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Art Festivals in Jacksonville: Celebrating Creativity and Cultural Delights

Art Festivals in Jacksonville

There are number of Art Festivals in Jacksonville happening throughout the year. Jacksonville Art festival calendar is always packed with crafty marketplaces, open gallery tours, Broadway theater productions and more.
There is something for everyone in Jacksonville Art Festivals. People can buy unique Art and Craft and many more antiques here.

Weekly and Monthly many Arts centric event hosts in Jacksonville. In annual festival literary and culinary arts are displayed. These events promote local art and talent. You can also have great meals from the food vendors and can enjoy live music. These events also help Jacksonville in economy and tourism activities.

Top 5 Best Art Festivals in Jacksonville

Let’s have a look at some beautiful art from these Art Festivals in Jacksonville:

Downtown Art Walk

Downtown Art Walk happens on every first Wednesday of the month. This is a free self-guided gallery tour. You can enjoy pop-up galleries, live music, arts marketplaces and can grab a meal from food trucks from this tour walk. If you want to win gift cards or Jacksonville swag then you should visit Downtown Visitor Center. Since 2003 this event has promoted and celebrated community talent.

Art Festivals in Jacksonville

Between 5 to 9 p.m. you can explore James Weldon Johnson Park, Melanin Market, The Jessie and all the other public art and businesses. You can also visit museum, galleries from The Breezeway at VyStar Tower. If you are hungry then you can have beautiful dining at restaurants. To have drinks there also are bars in between your tour route.

Art in the Garden Festival

You will find creativity in every single piece displayed in Art in the Garden Festival at Jacksonville Zoo and Gardens. This 2 days Art Festivals in Jacksonville give you a path to explore intriguing art, living pictures and curated music in beautiful garden. Just have a walk and see the beautifully displayed pieces of art and painting by different artists.

Art in the Garden Festival gives a variety of arts you can buy to enhance the beauty of your house. You can also gift any of these art pieces to your friends and family. Apart from art, food and drinks are also available here.

In the warm weather local shop vendors play live music so their guests can have a great time while having meal.

Jacksonville Beach Art Walk

On every second Tuesday of every month Jacksonville Beach Art Walk showcases the precious talent of number of local artists and businesses. Happening in “1st St from Beach Blvd north to 5th Ave N” this event timing is 5 pm to 9 pm. You can enjoy live music from the different participating businesses. Some of the participating business are:

  • Ocean Grille
  • Surfer the Bar
  • Beachside Swimwear
  • The Pier Cantina & Sandbar
  • Sneakers Sports Grille

Art Festivals in Jacksonville

For more than six years Jax Beach Arts Market has shown work of local artists to the people and tourists. The sole purpose of this market is displaying Art. You can have a great time with your family in this family friendly event. Artists can apply for vendors by online applications. With pet friendly environment there is no admission fee at Jacksonville Beach Art Walk.

Arts For All Festival

Arts for All Festival is an annual 4 days Art Festivals in Jacksonville. This festival gives opportunities to disabled children to come and show their Arts. More than 1,300 students with differing abilities come here to enjoy this amazing event. Started in 1995 this event has given space to creative students to show their interest to their teachers and families. From unique art you can also have a look at gardens or can experience music at the Museum.

Students whose minds are only bound tio classroom and book can explore a lot from this event. Looking at others’ art encourages these kids to make something new. The curiosity of how this and that art is made opens a great path in their minds. Children learn a lot from this event so take your children to the Arts For All Festival. Do encourage your kid if they show interest in any art. In this way they feel free and can learn more.

Mandarin Art Festival

For 50 past years, the Mandarin Art Festival has showcased the work of fine artists from Jacksonville and throughout the nation. Organized and hosted by the Mandarin Community club, this is a non-profit art festival. The sole purpose of this art festival is preservation and beautification of Mandarin. To provide knowledge of Mandarin cultural and recreational life they provide educational forums to visitors.

Art Festivals in Jacksonville

They display some of the most authentic pieces of furnishings and other memorabilia. The Mandarin Museum & Historical Society will be there to help you and guide you throughout event. One thing that you need to remember is that you can also visit Children’s Art Show and the Green Market while you are visiting Mandarin Art Festival.


To sum up, there are number of Art Festivals in Jacksonville happening every month. You can buy different art and antiques from these festivals. Make sure to take your children to the Arts for All Festival. Over 1300 students gather here to show their art. Your children will have a great chance to explore their minds here. You can also display your work of arts at these Art Festivals in Jacksonville.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is an Art Festival?

Art festival is the representation of cultural highlights in an area, city or country. It can be in form of art, dance, music and craft.

What happens in an Art Festival?

Art festival is an event where different art objects and antiques are gathered for a small period of time. Festival can be about single theme, or it can be combination of different regions’ arts.

What are the best Art Festivals happening in Jacksonville?

there are number of Art Festivals happens every month in Jacksonville. Some of the best Art Festivals are:

  • Mandarin Art Festival
  • Art in the Garden Festival
  • Downtown Art Walk
  • Jacksonville Beach Art Walk