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Best Korean Restaurants in Jacksonville: Explore the Delights of Korea

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Jacksonville has a great food sense for those seeking a taste of Korea. This city offers a range of Korean restaurants. These restaurants are famous because of their delicious taste, rich spices and unique food techniques. They provide a great dining experience into the world of Korean food. From sizzling BBQ at Kim’s Korean BBQ to traditional food.

At Gangnam Korean Restaurant and Sam Won Garden these are the best Korean restaurants in Jacksonville. They promise to take guests on a delightful journey of taste and textures. If you are a fan of hearty grilled meats, comforting stews or savory side dishes these restaurants are sure to satisfy your cravings.

Top 5 Best Korean Restaurants in Jacksonville

To have a perfect Korean dining experience here is the list of Top 5 Best Korean Restaurants in Jacksonville:

  • Kim’s Korean BBQ
  • Gangnam Korean Restaurant
  • Koryo Korean BBQ
  • Sam Won Garden Korean Restaurant
  • Hana Korean Restaurant

Kim’s Korean BBQ

Kim’s Korean BBQ is a famous restaurant in Jacksonville because of its traditional Korean BBQ experience. It offers a wide selection of meats and traditional side dishes like kimchi and bibimbap. This restaurant provides a grill at each table for a fun and memorable dining experience. Their meals are served with many small dishes called banchan. They served homemade Bulgogi, Bibimbap and pan seared Mundu to create a family friendly environment.

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If you want to taste new Korean dishes Kim’s Korean BBQ is one of the best Korean restaurants in Jacksonville. They also provide traditional Korean dishes such as kimchi pickled vegetables and steamed rice. This amazing Korean restaurant provides a live grill on each table. That enhances their dining experience and allows guests to cook personally according to their needs.

Gangnam Korean Restaurant

Gangnam Korean Restaurant in Jacksonville is a popular dining spot that offers a delightful taste of Korean dishes. With its inviting atmosphere and good service, it has a positive reputation among locals and visitors both. The menu at Gangnam Korean Restaurant offers a variety of classic Korean dishes including bulgogi, galbi and spicy tofu stew.

Each dish is carefully prepared using natural ingredients. They use traditional cooking techniques to deliver a rich and tasty dining experience. Guests appreciate the friendly service provided by the staff. If you are a Korean food lover or looking to explore new things Gangnam Korean Restaurant is a fantastic choice to indulge in the vibrant and delicious world of Korean food.

Koryo Korean BBQ

Koryo Korean BBQ is a well-known and highly regarded restaurant in Jacksonville that specializes in Korean BBQ. They offers a wide variety of dishes, and you will have the opportunity to grill a wide selection of meats, seafood and vegetables on their table. They provide a variety of traditional Korean side dishes called banchan. It offers pickled vegetables, kimchi, tofu and main BBQ dishes to enhance the overall dining experience.

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These restaurant attentive and friendly staff members are famous for their helpfulness and knowledge of the menu. They are happy to assist guests especially those who may be unaware of Korean BBQ. This restaurant is a popular destination for both casual diners and those looking to celebrate special occasions.

Hana Korean Restaurant

With cozy atmosphere, Hana Korean Restaurant serves a great variety of Korean food. The menu at Hana Korean Restaurant has a variety of traditional Korean food including bulgogi, bibimbap and Korean style fried chicken. Each dish is prepared with care and fresh ingredients to create a memorable dining experience.

Hana Korean Restaurant offers a great Korean style fried chicken, which features a crispy exterior and succulent meat. They serve this popular dish with a variety of flavored sauces like soy garlic or spicy gochujang. You can select the flavor of sauces according to your palate and choice. Guests can enjoy the hospitality and great service ensuring a comfortable and enjoyable visit.

Sam Won Garden Korean Restaurant

Sam Won Garden Korean Restaurant is a well-established restaurant in Jacksonville. They offer a diverse menu of Korean food. It is situated in a convenient location. Sam Won Garden has gained a reputation on behalf of its delicious dishes and wonderful hospitality.

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The menu at Sam Won Garden has a variety of Korean classic dishes like bulgogi, bibimbap and hot pots. Each dish is carefully prepared using traditional recipes by using high quality ingredients.


To sum up, there are number of best Korean restaurants in Jacksonville. These restaurants offer a variety of traditional Korean dishes. From the interactive grilling experience at Kim’s Korean BBQ to the diverse menu and great services at Gangnam Korean Restaurant. There are options to satisfy all taste buds. Each of these restaurants has a unique and enjoyable Korean dishes experience in Jacksonville. Those who are looking for a taste of Korea’s traditional food then restaurants that we discussed above are the Best Korean Restaurants in Jacksonville.