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Fishing in Jacksonville Florida

Fishing in Jacksonville Florida

As called The River City, Jacksonville Florida is widely known for its fishing spot and the wide variety of fishes. Many locals and tourists go to fishing chapters to fulfill their fishing adventures. Having a fishing guide or caption beside you, you do not need a fishing license like you normally need for fishing.

Normally, fishes are available throughout the year, but knowing the right season can have a big impact on your experience. The best time for fishing in Jacksonville Florida is late summer as a big variety of fish like king mackerel, redfish, cobia, and striped bass comes to the freshwater.

Best Fishing Spots in Jacksonville

Fishing in Jacksonville Florida is the dreamland for passionate fishermen. Home to a large variety of fish, it is the best spot to catch fish. Here is a list of the best spots for fishing in Jacksonville Florida:

Stinson Park

It is located adjacent to the Ortega River Bridge lies Stinson Park. Stinson Park has several picnic tables, park benches, drinking areas, a playground area, and a boat dock which makes it a perfect place to visit with the family, enjoy a picnic and have a fishing day. Commonly caught fish in here are bluegill, largemouth bass, mullet, and striped bass.

Fish caught on the hook Fishing.
Fish caught on the hook Fishing.

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Jacksonville Beach Fishing Pier

With a beautiful view of the Atlantic Ocean that enhances your mood, Jacksonville Beach Fishing Pier is a place to boost your energy. Connected with the ocean, there are higher chances you might catch bigger species.

They recently renovated the pier and opened it to the local public. Redfish and kingfish are one of the species you will be able to catch.

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Bethesda Park

Bethesda Park is a place to enjoy your fishing habit, providing a perfect environment for a family. The place is known to be family-friendly You will have a lot of facilities here for fishing and enjoying your time with family with a boat ramp, picnic area, walking trail and so more. Making it an amazing area to come to with the family.

You can catch several species of fish here. They have a suitable parking space as many families visit from time to time.

Bethesda park fishing in Jacksonville Florida

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George Crady Fishing Pier

Being large in the area George Crady Fishing Pier is a benefit for local residents, who make their living from fish. It’s one of the few places in Jacksonville Florida, that provides horseback riding and riding tours on the beach.

Here you’ll have a chance to have bigger fish including tarpon, trout, redfish, and flounder.

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Amelia Island State Park

Amelia Island is located in southern Jacksonville Florida. This pier is in some biggest fishing pier in Jacksonville Florida. Its open area provides higher opportunities to catch bigger fish. They offer different snacks, tackle supplies, and refreshments.

Different species of fish, such as flounder, speckled sea trout, redfish, whiting, jacks, and tarpon can be caught. It is considered one of the best places, for Fishing in Jacksonville Florida.

great white shark
White shark

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Little Talbot State Park

This fishing spot covers over 5 miles and has stunning sandy beaches. Where you can spend hours enjoying the beautiful scenery. Many different kinds of fish like striped bass, redfish, mullet and flounder are caught here because the area is full of wildlife.

More like a refreshment point, this place has a beautiful temperature all over the year. Depending on the temperature you will catch different species of fish. Here, you will need to have a valid Florida license for catching fish plus some more clarification from the park.

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Sisters Creek Park and Boat Ramp

Located in northeast Jacksonville Florida, Sisters Creek Park and Boat Ramp are best for offshore and inshore fishing. Their ramp is used for the Greater Jacksonville Kingfish Tournament and stays closed during the tournament. One of the most commonly caught fish is Channel catfish carp, Shellcracker, Largemouth bass, Smallmouth bass, and steelhead.

fish swimming
Fish swimming


All in all, with the variety of fish available in this area, fishing in Jacksonville Florida is one of the best places for wild fish catchers. Many of the parks provide picnic spots, restrooms, park benches, drinking areas, and playgrounds making it the best place to come and enjoy with family. In some places, you don’t require a license as captions will guide you throughout the tour, but in some, you may need a verified license. All things considered, fishing in Jacksonville Florida would be your finest experience.


What is the best time of year to fish in Jacksonville Florida?

Jacksonville Florida, have a variety of fish but the best time for fishing in Jacksonville Florida is Late Summer through Mid fall when bigger fishes come to shore.

Can Tourist fish in Florida?

Tourists need to have a Florida fishing license, but in some places with caption guides, you don’t need a license.

Is fishing free in Florida?

Florida residents who are attached to saltwater don’t need a fishing license but it doesn’t count on board.

What is the Fishing license cost in Florida?

Fishing license price plans are these: for 3 days it’s $17, for seven days $30, or for one year $47, whether they fish from a boat or from shore.

What is Florida’s favorite fish?

Jacksonville Florida has a way long list of fish species but Tarpon is the most popular fish in Florida.