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Discover the Top 5 Things to Do in Neptune Beach for a Relaxing Getaway

Things to do in Neptune Beach

One of the most beautiful beaches in Jacksonville, The Neptune Beach is located in between the Atlantic Beach northern portion and Jacksonville Beach. With its own charm this is one the most popular tourist attractions of this area. With a beautiful natural environment, you will have a peaceful and calming day at this beach. The Neptune name for this beach came from its land dealer Eugene Gilbert back in 1885.

There are lots of fun things to do in Neptune Beach. You can visit national or state parks during your visit at this beach or can enjoy your time at the wildlife preserves. This beach is also famous for its delicious food options, festivals and abundant fairs with the pleasant weather. This beach is also known for shopping and dining activities and more. You can also go surfing at the nearby Aqua East Surf Shop.

Top 5 Best Things to do in Neptune Beach

If you want to make memories in Neptune Beach, then here the list of best Things to do in Neptune Beach:

Beaches Museum

The Beaches Museum in Jacksonville Beach preserves the history of the area. In 1968, a large neighborhood of Duval County merged but Neptune Beach Atlantic Beach and Jacksonville Beach chose to stay independent. This museum not just preserve beach local history but also give information about the History of its Science and Art evolution. As by the name this a beach museum so it’s a point you would reach easily during your visit at Neptune Beach.

Things to do in Neptune Beach

When you reach this museum, you will experience a number of exhibits and events happening in this area for several eras. You can learn a lot about Neptune Beach nature and can also have a look at the local preserves at different areas. Your time at the Neptune Beach Museum will be worth it as this museum offers different art and cultural activities throughout the year. Some of these include performances, temporary exhibitions and programs.

Brewhound Dog Park & Bar

If you are looking to have the best time with your Dog, then Brewhound is a place for you. You can have a lovely time with your friend while drinking different beverages in this park. You wouldn’t know how much time you have spent with your friend. This is the best outdoor activity you can do with your friend.

The staff of Brewhound Dog Park & Bar is so friendly. They will guide you perfectly and will take care of your Dog. Do take picnic items and park games and if you are bibliophile do bring a book to have a great time. This park covers acres of dog run areas. You will also have a number of paths that will connect you to the and give you opportunity to explore the park.

There are lots of beverage options in the bar but if you are non-alcoholic there is also coffee and other non-alcoholic drinks available in this park. With their long-term membership program who visit this park often and enjoy their time with their dogs.

Jarboe Park

Jarboe is a beautiful family friendly park located near the coast. This park is a perfect place to enjoy time in sunlight outside your house. You can do a lot of things in this park. With this peaceful environment you should bring your family for picnic. There are a number of kids spots in this park like a playground and more. Living in Neptune beach, if you are tired or bored of going on the beach again and again then this park is the perfect refreshment point for you.

Things to do in Neptune Beach

The second you have your feet in this park you will have your mind open with limitless activities. With relaxing spots, you will have your mind free from all the tension of the world. If you want to have a quality time at this park, then you should bring picnic items or park games. If you love to read books in a relaxing and quiet environment, then you should also bring Books in this park. You can go for a barefooted walk on the beautiful lawns of this park. You will also find a number of walking trails in this park that will take you to the beautiful lakes of the park. With all of the other facilities mentioned above there is also a Playground and Tennis Court available in this park.

Beaches Town Center

Beach Town Center is a major shopping, restaurant and bar center which is located in the downtown district. If you are looking for a perfect dining experience, then you should visit the Town Center. This beachfront town is also a place to relax your mind with the number of city amenities.

As mentioned above this place is perfect for dining and food. You will find a number of delicious restaurants at this place. These luxurious restaurants serve many seafood dishes, and you will also have pubs for drinking. There is a special place named Hawkers Asian Street Food that you should visit. They serve a number of traditional Asin dishes in their lovely and peaceful environment.
This place is basically a mega outdoor mall as this place is filled with a number of shops and stores. This is a place for people who like to shop a lot. This is literally the place where you will have retail therapy.

Castaway Island Preserve

One of the biggest preserves in Neptune Beach is Castaway Island Preserve. You will have a lot of things to explore on this beach and you will actually enjoy exploring here. This island covers an area of 300 acres filled with natural spots like tidal streams and marshland. In natural beauty you will lose track of time.

Things to do in Neptune Beach

With a lot of things to do in this place you should start by visiting the education center. Within their theater parameters this education center offers many programs to their visitors. Then you should explore the park walking down the boardwalks. Walking this route, you will have a chance to have a close look towards wildlife with a couple of ecosystems. There are a number of signs in this park that give information about the areas around. Explorers should stop and have a look at these signs for personal assistance. By using Kayak launch you can explore marshland as it is not accessible by foot.


To sum up, there are lots of things to do in Neptune Beach. One who loves nature should explore nature in Castaway Island Preserve. If you love shopping, then there is a free retail therapy place called Beaches Town Center. Most importantly if you want to learn the history of this place then you should visit the Beach Museum. There is something for everyone in Neptune Beach children can have playgrounds and picnic spots at its beautiful parks. With lots of fun things to do in Neptune Beach it’s the best tourist attraction you should visit.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Neptune Beach family friendly?

Neptune Beach is located in between the Atlantic Beach northern portion and Jacksonville Beach. With its own charm this is one the most popular tourist attractions of this area. This beach is family friendly and there are lots of things to do in Neptune Beach.

Is Neptune Beach nice?

Neptune Beach provides a natural environment to their guests. You will also find lots of fun things to do in Neptune Beach. With clean water and tidy waves, you will have a nice experience at Neptune Beach.

Is Neptune Beach expensive?

Neptune Beach is a little more expensive than the average as the living price at this beach is 11% then the average national living price of the USA.

Is there a shower at Neptune Beach?

Yes, there are numerous public restrooms and outdoor showers available at different places of Beach.