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Enjoy Some R&R at Inlet Beach, Florida

R&R at Inlet Beach

While we can’t bottle that feeling up for you, we can tell you that a trip to Inlet Beach, Florida is a surefire way to capture the essence of it.

Don’t you wish you could bottle up the carefree feeling that comes along with being at the beach? There’s nothing more relaxing than feeling like you’ve gotten away from it all — work, kids, school — and can simply be in the moment, gazing out into the deep blue sea.

And if you’d like to plan a trip to the area, you’re in luck. Below, we’ll share information about where Inlet Beach is located, as well as some things to do during your visit.

So, are you ready to finally get away from it all and feel just that little bit more like yourself again? Then let’s get to it!

Where is Inlet Beach, Florida?

R&R at Inlet Beach
Where is Inlet Beach, Florida

First things first: where is Inlet Beach, Florida? You won’t be able to pay a visit to the area if you don’t know where it’s located, after all!

Inlet Beach, Florida is located in Walton County on the panhandle of Florida. This beach is very close to Rosemary Beach, another wonderful beach destination that will bring you right back to feeling like you’re one with yourself (and nature!).

Before you book your trip, however, there are a few things to note. Some people occasionally mistake this beach for other beaches in Florida that have “inlet” in the name. This includes places like:

  • Sebastian Inlet Beach

  • Ponce Inlet Beach, Florida

  • Matanzas Inlet Beach

While these beaches may offer wonderful places to visit, they’re all located on the other side of the state on the Atlantic coast! Just something to keep in mind as you book your travel to the one and true Inlet Beach, Florida.

Things to Do in Inlet Beach, Florida

Now that we’ve gotten that out of the way, it’s time to cover some fun things to do in Inlet Beach, Florida!

Enjoy Inlet Beach

Enjoy Inlet Beach

First and foremost, what’s a trip to Inlet Beach without… actually visiting the beach? We’ve already established the feelings of serenity that visiting the ocean can bring, so this ought to be one of the first places on your list that you visit.

Inlet Beach is surrounded by beautiful dunes and provides an excellent opportunity to get away from it all. Whether you swim in the sea or simply bring a good book to enjoy while sunbathing, this beach provides a welcome chance to just sit and be.

Additionally, Inlet Beach borders the nearby Camp Helen State Park, which is another great destination in the area. We’ll discuss this park in more detail next!

Visit Camp Helen State Park

R&R at Inlet Beach
Visit Camp Helen State Park

Camp Helen State Park is an attraction you won’t want to miss while visiting Inlet Beach, Florida. During your visit to this 180-acre park, go for a swim at the beach or search for shells in the sand. You can also enjoy a hike on one of the park’s trails.

But what makes this park especially unique? Well, it’s home to a rare coastal dune lake, or a freshwater lake separated from the ocean only by a small chunk of sand. In fact, coastal dune lakes regularly exchange water with the ocean! While visiting this lake, you can rent kayaks or paddleboards to get right out onto the water and experience this rare geologic wonder.

Camp Helen State Park is open every day of the year from 8AM until sunset and is located at the address listed below:

Head to the 30A Farmer’s Market

R&R at Inlet Beach
Head to the 30A Farmer’s Market

And with all of this outdoor adventure, you’re bound to kick up an appetite! In addition to visiting one of the delicious restaurants or bars in Inlet Beach, Florida, you won’t want to miss the 30A Farmer’s Market. While this market is technically located in Rosemary Beach, it’s close enough to Inlet Beach that we’re going to count it anyway.

This farmer’s market is open on Sundays year-round from 9AM to 1PM. During your visit, grab some local produce or check out local artisans that may be selling their wares. One of the best things about visiting the 30A Farmer’s Market is that it provides you the chance to pick up delicious food that you can then cook up for yourself. Talk about connecting with the land around you.

The 30A Farmer’s Market is located at the address below:

  • 28 N. Barrett Square
  • Rosemary Beach, Florida 32461


Life’s stressors have a way of catching up with us after a while, but there’s no better way to alleviate them than by heading to a beachside oasis, such as Inlet Beach, Florida. Enjoy some time soaking up the sun at Inlet Beach or Camp Helen State Park, then fuel up with healthy food. What better way is there to get yourself feeling like your normal self again?