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Best Italian Restaurants in Jacksonville: Authentic Cuisine and Delightful Flavors

Italian Restaurants in Jacksonville

Italian and Mediterranean have a big influence in Jacksonville history and culture. We can see this influence in today’s Jacksonville cuisine. Mediterranean brings different styles of pasta, handcrafted ziti, olives and cavatelli from Italy to Jaclsonville. We can still see that in these days and the fact that this has also brought many peoples together. Italian style Pizza, pasta or meatballs can be hard to find without proper guidance. Here we will give you best restaurants to have amazing Italian dining experience.

There are lots of Italian Restaurants in Jacksonville to kill your craving. These restaurants give you dishes cooked with fresh ingredients. Whether you are looking for homemade style pasta or or sausages you will have it in Italian Restaurants in Jacksonville. Best restaurants will start with appetizers and then give you the whole meal with a sweet italian dessert at the end. From specialized chefs you will have the traditional taste of Italian dishes coming down from generation to generation.

Top 5 Best Italian Restaurants in Jacksonville

To have delicious Italian cuisine here is the list of top 5 best Italian Restaurants in Jacksonville:

Enza’s Italian Restaurant

Enza’s Italian Restaurant is a family friendly restaurant in Jacksonville giving authentic traditional style cuisine to their guests. If you are going to have a look from outside, this restaurant isn’t gonna look so lavish or Italian but when you have your first foot inside this restaurant you will know how beautiful this restaurant is from inside. With white tablecloths, dim lighting, calm environment and smell of freshly cooked Italian food, you will know why this restaurant is popular with people who love Italian cuisine. Italian Restaurants in Jacksonville

With beautiful environment, Enza’s Italian Restaurant offers lots of Italian food in their menu. You would not regret starting your dining with iconic Pomodoro Caprese. Meat lovers will have a great experience in this restaurant as they serve Italian sausage and meatballs platter covered with mozzarella cheese. Their menu doesn’t just end here! You will have Italian style Pasta, Pizza, seafood and more. You can also have their classic taste of gnocchi, fettuccine, ravioli, alfredo, penne caprese and lasagna at Enza’s Italian Restaurant. Your mood will be delighted with live performances of finest Jacksonville musicians.

Maggiano’s Little Italy

Maggiano’s Little Italy is one of best Italian restaurants in Jacksonville that will give you freshly cooked Italian cuisine. Their taste of food will kill anyone’s hunger as they have something for everyone. Even though they dine in small places, they do offer catering services. This is a place to take your Italian date for a romantic date. With private banquet rooms read you can book private events at this Italian restaurant. Don’t worry if for some reason you can’t dine at restaurant then you can take your food to enjoy at home.

Their menu is filled with delicious Italian dishes. They are best when it comes to serving authentic Southern Italian cuisine. Maggiano’s Little Italy has its aim to make your dining experience memorable. Some of the most famous and delicious dishes from their diverse menu are Fresh fish, prime steaks, homemade pasta, special salads and delectable desserts. With 270 seat dining room, Maggiano’s Little Italy gives a large space for festive gatherings, group lunches and romantic dinners. When weather is nice you can also dine at one of their two outdoor terraces of this restaurant.


If you want to have modern and classic taste of Italian dishes, then Taverna is the best place for you. Traditional Italian recipes are updated to modern interpretations giving delicious taste. They use seasonal ingredients and have local meat. This makes their menu different from others. You will have delicious Italian cuisine with every season at this restaurant. Taverna also has great beverage collection to keep you fresh and alive. Italian Restaurants in Jacksonville

This modern Italian restaurant has a diverse menu by season. Their brick-oven pizzas are most popular among visitors. With Sam Efron’s menu made from seasonal ingredients you will have some of the great Italian cuisine. They give a beautiful sitting environment to their guests. Taverna is also known for its award-winning wine list. You will forever remember taste of their handcrafted cocktails. On their takeout hours you can order food online and have it at your home.

Midtown Table

Midtown Table is best restaurant to have modern Italian dishes. It is the place where you will have daily handmade bread and pasta. Your night will be memorable after having dinner at this beautiful Italian Restaurant in Jacksonville. Midtown serves Italian inspired dinner, weekend brunch, lunch with high quality craft cocktails. They give a perfect environment for family and friends to come dine and make memories. You can also have a great time while playing fire pits and yard games.

You can enjoy diverse Italian cuisine in peaceful environment of Midtown Table. Their homemade pasta is most popular among their visitors. You will have a unique taste from each of their house made pasta. They also serve burrata cheese, house made bread. If you are hungry for sausage then they also have bean hummus with Italian sausage for you. With Italian sausage pepper, white wine and cream sauce, you will have a complete Italian Dining at Midtown Table.

Al Dente’s

Al Dente’s owner Mounsif Ghninou started his story in 1983 as a chef in Italian restaurant in Boston’s North End. In 1993 Mounsif and Adel Semmar opened 40 seat Italian bistro in downtown of Fleet Street. Italian Restaurants in Jacksonville

It was a great success as in 1997 and 1998 they got Yankee Magazine’s Editor’s Pick award. This is not it they also have been No.1 for 5 years. In a national independent survey, they made it to list of “Best of Best” Italian restaurants. After they moved to Florida, they decided to open Al Dente’s Ristorante Italiano to bring the delicious taste here.


To sum up, there are number of Italian Restaurants in Jacksonville serving delicious Italian cuisine. From traditional to modern you will have unique Italian taste. Their restaurant will provide you delicious Italian flavored pasta and more. From the peaceful environment and unique dishes you will have a complete Italian cuisine in these restaurants. With Italian dishes they also serve number of wines to enhance mood of their guests.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why are Italian restaurants famous?

Italian restaurants are famous first and foremost because of their flavors. Freshest ingredients, fragrant herbs and straightforward sauces are used to make good Italian meals. With top chefs putting their magic into dishes you have a unique taste. That is why they are famous.

What are best Italian Restaurants in Jacksonville?

These are some of the best Italian restaurants you will find in Jacksonville:

  • Enza’s Italian Restaurant
  • Al Dente’s
  • Taverna
  • Maggiano’s Little Italy

Why do Americans love Italian cuisine?

The quality and taste of Italian cuisine are the reasons why Americans love Italian cuisine. Italian food is also healthy.