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Best Naples Fishing Spots

Naples Fishing

Naples Fishing is a place to fulfill your fish catching dreams. You can catch a variety of fish at several fishing spots and the beautiful shorelines will lift your spirits. They provide you a fishing captions to help and guide you throughout your stay. With their assistance you do not need a fishing license.

Many locals and tourists come here for fishing. They provide Deep sea party boat fishing, Naples charter boats, Calm bay private charter, and more. Fish are available year round in Naples Florida. But the spring between May and September is the greatest time to go Naples fishing.

Because a greater variety of fish gathers at that time of the season. You can catch a variety of fish some are Grouper, Amberjack, Flounder, Sheepshead, Pompano, Snook, Tarpon and more.

5 Best Naples Fishing Spots

Naples Florida is the best fishing place for wild fishermen. I have created a list of 5 best places for fishing in Naples Florida.

Ms. B. Haven Charters

Ms. B. Haven Charters provide comfortable custom rides on fully customized boats. With both inshore and offshore fishing Ms. B. Haven Charters is one of the best fishing spots in Naples Florida. Their professionally licensed captions will guide you throughout your visit and will help you catch a variety of unique fish.

Providing services for over 30 years, Ms. B. Haven Charters is popular for luxury custom boats and one of the most common fishes here are Ladyfish, Snook, Redfish, Drum and more.

Gordon River

Gordon River has a wide and large area which gives an opportunity to catch big fish. It is located in the center of Tin City giving you a place to rest your head and satisfy your fishing desire. Thanks to their larger, more comfortable docks, here you will be able to travel to deeper waters.

Portrait old man Catching fishes
Portrait old man Catching fishes

As deep water is home to various big fishes you will have higher chances to catch bigger fishes. One of the most frequently caught fishes is mangrove snapper, Kingfish, Common snook, Crevalle jack and Red drum.

Naples Fishing Pier

Naples Fishing pier is one of the most historic fishing piers in Naples Florida. This fishing spot has a rich history. It offers a sunset view that will lighten your day.

One of the most precious features of this pier is you can watch dolphins. The months that dolphin sightings are most likely to occur are April and June.

Dolphin playing with ball
Dolphin playing with ball

Many people come here to watch dolphins. Naples fishing pier is known to catch different species like sharks, sting rays, grouper and other amazing and unique fish.

Fort Myers Beach Pier

Fort Myers Beach Pier is a location to relax and take in the natural beauty in addition to being a spot to catch fish. Whether you are watching people, taking pictures or just admiring the setting sun. You will have one of the most beautiful experiences of your life here. Expanding area they are now connected to a pub.

The pier displays dolphin shows and hosts live performances of various bands and artists. They have lovely bridges to catch a variety of fish. Some of the most common catches are bait fish and sport fish.

Tigertail Beach

A place with one of the most significant habitats. Tigertail beach is a perfect Naples Fishing place to visit with the family. You Will see a variety of species there including horseshoe crabs, needlefish, sea turtles and manatees.

This place provides a lot of services like restrooms, a Picnic area with tables and grills, chairs, umbrellas, a Children’s playground, Electric Boats, cabanas, Park Attendants and Park Rangers making it the ideal family destination.

Moored yachts stand port town

Bottom Line

In short, Naples Florida is the best place to catch a wide variety of fish. With comfy Naples charter boats, Naples Florida party boat fishing and fishing guides. You will have the best fishing experience. Aside from these with picnic points, restaurants, dolphin shows and beautiful sunset it is a perfect place for a family vacation.


Is fishing allowed on Naples Pier?

You won’t require a license for Naples, Florida piers because the city maintains a general pier license. However if you fish from a private boat or from any land-based facility, you must have a license.

Is Naples Florida good for fishing?

Yes. With many fish available Naples Florida is the best place for fishing. Some of the fishing piers provide a lot of different services like dolphin shows, bands performance and more.

What are the best months for fishing in Naples?

The best months for fishing in Naples Florida are spring between May and December. You will be able to catch lots of big fish at that time.

How much do Naples fishing charters cost?

The price for fishing charters in Naples Florida is $375 to $2900. The average price for a half day is $615 and for the full day it is $1085.