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Discover the Best Seafood in Jacksonville: Top Restaurants and Dishes

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As we all know Jacksonville is the biggest city in Florida. Being the biggest city, you will also find diverse cultures in all Jacksonville societies. The city has a great influence from Mediterranean and Latin as they came into the city in 1900s. You will find many cultural restaurants in Jacksonville like Japanese, Korean, Italian and more. But none can defy the taste of seafood available in Jacksonville. Jacksonville has 5 major beaches and fishermen catch fresh fishes from the shores of these beaches and Atlantic Ocean every day.

During your visit you will find best seafood in Jacksonville. The luxury and professional seafood chefs give great taste to all the seafood. All the seafood dishes are made from fresh ingredients taken from local fishermen farmers. With seafood many restaurants also provide a beautiful view of ocean. These restaurants are best to have a romantic date, especially if your partner loves seafood. There is not a specific seafood district or street, but you will find best seafood throughout the city.

Many people especially come to this beautiful city to have a luxurious taste of their seafood. Restaurants not only master seafood but also offer a wide variety of wines and cocktails. With an elegant, peaceful and casual dining environment your money will be worth it. But I guess it is hard to find the best hidden seafood restaurants but don’t worry we are here to give best restaurants from where you will have best seafood in Jacksonville.

Top 5 Best Best Seafood in Jacksonville

Too have delicious seafood experience here is the list of top 5 seafood places in Jacksonville:

Blue Fish Restaurant and Oyster Bar

The Blue Fish Restaurant and Oyster Bar is located in one of the highest standing neighborhoods of Jacksonville “Avondale”. From minutes away from downtown Jacksonville this restaurant offers a wide variety of fresh seafood cooked by their creative chefs. Some of the best seafood they serve includes Seared Scallop, oysters, steaks, Shrimp White Cheddar Mac and freshly caught fishes. For people with little appetite there are light plate options available. The best time to dine in this restaurant is 3 to 6:30 pm.

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Blue Fish Restaurant and Oyster Bar is also popular for their diverse, unique and affordable wine collection. With two bars and a late-night club you can have a great time with your partner and friends. Their environment is best for casual dining with friends, business and family. To have privacy there are also up to 70 seat private dining rooms available in this restaurant.

Salt Life Food Shack

At beach you must need seafood and there is no better place other than Salt Life Food Shack. This modest restaurant has a diverse seafood menu. With seafood they also have other options like sushi, tacos and burgers which is best for childrens. One of the most famous seafood of this restaurant is fried shrimp. While you enjoy your meal you can also have a great view of ocean. You can capture the simple and classic lifestyle of Jacksonville Beach.

Salt Life Food Shack is quite popular, you will see many branches of this restaurant all around Florida. But the one in Jacksonville Beach is on another level because of its natural view of ocean and seafood made by brilliant chefs. There is no less variety for you so try their Hawaiian wings, avocado fries and other intriguing side dishes. Raw foods and sushi rolls are also available in this restaurant. With a few blocks from the beach the prices at Salt Life Food Shack are also suitable. Depending on your taste they serve seafood dishes with both Asian and Spanish flavor.

Safe Harbor Seafood Restaurant

Located in the Mayport neighborhood, this restaurant is quite family among locals as well as tourists. This restaurant is popular for seafood and has been topping charts for the best seafood restaurant in the city. They provide both dine in and takeout service to their customers. They used fresh ingredients, and it would not be wrong to say their food comes straight from sea to your mouth.freshly cooked lobster

By their incredible service and delicate seafood, they often get featured in different magazines. With fresh lobster, shrimp, clams, scallops and tuna they provide best seafood in Jacksonville. Their chefs know what you need and cook exactly what you want. All of their dishes are fully boiled, fried and grilled. With your meal you can have a look at the beautiful environment of Mayport.

Dockside Seafood Restaurant Jax Beach

Dockside Seafood Restaurant Jax Beach is a creative seafood restaurant located on the eastern side of Jacksonville Beach Boat Ramp. They are particularly famous for their traditional taste in dishes like platters of calamari, shrimp and scallops. With the stunning view of outside sitting we recommend you should dine outside. With their top quality fresh ingredients we are guaranteed that you will cherish the taste of their every seafood dish.

Serving at Dockside Seafood Restaurant Jax Beach is fast so feel free and relaxed with their fast casual experience. They always try their best to give excellent treatment even in rush hours. Indoor and outdoor seating both available but as we said earlier you should dine outside to have a beautiful view of ocean. The majority of meals at Dockside Seafood Restaurant Jax Beach come with big servings, so if you are a visitor you should dine at this restaurant to kill your hunger after making memories whole day.

RP’s Fine Food and Drink

RP’s Fine Food and Drink is a favorite seafood restaurant of neighborhood, and they are quite popular with the tourists with their pure taste. Like other best seafood restaurants this also uses fresh ingredients to cook their meals. During your visit you should try their popular dish like crab cakes. And ready your taste buds to have their special fish-based dishes from experienced chefs.

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Both lunch and dinner are available at RP’s Fine Food and Drink. With their professional service and experience you will have a perfect meal whether you are here for lunch or dining. There are also TVs fitted in different sites of this restaurant so if you like to watch while you drink this restaurant is calling you in its own way. Atmosphere of this restaurant is also calm and friendly where you can relax. At the end you also have a good parking space.


To sum up, there are lots of places to have the best seafood in Jacksonville. All of the restaurants use fresh ingredients for their meals. Ocean is near so some of them give fresh seafood and it would not be wrong to say their food comes straight from sea to your mouth. With delicious seafood you also have a relaxing environment. At Dockside Seafood Restaurant Jax Beach you can dine and have a beautiful view of ocean. From calamari, shrimp to scallops and oysters you will have best seafood in Jacksonville.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does Jacksonville have good seafood?

Being connected to ocean, Jacksonville is a great place to have seafood. Restaurants in Jacksonville use fresh fish taken from local fishermen to cook seafood dishes. From calamari, shrimp to scallops and oysters you will have the best seafood in Jacksonville.

What are the best seafood restaurants in Jacksonville?

Jacksonville is known for its delicious and fresh seafood dishes and here is the list of best seafood restaurants in Jacksonville:

  • Blue Fish Restaurant and Oyster Bar
  • Safe Harbor Seafood Restaurant
  • Dockside Seafood Restaurant Jax Beach

What are the best seafood dishes in Jacksonville?

Known for its freshly cooked seafood Jacksonville has variety of seafood dishes available and some of them are:

  • Shrimp
  • Scallop
  • Oysters
  • Calamari