest things about Fiddlers Creek is The Tarpon Club which is their special private beach club. It is right behind the Marco Beach Ocean Resort and has really nice white sand beaches that go on for a long way.

You can sink your feet into the sand and the amazing team there will take care of everything for you. They will give you towels and umbrellas so you can relax even more. At The Tarpon Club they also have super fun wine tastings, beach parties at different times in the year.

There are also really fancy places to eat and dinners where you can watch the sunset. And don’t forget there are private locker and changing places where both guys and girls can change and keep their things safe.

Smiling women relaxing drinking beverage
Smiling women relaxing while drinking beverage

Spa at Fiddlers Creek

Nothing refreshes and relaxes like a visit to Fiddlers Creek Naples FL spas. Everyone enjoys relaxing, even if it is just to rest their bodies and minds and recharge their batteries.

When you have spent a busy day with everyone in the community, treat yourself to a soothing massage at the spa in the clubhouse.

This fancy spa has everything. They do nice facials, full body wraps and lots more to help you relax. Fiddlers Creek is always buzzing with fun.

At different times in the year they have lots of events for everyone. There are family gatherings, charity parties and many other cool things to enjoy.

Woman with long straight hair sitting bath full rose resting home doing spa
Woman with long straight hair sitting bath full rose resting home doing spa


Residents of Fiddlers Creek have access to first rate tennis facilities including six Har-Tru tennis courts four of which are lit for evening play. A full calendar of events is organized by a USTA certified staff which includes seminars, round robins, instructional clinics and USTA men’s and women’s league play.

Tennis Court in Fiddlers Creek Naples FL
Beautiful athletes posing tennis court

Clubhouse & Pool

The big club which is 54,000 square feet has lots of cool stuff for members. There are waterfalls where you can swim underneath, pools that look like lagoons and have slides to make you feel like a kid again.

There are also some places to eat right by the pool. And if you want to enjoy live music and dancing at night they have got that too.

You can find all kinds of places to eat in the clubhouse. Some are relaxed and casual, while others are fancier and more formal.

Fiddlers Creek Surrounding Area

Fiddlers Creek is in a really great spot in Naples. It is close to Marco Island and not too far from Alligator Alley if you want to visit Miami for a day. Everything is nearby which makes life easier for you. In just a short 30 minute drive you can reach Fort Myers where there are amazing places to eat, big shopping malls and cool things to do.

Fiddlers Creek beautiful surrounding area
Fiddlers Creek beautiful surrounding area

You can also watch shows at the Broadway Palm Dinner Theater or the Barbara B. Mann Performing Arts Hall. Living in Fiddlers Creek is like living in a super fancy golf community that’s won awards. It is a place where you can relax, have fun with your friends and live life the way you want.

Bottom Line

Finally, Fiddlers Creek Naples FL provides its residents with a luxurious and diverse lifestyle as well as a variety of world class facilities and amenities. The community is known for its golf courses, club & spa, dining options, pools, tennis courts, beach access, nature trails, marina, social events and security. It also has a variety of housing options such as homes, villas, homes and condominiums. Fiddlers Creek is an excellent choice for those looking for a high end lifestyle in a beautiful setting. Thanks to its prime location in Naples Florida and its abundance of amenities and activities.