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Captiva Island Restaurants: A Culinary Paradise by the Sea

Captiva Island Restaurants

Are you wondering which are the best Captiva Island restaurants? Wonder no more. In this article we will discuss what to eat and what to drink on Captiva Island.

This beautiful small island in southwest Florida is known for its natural beaches, relaxed atmosphere and diverse food options.

It is connected to Sanibel by a bridge with a water inlet running between them. You will find this Island much more peaceful than Sanibel.

Captiva Island is 4 miles long and has approximately 500 residents. Despite its size this small island has a fair share of restaurants and offers a surprising blend of flavors.

The Island restaurants are located in charming places offering breathtaking waterfront views and casual atmosphere. When the sun sets over the Gulf of Mexico these restaurants turn into heavens of food.

They are always serving up tasty meals in a lovely atmosphere, so what’s not to love? You will find a lot of food options including fresh seafood, artfully prepared gourmet dishes and cocktails.

Top 5 Captiva Island Restaurants

We’ve compiled the list of best of the best restaurants in Captiva Islands. Browse our top 5 choices for Captiva Island restaurants.

  • Key Lime Bistro
  • Old Captiva House
  • Sunshine Seafood Cafe And Wine Bar
  • The Mucky Duck
  • The Bubble Room

Key Lime Bistro

I guess you are thinking about key lime pie by reading the restaurant name? You are right. But this restaurant has much more to offer than just delicious key lime pie.

It is located in the middle of the historic Captiva Island village. This restaurant serves tasty meals from breakfast to dinner. Visitors can choose between indoor seating and outdoor areas to enjoy the Florida fresh air, food and sunshine.

Key Lime Bistro
Key Lime Bistro

Start your day at Key Lime Bistro with the tasty breakfast options such as crab cake benedict or bistro style corned beef hash and eggs. For lunch you can grab a delicious grouper sandwich.

Dinner is truly a delight here with wide ranges of dishes like key lime pasta, tender steak filet and shrimp scampi. Don’t forget to leave some room for their signature dessert key lime pie.

Old Captiva House

When it comes to the modern places to eat in Captiva this restaurant marks top position. It is one of the top dining destinations with fashionable design, classic style and delicious food.

Located at Tween Waters Island Resort & Spa the Old Captiva House is popular among the visitors and hosts special events and wedding parties.

This restaurant has a long history from one room school to a fishing camp and then turned into a restaurant for guests in 1931.

Old Captiva House is super clean and has a real coastal feel with pressed tablecloths and turquoise napkins. It is a perfect spot for families, groups of friends and couples looking for an island getaway.

Lobster Risotto
Lobster Risotto

This restaurant serves breakfast, lunch, dinner and to-go cafe items. Its dishes are mainly based on fresh seafood items of course it is known for it. But you will also find here both vegetarian/vegan friendly options as well.

According to visitors you will find the greatest breakfast in all over Captiva with dishes like shrimp sausage omelet and lobster eggs benedict. For dinner must try their famous dishes such as cioppino, chilean seabass and lobster ravioli.

Sunshine Seafood Cafe And Wine Bar

Sunshine Seafood Cafe And Wine Bar is a casual restaurant in Captiva Island with a relaxing atmosphere and a wide range of wine list.

This restaurant has both indoor and outdoor dining options for its visitors. Seating here is just limited and the crowd is a bit older in comparison with the other Captiva Island restaurants.

But still this restaurant has a family friendly atmosphere and is worth visiting with friends. Their menu includes an amazing list of seafood appetizers that are a must to try.

Sunshine Seafood Cafe And Wine Bar
Sunshine Seafood Cafe And Wine Bar

You can’t go wrong with sauteed brussels sprouts, crab cakes, sea scallops and goat cheese appetizer. The food you will find here is mostly fish based and there are also other options available.

Their menu includes world famous Florida red snapper picatta and sunshine paella. You will also love to try their other dishes like jumbo lump crab cakes, shrimp, pan fried chicken breast and wood grilled filet mignon.

The Mucky Duck

If you love being in the heart of things this is the best restaurant to eat in Captiva with live music. The Mucky Duck is an English Pub style restaurant that offers lunch and dinner to people of Captiva Island.

It is located near the beach and the best way to enjoy food here is to grab a table outside and watch the sun go down. There are so many picnic tables and chairs to choose and enjoy a drink with beautiful waterfront views.

They have an indoor dining area perfect for having lunch and dinner. Keep in mind that this restaurant doesn’t take reservations and between 3 pm-5 pm no food is served. This restaurant serves English style fish And chips Caribbean inspired Coconut Shrimp and Filet Mignon.

The Bubble Room

The Bubble Room is loved by all visitors due to its unique style and food. If you love antiques, fine decor and Christmas lights then this restaurant is only made for you.

Model trains zoom around all three floors of The Bubble Room restaurant in Captiva Island Florida. This restaurant was opened in 1979 and since then has collected unique items for display.

Homemade newyork cheesecake with lemon
Homemade newyork cheesecake with lemon

It is also great for kids with a lot of fun activities and food. You will be served by a “Bubble Scout” at this restaurant. The best thing about this restaurant is their amazing homemade cakes.

My favorite is the Orange Crunch Cake which is sweet, fruity, soft and tasty. They serve delicious lunch and dinner menu items and the favorites are the French Onion Soup and Bubble Bread.

Bottom Line

Captiva Island restaurants are truly foodies paradise with modern interior, best views, tasty food and calm atmosphere. You will love Key Lime Bistro’s sweet treat key lime pie and Sunshine Seafood Cafe And Wine Bar’s sunshine paella dish.

The unique and fun atmosphere of The Bubble Room will make you amazed and you will love to visit again and again. So don’t miss the chance to taste unique flavors of these restaurants in Captiva Island Florida.

You are definitely going to remember these restaurants for the best water views and the fresh air of the Gulf of Mexico.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are the Captiva Island restaurants family friendly?

Yes most of the restaurants in Captiva Island are family friendly with tasty food, best views and calm atmosphere.

Do Captiva Island restaurants require reservations?

Yes some restaurants in Captiva Island require reservations while the others do not. As The Mucky Duck restaurant we mentioned above does not take reservations.

What are the top 3 restaurants in Captiva Island?

According to me the top 3 restaurants in Captiva Island are given Below:

  • Cantina Captiva
  • Latte Da Coffee Shop And Deli
  • RC Otter’s

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