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Discover the Finest 5 Star Restaurants in Jacksonville for an Unforgettable Dining Experience

Italian Restaurants in Jacksonville

Jacksonville is the largest city in Florida with a diverse culture and with diverse culture it has lots of different cultural restaurants. When we look at other cities, they have a specific food street or a famous restaurant district. In Jacksonville you will find number of famous restaurants throughout the city. These restaurants in Jacksonville provide a wide range of dining options. You can have elegant dining at 5 Star Restaurants in Jacksonville. There are lots of 5 Star Restaurants in Jacksonville and you dine in all at once but we are here to help you with it.

Jacksonville is famous for their seafood with French, Brazilian and Mediterranean influences. Locally fresh-grown ingredients and special recipes made a perfect dish. Whether you are looking for traditional dishes or modern dishes, restaurants in Jacksonville will give you all. You will find all kinds of restaurants in Jacksonville like. From Korean, Italian, Japanese, to French, Mexican, Indian you will have all kinds of restaurants in Jacksonville. But in this article, we will discuss some of the best 5 Star Restaurants in Jacksonville.

Top Rated 4 Star Restaurants in Jacksonville

To have a premium and most comfortable dining experience you should visit these top rated 4 Star Restaurants in Jacksonville:

Matthew’s Restaurant

Located in the center of the San Marco, Matthew’s Restaurant is known for its luxurious dining experience. Their highly qualified chefs serve delicious French and Mediterranean dishes cooked from fresh ingredients. Beautiful, luxurious and peaceful environment makes this restaurant best place to have dinner with family and friends. This silent and peaceful environment is also best for business discussions.

Matthew’s Restaurant’s diverse menu has variety of creative dishes like Maine Diver Scallops, Grove Farm Lamb Loin and Air-Dried Duck Breast. With combining fresh and aromatic ingredients your taste buds will be delighted with these delicious dishes. You will also find lots of American, Asian and French dishes in their menu. Matthew also has a large collection of wines which is served with their menu. At the end do have a look at their amazing dessert options. Whether it’s your time or you are a regular customer, their taste will never disappoint you.


Orsay is quite popular among locals and tourists. During your visit you will hear alot about this 5 Star restaurant that will make you wonder why this place is so special. Only way to find out why is to visit this restaurant.
Restaurant Orsay is a French restaurant in Jacksonville that serves delicious French cuisine to their guests. Traditional style of their dishes will delight your taste buds.

One of the most popular dishes at Orsay is Scallop Crudo. The scallop’s soft and creamy texture with delightful crunch by the radish is also available at this restaurant. Hearty meatloaf favorites like foie gras, pate and escargots will intensify the beauty of your appetite. Do try Vanilla Bean Creme Brulee or a vibrant Macaron. They are created from scratch and brimming with creative flavors by talented chefs of Orsay.


Restaurant Orsay is one of the best 5 Star Restaurants in Jacksonville for people who are looking to have relaxed and peaceful dining. Their family staff also make the environment friendly and relaxing. With elegant outside seating, wide lounge, dining room and private dining area bar this restaurant is also a perfect place for gatherings. At Orsay you can enjoy chic handcrafted cocktails at their raw bar.


The Salt is a AAA 5-Diamond restaurant in Jacksonville that serves rich and delicious foods with ingredients taken from the ocean and marshes surrounding the hotel. They serve their guest food from properly seasoned, simple elements from the earth and sea. Their dishes are beautifully displayed with a pair of wine.

Coast offers a unique taste of coastal cuisine. The menu is seasonal which includes salads, small plates, seafood and steaks. They also offer the delicious breakfast buffet. They have a casual atmosphere for lunch, dinner and drinks. At Lobby Lounge you can have a little talk with your friends or have specialty drinks with live music and dancing. For soft and cold drinks they offer fresh juices, handcrafted smoothies and milkshakes. At the Dune Bar you can have signature cocktails and local beers. This restaurant also provides space for social or business events in its luxury environment.


Taverna is an Italian restaurant in Jacksonville. They serve traditional Italian dishes with modern interpretations that give delicious taste. The ingredients used at this restaurant are fresh and seasonal. This makes their menu unique and different from other 5 Star Restaurants in Jacksonville. With a great beverage collection, you will feel fresh and alive.

Italian Restaurants in Jacksonville

The brick oven pizzas are most popular among locals and visitors. Their head chef Sam Efron’s menu is made from seasonal ingredients. They give a luxurious sitting environment to their guests. With their great wine collection they are quite famous among locals and tourists.. Their premium wine taste is so unique that you will remember its taste forever. You can also order food online from Taverna in their take out hours.


To sum up, there are many premium 5 Star Restaurants in Jacksonville serving delicious dishes in their lavish environment. The interior of these restaurants is so mesmerizing. Many antiques can be found hanging in the walls of these restaurants. Food at these restaurants are made from fresh ingredients and the meat is taken from authentic local sellers. Staff at these restaurants are also well mannered, friendly and trained. You have different dessert choices and don’t forget about beverages. These restaurants have a wide collection of wines and cocktails.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which restaurant in Jacksonville is most popular?

The most popular restaurant in Jacksonville is none other than Restaurant Orsay. Orsay is quite popular among locals and tourists. During your visit you will hear alot about this 5 Star Restaurant. This restaurant has a diverse menu and the most popular dish at Orsay is Scallop Crudo.

What food is Jacksonville famous for?

The most famous food in Jacksonville is Gullah Geechee/Lowcountry. But you don’t need to worry you will also have other Gullah Geechee cuisine served in Jacksonville. You can also have shrimp and grits, Salmon patties, Hoppin’ John seafood boil, number of rice dishes and barbecue.

How much food costs in Jacksonville Florida?

Average Daily Costs

The average cost spent on food by residents of Jacksonville is $77 per day. But the meal prices vary greatly and according to recent tourists’ spending reports the average restaurant meal in Jacksonville cost $31 per person.