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Experience the Best of American BBQ Culture at Jacksonville BBQ Festival

Jacksonville BBQ Festival

When we are talking about food we have America in our mind. Of Course there are many cultures with different traditional dishes and food. But what makes America unique and prominent when we are talking about food is its history. Americans have always been a curious nation, who wants to innovate new things. This goes same with the food. American have mixed many things to get a better taste. Doing so they invented many delicious dishes. Whether we talk about Tacos or Hot Dogs they have the best unique classic taste in it. The cultural taste of dishes that everyone loves is going down generation by generation.

American Love for BBQ & Tradition

We are here to talk about Jacksonville BBQ Festival. Barbecue tradition! America has this tradition coming down from centuries and it won’t gonna stop as long as we have food festivals like Jacksonville BBQ Festival. Barbecue is a symbol of American Culture. Since colonial times it has become a major Southern American culture symbol. Many cultures have come and gone in American history but there is one tradition that remains the same and is tradition. We Americans just love Barbecue. No matter what comes and goes, flaming and grilling meat will be one of the best things to do for Americans.

Jacksonville BBQ Festival

Other foods like roasted turkey and ham on a special occasion like festive foods or holidays, but when it comes to barbecue it can be enjoyed on any day. It is basically a symbol to bring people together to open up and have fun at any day of year. A barbecue party normally happened in the backyards with a small or bigger gathering. This brings back the true classic American culture for food. United States has a long history of barbecue as it started from Native Americans. Festivals like Jacksonville BBQ Festival are stated to carry that tradition. You will have a lot of things to do there and if you are BBQ lover this place is a living paradise for you.

Jacksonville BBQ Festival

Jacksonville BBQ Festival is the hottest BBQ festival in South FL/GA line. This BBQ festival in Jacksonville gives a lot of things to do to their visitors. You won’t only have BBQ there are also lots of other North Florida’s greatest food trucks, restaurants with soft music, bourbon, beer and manufacturers at this festival to make your visit magical and have fun for all ages. Entry at this amazing festival is free but they appreciate $5 suggested gift to charity. You can also have a whole experience by buying the ticket for the BREWZ, BOURBON N’ BUTTS which also happens within this BBQ festival from 11am-2pm.

The 11am–2pm special sampling event which is organized by neighborhood pit & brew masters offers dishes from ten or more barbecue pit masters. Apart from the BBQ you can also enjoy craft beers from neighborhood and regional breweries. A bourbon sampling of twenty or more bourbons and artisan cocktails also available here.


There are two types of tickets available at this festival. The first one is:


Q Pit Pass ticket is for VIP experience. You will have lots of facilities to enjoy by buying this ticket. With this ticket you can enjoy yourself at three amazing Q Pit Lounges. You will also have a Pit row where you can spend 2.5 hours while enjoying these facilities:

  • Eat BBQ
  • Free beer, soda and signature cocktails
  • Unique VIP Music, raffle, desserts and more

Pit Pass also gives you access to GA Grounds Pass for a day. If you wanna have a real VIP experience you should come early and leave late to enjoy the festival at fullest. Don’t need to worry about the parking with Pit Pass you will have free parking.

Jacksonville BBQ Festival

General Admission Grounds Pass

General Admission Grounds Pass is for the normal entrance for Festival. You can enjoy whole day at Festival with this pass. There is no les fun in the general pass you can still enjoy activities like:

  • Live Music
  • BBQ Demos
  • Sponsor Activations & Activities

This pass gives you a full day to enjoy festival. You can buy BBQ, drinks available at the vendors or stalls of this festival. Parking is also free from this pass.

Live Music

This festival also features live music performances. With the famous artists many local artists also perform at this festival. This festival gives local artists a chance to show their talent and potential. They have chance to inspire people with their lyrics. Live music performances at this festival makes the environment more magical. You will have a good time enjoying live performances while having a good BBQ dish on your hand.

Jacksonville BBQ Festival


To sum up, Jacksonville BBQ Festival is a place for people who love BBQ dishes. This festival is like food heaven for them. There are lots of BBQ dishes at this Festival. Along with BBQ you will also have beer, soda and signature cocktails. If you are worried about the desert, they also have raffle and different dessert options in this festival. If you think that enough from this food festival then you are wrong. They also host Live Music performances for their visitors. So, if you are a food lover you should definitely visit this festival to enjoy food with live music.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Jacksonville BBQ Festival good for food lovers?

Yes! At this festival you will have number of unique and traditional BBQ dishes to try. These traditional American style BBQ dishes will light up your tastebuds. Apart from food they also have a number of drinks, cocktails and more.

Is Parking free at Jacksonville BBQ Festival?

Yes. Parking is free during this festival. You can have free parking from both festival passes.

Is Jacksonville BBQ Festival family friendly?

This festival brings traditional and classic tastes of America with a very peaceful family friendly environment. So you should bring your family along when coming to this festival. This festival also hosts Live Music Performances which you can enjoy with your family.