Food Truck Festivals in Jacksonville: Foodie’s Delight

Jacksonville is a city of diverse cultures, and you will find a number of different cultural food trucks. In other cities, you will not have many food trucks. But in Jacksonville, you will find lots of famous and delightful food trucks throughout the city. These food trucks have a lot to offer and provide a wide range of food options and snacks. People go to these festivals to enjoy cheap and quality food.

Most of the food trucks that offer foods use locally fresh ingredients. So whether you are looking for the best traditional dishes or for the modern dishes these food truck festivals in Jacksonville will give you all. Live music is also played at these festivals to make it more enjoyable. In this article, I will help you have a look at some of the best food truck festivals in Jacksonville.

Top 4 Food Truck Festivals in Jacksonville

Food lovers who are to try something new. We have compiled a list of Top 4 Food Truck Festivals in Jacksonville:

St Johns Square Summer Food Truck Bash

If you’re looking for a family friendly event with delicious eats and drinks, then you should be part of St. Johns Square Summer Food Truck Bash. This Food Truck Festival in Jacksonville attracts lots of foodies. This festival is hosted and organized by Food Truck Finder USA and Jax Truckies. Ten food and dessert trucks attend this festival to share their taste.

Food Truck Festivals in Jacksonville

This festival will happen on Saturday, July 7 at the corner of Beach Boulevard and St. John’s Bluff. If it’s not there then it will be happening at Winn Dixie and Goodwill parking lot. The timing of this festival is from 11 a.m. to 4 p.m.
These food trucks will be attending the festival:

Twisted T’s Waffle & Things

Number of waffle dishes, Wings, chicken tenders and fries.

Big Guy’s Backyard Grill


Ribs, pasta salad, broccoli salad, pulled pork.

Van D’s Dutch Delights


Dutch cookies, ice cream, milkshakes, burgers, chicken sandwiches.

Frozen Sweets Truck

Italian ice, Candy Cooler, Shaved ice, ice cream, milkshakes.

Mother Truckin’ Pizza

Pizza slices, subs, calzones and drinks.

Dagwood’s Food Truck

Hot Dog, Burgers, sandwiches, quesadillas and tacos.

Twisted Okie Mid Western BBQ & Tacos

BBQ sandwiches, ribs, tacos, potatoes, fries, fried okra.

Hibiscus Hut Food Truck

Whole coconut, Tacos, nachos, quesadillas, hibiscus juice.

Big Island Bowls

Buddha bowls, smoothie bowls, poke bowls and drinks.


Zoe’s Shaved Ice & Cafe

Shaved ice flavors: Banana, cotton candy, blue raspberry, mango, strawberry and other flavors are available.

Dancin’ in the Street

For 36 years Dancin’ in the Street festival has been making people dance like it’s their last time. But over years this festival has grown up and now with dancing this festival also lineups with the best food trucks. They also have a wide variety of craft beers in this festival.

With food trucks you will also have a chance to enjoy yourself with live performances of local artists and bands such as Firewater Tent Revival and Gov Club. The sponsor of this festival has an aim to make this festival bigger. They also invite a number of popular artists to show their artworks like wood crafting, jewelry, painting and more. There is also a Kids Zone area where your kid can have unlimited rides of Ferris wheel, golf course and Spider Mountain with just $12 wristband.

Food Truck Festivals in Jacksonville

Food trucks include:

Pie Daddy

Trinidadian fried pies

Twisted Okie BBQ


Big Island Bowls

Acai and poke bowls.

Team Love Seafood

Seafood, gumbo and more.

What’s the Catch

Fish tacos, fried shrimp baskets.

El Agave Azul

Mexican, tacos, burritos.

Riverside Craft Beer Festival

Riverside Craft Beer Festival is one of the biggest food and beer festivals in Jacksonville. More than 100 craft beers are available at this festival. All of these beers are picked from local, regional and national breweries. Live Music is also being performed at this festival. This festival gives funds to Community PedsCare® which provides comfort, care support for children with life threatening conditions.

Talking about this we can’t forget you are here for the food truck festivals in Jacksonville. For people who are looking to have a proper meal or want to have some snacks. Then you should visit some of the finest food trucks available at this festival. The timing of this festival is 1 to 4 p.m. General admission tickets are $55 and VIP tickets are for $70.

Jax Truckies Food Truck Championships

You will find food trucks everywhere in Jacksonville. But if you still haven’t had a chance to try anything from these trucks then you must visit Jax Truckies Food Truck Championships. Presented by Community First and the Jacksonville Landing this food truck festival is celebrated every year in October. Timing of this festival is 4 to 9pm.

Food Truck Festivals in Jacksonville

Jax Truckies Food Truck Championships features 20 of Jacksonville’s most popular food trucks. All of these trucks compete with each other for different prizes like People’s Choice award. Apart from trucks and food you can also enjoy there with different activities such as live DJ, raffles, games, Coast Face Painting and more. Make sure you make memories at luxury photo booth called Chic Booth.


To sum up, there are number of Food Truck Festivals in Jacksonville happening every year. These trucks have barbeque, tacos, shrimps, seafood and lots of other dishes. From sweets to buggers you will have every food item you would like to try. For drinks and cold sweets you can have milkshakes, Shaved ice of different flavors, juice and milkshakes. If you are looking for beer then you should visit Riverside Craft Beer Festival. More than 100 craft beers are available at this festival.

Apart from food and trucks you can also enjoy different entertaining activities happening in these festivals. Talented local and regional artists perform in these festivals. At Dancin’ in the Street festival, you can buy artworks like wood crafting, jewelry and painting. So, if you still haven’t had a chance to try anything from these trucks then you must visit these food truck festivals.

Frequently Asked Question

What are the top 3 most popular foods by food trucks?

There are lots of food items can be sell in food trucks but one of the most popular food to be served in food trucks are:

  • Tacos
  • Barbeque
  • Pizza

What are best food truck festivals in Jacksonville?

These are some of the best food truck festivals that provide live music performances and other facilities with food and trucks.

  • Dancin’ in the Street
  • St Johns Square Summer Food Truck Bash
  • Jax Truckies Food Truck Championships

What US state has the most food trucks?


California is on top of the list of most food trucks in United States of America. This state has 753 businesses operating right now.

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