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Are There Mountains in Florida?

Are There Mountains in Florida?

Mountains in Florida: As a Florida resident, you’re well aware of just how close to sea level your state is (hello, hurricane season!). Plus, every year without fail your out-of-town family members visit and make extensive comments about how straight all the roads are.

You get it: you live in a flat state. But all of this talk also has you wondering: are there mountains in Florida? And if there are, where the heck are they?

Well, listen up because we’ve got the answer for you and it isn’t as cut and dry as you might think.

Florida has 238 named mountains. But while these may be named “peaks,” none of these mountains remotely resemble the ones you get out North or West (or heck, even in Georgia!).

Some of these mountains do, however, feature recreational activities and scenic views of the country below. One or two of these peaks is even steep enough that you can get a good workout while “summiting.”

Ready to elevate your knowledge of Florida mountains? Below we’ll discuss some of the highest points in Florida and how you can experience them for yourself.

 Britton Hill - Are There Mountains in Florida?

Britton Hill is the tallest mountain in Florida, sitting at a “whopping” 345 feet above sea level. To put its height into perspective, this mountain is shorter than the shortest of skyscrapers (the minimum height for a building to be considered a skyscraper is 492 feet).

Britton Hill is located on the panhandle close to the Florida-Alabama border. Upon arriving at Lakewood Park, where the “mountain” is located, you can park in a paved lot and then head out for a short hike. This park has an approximately one-mile-long hike (technically .9 miles), making it a great stop for anyone who wants the accomplishment of being to the highest point in a state without having to put in a whole lot of work for it.

To maximize your bragging rights, be sure to take a picture next to the park’s monument indicating it’s the highest point in Florida.

  • Oak Hill

 Oak Hill - Are There Mountains in Florida?

Oak Hill is located in Washington County. This mountain is considered to be the second-highest in Florida, at 331 feet above sea level. Unlike Britton Hill, however, there is not an established marker or trail leading to the highest point of the hill.

If you’re itching to go for a hike, however, there are some trails nearby in Chipley, Florida that may suit your needs. These trails include hikes at the nearby Econfina Creek and Falling Waters State Park.

  • High Hill

The third-highest point of elevation is located close to the second-highest. High Hill sits in the same county as Oak Hill (Washington County). It is aptly named High Hill because, like the other “mountains” on our list, this one is more hill-like in nature. This mountain rises 323 feet above sea level.

While High Hill may not feature an abundance of recreational activities. It’s located close to Falling Waters State Park, which features the state’s tallest waterfall. During your visit to the park, you can camp, hike, and fish to your heart’s content. The park entry fee is $5 per vehicle and the park is open 365 days a year.

  • Sugarloaf Mountains in Florida

 Sugarloaf Mountains - Are There Mountains in Florida?

While Sugarloaf Mountain may not be the highest peak in Florida, it’s one of the best-known. This mountain is 312 feet above sea level and features an out-and-back hike on a paved road that is well-used by bikers, hikers, and walkers.

Many people come here to use the 1.8 miles of paved road to train for races, whether that’s biking or running. Upon arriving at the peak, you can see views of the Florida countryside. On a clear day, you can even catch a glimpse of Orlando’s skyline. Nearby is Green Mountain Scenic Overlook, another great place to get a different perspective on Florida’s countryside.

  • Mount Trashmore Mountains in Florida

Mount Trashmore - Are There Mountains in Florida?

Mount Trashmore is perhaps the most unique of the mountains on our list. Its namesake tells you much of what you need to know about the mountain…

Mount Trashmore is not a naturally-occurring mountain but rather a man-made feature that sits more than 200 feet tall. Given that this is in line with the height of many of Florida’s other “mountains,”. We couldn’t help but include it on our list. Plus, unlike the other mountains listed, this one can continue getting taller!

Mount Trashmore is located in the Monarch Hill Energy Park, which is north of Miami and south of Boca Raton. Given that this mountain is located within a landfill. It’s not regularly open to the public (and, let’s be frank here: why would you choose to hike around a bunch of trash. When you could instead opt for the far more scenic Sugarloaf Mountain nearby?).


Now that you’ve learned about the various high points in Florida. The next time someone asks you “are their mountains in Florida” you can answer them yourself! You may even consider bringing your out-of-town family to one or two of these places in the future so they can see for themselves that Florida isn’t all flat.