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Florida Craft Breweries and Beers: Sip into Sunshine

Florida Craft Breweries

Florida craft breweries have reached a turning point, brewers from all over the world know that they can get their hands on some of the best hops and ale in Florida. Even on the rare occasion in which it rains in Florida, cold craft beer is a perfect way to enjoy the day. The peninsula is the perfect place to enjoy a craft beer due to its year-round summer climate, white sandy beaches and salty breezes.

Florida Craft Brewers’ History

In 2002, when the local craft brewing sector was in its beginnings, the Best Florida Beers Championship was born. In terms of participation, the Florida State Fair Homebrew Competition was the state’s largest competition of its kind.

The original event co-organizers were the Tampa Bay Enthusiasts of the Enhanced Beer Experience (BEERS) and the Dunedin Brewers Guild.

The Best Florida Beer Championships was created when these groups saw a chance to include professional breweries in addition to home breweries in the tournament.

The Florida Brewers Guild, the state’s craft beer lobby, helped launch BFBC. The Best Florida Beer Championships played a significant role in the establishment of the Florida Homebrew Circuit during the next five years.

The Best Florida Beer Championships and the Florida Homebrew Circuit both have a Board of Directors that has been in place since 2013.

Best Florida Beer was created with the intention of serving as a focal point for promoting and advertising Florida craft breweries.

Popular Florida Craft Breweries and Beers

Florida Popular Craft Breweries

How many breweries are in Florida? In the united state of Florida, there are 250 breweries that you can find. It is home to several different kinds of beer due to its diversified population.

In this article, we will discuss the most popular Florida beers, we will also give you some suggestions so you can choose the best Florida beer for yourself.

There’s a wide variety of brews in Florida, from crisp and mild to deep and robust. Here are the most popular Florida beers:

Funky Buddhas Maple Bacon Coffee Porter

Funky Buddha is a famous brewery in the Sunshine State, and they manufacture some of the best craft beers in Florida.

Their Maple Bacon Coffee Porter is a fantastic example of how they have enhanced the porter style by throwing in a distinctive twist.

With this traditional blend, you will receive many different aromas, from maple syrup to bacon with a wonderful coffee finish. It’s flavorful without being too heavy and just very delicious.

Wynwood Brewing Company

Wynwood Brewing Company

The Spanish word for “blonde” is “la rubia,” so the name of this delicious beer from Wynwood Brewing makes perfect sense. Beer drinkers can enjoy a La Rubia, a light blond ale.

The blonde lager from Wynwood Brewing Company goes great with light meals like salads, fruit, and chicken. If you serve this at your next big barbecue, you may expect an overwhelming amount of praise.

Cigar City Brewing

This Tampa brewery lifts the bar high for beer quality in the Sunshine State. The brewery tour in Tampa is a popular destination for visitors from Orlando.

Due to its immense success, the brewery has opened outposts at both the Amalie Arena and the Tampa International Airport.

In spite of its impressive reputation, Cigar City didn’t begin producing beer until 2009. Additionally, the brewery is glad to reveal that it is vegan-friendly.

Rapp Brewing Company’s OMG

Rapp Brewing Company’s OMG - Florida craft breweries

Since the alcohol content of Rapp Brewing Company’s OMG is through the ceiling, it’s best enjoyed slowly, like a fine wine.

The alcohol content of this potent beverage is 19.9 percent. You should drink OMG out of a smaller beer glass like one used for a Belgian beer.

This boozy dessert in glass features a variety of rich flavors. Every sip will deliver flavors of fig, plum, raisin, and molasses.

Additionally, a rich chocolate flavor is present. OMG is the best beer ever, and it’s perfect for sharing with loved ones throughout the holiday season.

Funky Buddha Craft Brewery Florida

Our list would be incomplete without including two beers from Funky Buddha, as they are among the very best beers that can be found in Florida.

Floridian, their signature drink, does not let you down. This beer takes inspiration from the hefeweizen style, with its deep golden hue and subtle hop bitterness.

In 2013, they set up a massive taproom and brewery, complete with indoor seating and a patio where dogs are welcome.

Walking Tree’s Sandy Feet

A light, fruity wheat ale with delicate hops, Walking Tree’s Sandy Feet is ideal for enjoying one of Florida’s many stunning beaches.

With a full 6.4 percent ABV, it has a relatively high alcohol content for a wheat beer and is both super strong and delicious.

The best southern food and fish in Florida go well with Walking Tree’s Sandy Feet. Enjoy it with southern fried chicken, fresh crab legs, or even macaroni and cheese.

Pinellas Ale Works

Pinellas Ale Works - Florida craft breweries

The only thing better than a pint of nice, fresh beer is buying one knowing that you’ll be helping dogs at the same time.

Both brewing “doggone” fantastic beer and hosting weekly and monthly events to assist animal related organizations in Pinellas County are central to Pinellas Ale Works’ (P.A.W.) purpose.

Peanut Butter Pup and Milk-Bone stout are just a few of the dog-friendly brews available at the taproom’s dog-friendly bar.

Ocean Sun’s Conch Cruiser

The Conch Cruiser from Ocean Sun is another traditional hefeweizen that is pleasant in taste and refreshing. It’s the ideal beer to enjoy when traveling the Gulf of Mexico on a fishing boat thanks to its lovely pale yellow hue.

Each sip will have notes of toast and bread. If you’re going to be out in the blazing Florida sun for a while, Conch Cruiser is the perfect light beer.

Bottom Line

In short, top Florida craft breweries in Sunshine States best brewers have shown their creativity and talent in creating these top eight best Florida beers. Make sure to grab a six-pack of your favorite beer for your next trip to the beach or vacation. I hope you enjoyed this list of the best Florida beers, if you have any queries kindly comment below.